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School of Engineering and Energy

Energy Studies

Energy StudiesEnergy Studies is an emerging interdisciplinary area devoted to finding new methods of sustainable energy production and improving the efficiency of existing systems. It addresses issues such as the social and environmental aspects of energy use, as well as the economic and scientific aspects of conventional and sustainable energy generation and use.

What are my career opportunities?

The rapid expansion in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries has led to a global shortage of trained staff, and career opportunities in this area are expected to continue to grow rapidly over the next 20 years. Energy Studies prepares you for this challenging and rapidly expanding field, covering sustainable energy systems design and planning, energy economics and policies, energy management and efficiency, environmental impact of energy systems and their use, the role of energy in aid and development and sustainable energy research. Graduates can expect to gain employment in power utilities, renewable energy manufacturing and installation companies, international aid organisations, Government departments, energy efficiency and environmental consultancies, manufacturing and energy companies as well as university and private industry research organisations.

Three reasons why you should study Energy Studies at Murdoch University

  • Opportunity to study a unique, multidisciplinary course that meets today‚Äôs rapidly expanding need for a sustainable energy industry. A pioneer in this field, Murdoch University was one of the first Australian universities to develop a multidisciplinary energy studies course, backed by industry and government. It is the only Energy Studies degree that is also available by distance education and can be studied online anywhere around the world.
  • Experience state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities that expose you to cutting-edge technology and be the first to experience new breakthroughs in research and development. With its close links to industry, the Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE), housed at the Murdoch University campus, is an example of the many research and training activities you will have the opportunity of being involved with.
  • As the Renewable Energy industry is rapidly expanding amidst mounting global concerns of limited energy resources, climate change and air pollution, the Energy Studies degree, with its relevant, flexible, multidisciplinary training maximises your opportunities of gaining of a good career by equipping you with the skills required to work in this exciting field and to adapt easily to a rapidly changing work and global environment.