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White Papers

Active Matrix LCD with Integrated Optical Touch Screen
- A 2.4 in. by 2.4 in. TFT LCD is presented with an embedded 60x60 array of a-Si photo sensors, for use as a high performance touch-enabled LCD with low cost. In the shadow mode the optical touch screen operates with finger or stylus input under ambient lighting conditions from 50 lux to 50 klux.

Advances in Grayshade Performance of AMEL Microdisplays
-There exist many applications in military and commercial fields where rugged, lightweight microdisplays are required for helmet mounted and viewfinder display systems. Such applications typically involve the display of high resolution symbology but increasingly also include the display of full motion video...

AMEL Technical Overview White Paper
- Overview of the active-matrix electroluminescent display technology.

EL Displays based on ALE Grown Phosphors and Insulator Thin Films
- The development and current performance status of electroluminescent (EL) displays based on Atomic Layer Epitaxy (ALE) grown phosphor and insulator films is reviewed in this paper.

EL Displays a Safer Solution in Trucking Applications
- This research document brings up the different aspects of viewing angle, sunlight readability, at-glance-readability and more as safety issues that the trucking industry in specific is spending more and more attention on.

EL Technology Overview White Paper
- This paper reviews the electrical and optical properties of both monochrome and color electroluminescent (EL) displays

Medical Certification
- This white paper discusses the advantages of Planar's medically certified flat-panel displays and workstations. Stricter medical equipment certification standards improve protection for medical patients and facilities.

TFEL Color By White
- This paper discusses the "color by white" approach to making color thin film electroluminescent (EL) displays. The performance of the SrS:Ce/ZnS:Mn phosphor is discussed.

Application Notes

Anti-Glare Film on Planar Electroluminescent Displays - AN135
- This Application Note describes the performance specifications and handling of anti-glare film used on Planar electroluminescent displays for enhancing optical performance.

Care and Handling of LCDs - AN821

Comparison of NL3224AC35-01 and -06 Color TFT Displays - AN606

Conformal Coating Planar Electroluminescent Displays - AN122
- This Application Note describes specifications to assist customers in the evaluation and use of conformally coated Planar displays. Topics include coating description, handling, safety information, warranty, and ordering information.

Dimming ICEBrite VGA Displays - AN120
-Planar's ICEBrite? displays have exceptional contrast and brightness combined with relatively low power consumption. This additional brightness is advantageous in bright light conditions, however there are times when you may want to dim the display for specific applications, or in low ambient environments. This Application Note describes methods for dimming the display by lowering the scan rate of the video input signals.

Display and Filter Mounting Techniques - AN115
- This Application Note describes the method for mounting displays and applying filters to displays. Properly mounted, Planar EL displays are extremely rugged, withstanding high shock loads as well as the severe vibration found in aggressive environments. However if not properly mounted, the glass panel used in the display will break when subjected to bending stresses or excessive loads.

EL8358HR conversion to the EL640.400-C3
- This document gives some directions if you are considering converting from the EL8358HR displays to the EL640.400-C3 display.

EL8358MS conversion to the EL640.400-C3
- This document gives some directions if you are considering converting from the EL8358MS displays to the EL640.400-C3 display.

EL512.256-H2/H3 FRB as a replacement for EL6648MS and EL6648MSS
- This document gives some directions if you consider replacing any of the EL6648MS or EL6648MSS displays with the EL512.256-H2/H3 FRB display.

Generating Grayscales on ICEBrite VGA Displays - AN119
- Applications may benefit by using grayscales. Several video controllers have methods for generating grayscales on monochrome displays, including the ICEBriteTM family. Although this Application Note addresses the Chips and Technologies (C&T) 65530 and 65535 controllers, other video controller manufacturers also provide methods to generate grayscales.

Interfacing the EL320.240.36 with the SED133X Controllers - AN121
- Systems designers are faced with a wide variety of flat panel display technologies which in turn require the selection of an appropriate interface solution from a wide range of options. Planar Electroluminescent (EL) Small Graphics Displays (SGD) incorporate a simple, yet effective, interface that is similar to many LCD interfaces. This interface is supported by a wide variety of off-the-shelf chipsets which will provide display control functionality, thus freeing the system processor for other duties. This Application Note describes the basic principals of interfacing the EL320.240.36 to the SED133X controller ICs made by SMOS Systems.

Interfacing the Planar Systems EL640.480-AF, AG, and AM Displays - AN116
- Planar's new series of low cost ICEBrite? VGA format 6.4", 8.1" and 10.4" diagonal displays have been designed to integrate efficiently into many applications. This Application Note was designed to help customers quickly choose the best connectors, cables, system power supplies and display controllers for their application. In addition, the last section is devoted to electrical interfacing and troubleshooting.

Managing Optical Performance - AN117
- This Application Note discusses ways to optimize and enhance optical performance and viewability through the use of filters and coatings. It addresses designing for EMI compliance, display clarity, anti-glare filters, touch systems, image protection, and scratch and chemical resistance.

Planar Display Comparisons - AN107
-Most of the older Planar MD displays can be replaced by a newer Planar EL display. This Application Note may be used as a quick guide to show similarities and differences between the products. The newer designs have additional features, but are designed to fit into the same mechanical mount and be driven from the same video signal source. In each case, the respective Operations Manuals should be consulted for full specifications.

Planar Display Comparisons: EL7768MS and EL640.480-A Series Displays
-A matrix comparing the EL7768MS and EL640.480-A Series Displays

Regulatory Approvals for Planar Displays - AN111
- This Application Note lists Planar products with the regulatory agencies and standards for which certification has been obtained or submitted. For more information about regulations, contact the appropriate regulatory agency.

Upgrading to the Planar Systems AF1, AG, and AM VGA EL Displays - AN118
- Planar's new ICEBriteTM displays have been designed to integrate quickly and efficiently into many existing and planned LCD applications. These VGA format, 6.4", 8.1" and 10.4" diagonal displays have an electrical interface modeled after the industry standard dual drive or dual scan (DS) liquid crystal displays (LCDs), which allows the user a quick upgrade path from existing DS LCDs and a fast turn for completely new designs. This Application Note was designed to help system designers through the basic steps of upgrading an existing DS LCD design to the ICEBrite family.