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Please contact our research group leader, David Grace, for more information.

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Communications Research Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Communications Research Group at the University of York, and to one of the UK's leading academic research units specialising in communication engineering.

We have particular research expertise in modulation and coding for wireless systems, signal processing for wireless and acoustic channels, cognitive radio, high-altitude platforms, wireless sensor networks and microwave antenna design.

We also offer a range of short courses in communications technology, and provide support the MSc in Communications Engineering.

If you are interested in a research degree, please explore our web-site, and the list of current research degree subjects. If you are interested in working with us, please contact the leader of our research group David Grace.

Coding Lab

Coding Lab

Research within the Group on coding is tightly integrated with signal processing, covering the full range of techniques which are essential to the physical layer of wireless communication systems. Key research areas are space-time codes, turbo-codes and turbo-processing, particularly in the areas of deep space communications, 3Gcommunications and MIMO.

Signal Processing

Signal Processing for Communications Lab

Research in the Group on Signal Processing for Communications covers a range of topics from theory to implementation in digital hardware. We have particular expertise in low-complexity implementation algorithms for FPGAs.

Currently, our areas of most interest include processing techniques for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems, multiple-access methods, synchronisation,equalization, interference cancellation, multiuser detection and cooperative communications.

WSN complex

Wireless Networks Lab

The Group's activities are driven by the ever-increasing needs for high system capacity, quality of service provision and spectral efficiency. Research is undertaken on radio resource management and spectrum sharing, wireless IP, wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, and antenna design.

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