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Welcome to presents promising alternative ways to restore your health and to prevent disease.

Don't accept anything as the Truth, not even this.
Stay openminded and you will experience the Truth.

--- Mahavir Yogananda

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> Introduction | History, Intention and Summary of this website
> 2005-2006 insights: Universal Health Model and latest experiences
> 2007 insights: Health and Disease, My view, based on my research and experiences
> 2010 November update: I'm still alive and kicking NEW
> Latest insights, incorporating RBTI and New Biology and Paleo-diets
> Get A Jumpstart On New Health, using Dr. Kwasniewski's Homo Optimus Diet
> 101 Reasons why you shouldn't eat refined foods (in process)
> The three most damaging foods to our health: Wheat, Cowmilk and Soy
> Overview of different Diets | A quick-summary of what's good and bad to eat
> Why saturated fats are the best (Homo-Optimus site) and Why unsaturated fats are the worst
> The secrets of health | FAQ: Why are grains and legumes so unhealthy
> What's Wrong With "Politically Correct" Nutrition ? | Weston A. Price Website
> The truth about Soy: Soy Online Service (SOS) website

> Dr. Hamer's New Medicine explains each and every disease, 100% proven and >90% effective
> Tumors, infections, viruses and bacteria are the natural response to shocks.
> New Medicine | Breast cancer example | Evidence | The Brain | Book: (US) (UK) (German)

> Mercury: Probably a big factor (cause) in many, many diseases.
> After about 15 months of mercury chelation I cured my:
> Crohn's disease, fatigue, dandruf, sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, hypoglycemia and a wart!
> Don't try to chelate mercury without this Mercury Bible, by Andrew Cutler | Yahoo Group
> My experiences | Many interesting articles on mercury | Great article with hundreds of references
> YouTube: How Mercury causes Neurodegeneration (brain degeneration)
> YouTube: See for yourself how much mercury spills from fillings, and how it damages your organs
> YouTube: Dr. Boyd Haley explains the relation between mercury and autism and Gulf War Syndrome

New Treatments
> Cancer
> New Medicine: Tumors occur in the healing fase | Breast cancer example | Evidence | The Brain
> Cancer | Wheat feeds tumors | Regular treatments not proven effective
> Cancer, the latest (or earliest) view | Shocking: (in memoriam)
> Cancer, The Rife Treatment and how it was and is) suppressed
> Cancer, the latest Protocol, based on combined treatments, revision November 2003
> A 2005 Medical Study proves it: Aspartame causes cancer!
> Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison and Testing NEW Nov 2010
> Leukemia alternative treatments: mercury chelation and coral calcium NEW Nov 2010

> Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD, IBS and constipation treatments
> Crohn's disease: iodine deficiency caused by mercury poisoning
> Crohn's disease: iodine, mercury, but also energetic/emotional aspects involved
> Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD, IBS using the SCDiet, DMSO, Melatonin and Secretin
> Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, a more restrictive diet when the SCDiet isn't enough
> Crohn's disease: Helminthic Worms therapy | Trial: 50-70% remission
> Crohn's Disease treatment, using a zapper | Risks of extended use of the zapper
> Crohn's disease: Powerful probiotics EM-1 may help with Crohn's disease
> Crohn's disease: Using Zinc Gluconate Lozenges to treat Crohn's disease
> Dr. Jordan Rubin's treats Crohn's with probiotics (Townsend Letter, Feb/Mar 2001)
> Ulcerative Colitis: Use the antioxidant vitamin E
> Constipation, Obstipation, feeling sluggish, brainfogs

> Mental Illnesses
> ADHD Treatment using magnesium (George Eby) and using a natural diet
> Autism and using a natural diet
> Depression: Magnesium deficiency | Nutritional Aspects | Energy medicine | Omega-3 | The Sun
> Epilepsy (both veterinary and human) (
> Parkinsons, Alzheimer , a possible cause (
> Schizophrenia, Psychoses: Probable cause: Grains in the diet
> Tourette Syndrome caused by yeast: Use SCDiet or Homo Optimus Diet

> Skin Diseases
> Acne
> Cellulite | Wai's article on Cellulite (from Wai's Free Acne Book) | Notes on Wai's diet
> Psoriasis, caused by endotoxins and bile acid deficiency
> Erytropoetic Proto Porphyria (Sun-Allergy) (in Dutch, English version will follow)
> Firewalking

> Other
> Angina Pectoris, using Zinc (by George Eby, also check depression article)
> Allergies and electrosmog sensitivity: Check the liver
> Overcoming Electrical Sensitivity New March 2011 | My experiences with E.S.
> Ankylosing Spondylitis (
> Apnea, can be overcome with low-carb diet, also applies to snoring
> Arthritis, using Gallium (by George Eby, also check depression article)
> Asthma: Kwasniewski's Homo Optimus diet the prefered treatment | Butter reduce asthma risk
> Cardiomyopathy (Congestive Heart Failure) (external link)
> Cholesterol problems | Cholesterol and Gallstones
> Dental Regeneration and Healing With Natural Healing Modalities from
> Hepatitis and liver disease | from Optimal Diet website | More: Australian Homo Optimus Site
> Hypoglycemia, Diabetes II, Hypomagnesia, Insulin resistance, Hyperinsulinemia
> Insomnia, some tips
> M.E., Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue | Probably mercury related
> Macular Degeneration and other eye problems
> Migraines and Headaches | Use the Power of the Sun to heal
> Multiple Sclerosis | Edgar Cayce Way: Vibratory Medicine | Preferred treatment: Homo Optimus diet
> Myasthenia Gravis and other muscle-weakness related diseases
> Obesity, Overweight
> Osteoporosis | Fosamax, why it doesn't work    
> Sarcoidosis, Besnier Boeck: Use the Homo Optimus diet to overcome this disease
> Snake bite: Electro-medicine

> Many more articles on
> | Dogtor J.
> General, non-disease specific treatments and information
> Reams Biological theory of Ionization (very promising and interesting)
> Sun Gazing: | | website with Testimonials | Notes by Ed
> Don't put the scissor on your tonsils, please (Nature Cure)   
> Improve your vision using Bates techniques
> Vaccination, Pasteur's Germ Theory vs. Bechamps Cellular Theory and more
> Vegetarian Diets, are they healthy ? | Soy is unhealthy (HealingCrow) | More | and more
> Dogs and Cats (and all pets) should eat their raw natual diet for true health: B.A.R.F. | (Alternatief (Dutch))
> Teflon gasses kill the canary.. What does it mean to your health ?
> Hidden hazards of using the microwave oven

> Personal Experience with alternative treatments/therapists
> My visit to an Energy Healing Clinic
> My experience with a natural healer who uses Radionics
> My experience with Assemblage Point shifting (very promising)
> The Zapper, Primer, info, Articles, Oscilloscope, Build: (Clark), (Easy) | Problems

Health Knowledge Base
Compilation of many interesting health-related messages

> Wisdom and Experience
> Energy Healing and Electrosmog
> Reams Biological Theory of Ionization | Intro | Articles | Links | RBTI figures database | RBTI Charting
> Codex Alimentarius
> Mycoplasma, the smallest type of bacteria around
> Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Articles written by visitors
Below you find several articles written by visitors of

> Can anybody explain what's going on, please?, an introduction to Dr. Hamer's New Medicine, by Jan Spreen

> The Online Library: Many interesting books, free to read online
> Book Reviews
> Archive with over 250 studies and articles
> Glossary

> Comparable Health-related websites (last entry Apr 26)
> Personal Testimonials Sites (last entry Jun 25)
> Discussion Groups / Forums (last entry Jul 13)
> Reams Biological Theory of Ionization websites (last entry Oct 31)
> SunGazing Websites (last entry May 18)
> Some more Links (old)

> Food Investigator: Minerals and vitamins in foods
> Diet Investigator: Check your diet for minerals and vitamins | Or try: FitDay
> Mineral Interrelationships Investigator: Interactively check how minerals affect eachother
> Pendulum Dowsing Charts, make your own

About Ed, the webmaster
> Ed's History and the Intention and Summary of this website
> Charts of Ed's weight, condition, blood works

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