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Welcome to the home for the Green Bank related webs. This top-level web is merely a placeholder for the sub-webs listed below, many of which were transferred from the now defunct GB wiki:

Green Bank Wiki Migration

As part of the move from the GB wiki to here some badly formed and inter-web links will unfortunately be broken. For more information on this and how to correct them look at FixTheLinks

User pages have not been migrated as the majority of registered users on the GB wiki already have accounts on this wiki. Migrating the user pages here would simply have overwritten the existing pages. If you do wish to have your user page moved from the GB wiki to this one or have any other issues please contact the GB helpdesk

If you want to go to the DSS wiki, it is here

If you find (or rather fail to find) pages that you expected to please contact the helpdesk.

GB Sub Webs
WebDescription of webUsed to...Links
Computing Links to GB Computing Resources (many not visible externally) ...collaborate on computing configs, planning, and projects
Data All issues related to producing, reducing and analyzing single dish data ...collaborate on techniques, strategies and topics for GBT data
Electronics Green Bank Electronics Division ...collaborate on electronics division projects
Knowledge GBT Knowledge Base - Add TWikiForms for organizing and classifying content. for problems and solutions, or add new information
Mechanical Mechanical/Central Instrument Shop News & Schedules ...collaborate on issues relevant to the machine shop
Observing GBT Proposals, Schedules, Info for Visiting Observers ...collaborate on the proposal submission and observing process
Obsreports For support scientists to share information about processes & workarounds ...collaborate on support science results and operational responses
Operate Procedures, hints and tips for successful operation of the telescope ...collaborate on procedures and lessons learned during troubleshooting
PTCS Precision Telescope Control System project dashboard ...collaborate on all scientific and technical aspects of this key project
GB Sub Webs
WebDescription of webUsed to...Links
OOF PTCS OOF ...collaborate on GB/PTCS/OOF issues
Pennarray Project dashboard for Penn Array development ...collaborate on all aspects of hardware, software and data analysis Projects Central project planning web for PMs managing GBT projects ...collaborate on operational aspects of meeting strategic goals Recreation GB Recreation Association News & Information ...collaborate on fun activities to do in and around NRAO GB Scicenter Collaboration web for the Green Bank Science Center ...collaborate on exhibit setup, repairs and other tour center issues Software For items and issues relevant to software engineers, but often dull to others ...collaborate on software programs and process improvement

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