Laboratory Products

Laboratory Products

Online purchasing for a wide range of filter applications

The GE Labstore is your single stop for buying lab-scale filtration products. Our filters are designed and manufactured for resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions. We offer:

Filtration membranes and accessories:
  Screen and depth membranes for direct flow filtration. [Go]
Small filter devices (syringe filters, capsules, funnels):
  A large selection of membranes encapsulated in holders for disposable filtration. [Go]
Transfer membranes:
  Nitrocellulose, PVDF, and nylon membranes manufactured by GE, available for DNA, RNA, proteins and other proteonomic or genomic assays [Go]
Scale-up process membranes and equipment:
  Sepa CF equipment for tests, assays, concentrations and processes with any membrane. [Go]
OEM products:
  GE offers customization with slit rolls, discs, pleat packs, and cartridges of our microfiltration membranes. [Go]
Filter holders for membranes:
  Direct filtration holders available in 13, 25, and 47 mm [Go]
RO water test equipment:
  Silt density testing (SDI) equipment to monitor particulate matter in feedwater. Replacement membranes for SDI kits are available. [Go]

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