UNEP Supports UN-Energy
UNEP is a firm contributor to UN-Energy, the mechanism that promotes coherence within the United Nations family in the energy field. UN Energy promotes collective engagement between UN organizations and key external stakeholders. With FAO, UNEP leads the renewable energy work of UN-Energy. www.un-energy.org.


An exploration of options and functions
of climate technology centres and networks

UNEP, the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have collaborated on a study examining options for the design and operation of climate technology centres and networks under the UNFCCC. The study reviews existing centres and networks as well as potential implementation approaches and activities of the climate technology centre and network proposed under the UNFCCC.


Pathways for Implementing REDD+: Experiences from Carbon Markets and Communities

The UNEP Risø Centre is pleased to announce the 2010 issue of its Carbon Market Perspectives. This year, the publication reflects the current experiences about implementing REDD+ activities at project and community levels and goes beyond opportunities afforded by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) by including voluntary markets. The articles presented discuss and propose ideas about how to create incentives to participate in REDD+, its implementation, and possible financing; how to involve the private sector; what are the experiences from the carbon markets, and present ideas on how to engage communities in REDD+.

On behalf of UNEP, the University of Cape Town prepared integrated scenarios on solar and wind energy in South Africa. Both documents are available at the following links:


Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2010 Report
UNEP SEFI and Bloomberg New Energy Finance are pleased to release this year's Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2010 Report. The report provides an overview of capital flows and an analysis of the trends in sustainable energy investment activity.


REN21 Renewables Global Status Report: 2010 Update
This report captures that reality and provides a unique overview of renewable energy worldwide as of early 2010. The report covers both current status and key trends. By design, the report does not provide analysis, discuss current issues, or forecast the future. Report | REN21 website


The Coordinated Low Emissions Assistance Network (CLEAN)

The UN Environmental Program, in partnership with the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has created the Coordinated Low Emissions Assistance Network (CLEAN), a voluntary network of assistance organizations. CLEAN builds on past networks that successfully coordinated similar activities, such as helping countries to prepare climate change country studies and sell carbon credits through the CDM. http://openei.org/CLEAN


Publicly Backed Guarantees as Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy
The second in the financing mechanisms series of SEF Alliance studies, this report focuses on investment guarantees, assessing different types of publicly backed guarantee structures at various stages of product and technology innovation and deployment, and examining the experience of public financing agencies and relevant lessons learned.


Private Financing of Renewable Energy -- A Guide for Policymakers --
This Guide provides an outline of how financing renewable energy works, with a particular focus on more mature end of the market, i.e. the proven technologies that can be deployed now and at scale. It aims to show how policy looks and where it fits in from a financing perspective, as well as the range of other factors that need taken into account in doing an actual project or deal.


New Project launching: With a range of world class partners, UNEP is developing a guide for conducting national-level multi-criteria-analyses of climate policy options across both adaptation and mitigation. The guide will provide the most comprehensive tool for governments wanting to prepare Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action Plans and National Adaptation Plans. A dedicated website will be online early in 2010, so you can follow our progress and give us your feedback.

Biofuels report launched in October, 2009 UNEP Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya. UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner joined Steering Committee Co-Chair Timo Makela, European Commission, to the launch of the first assessment report of the International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management.


Wind Power Works… Pass it onis a public awareness campaign that was launched on the Global Wind Day on 15 June and ran through to the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen.

Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2009 Report
UNEP SEFI and New Energy Finance were pleased to release the Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2009 Report . The report provides an overview of capital flows and an analysis of the trends in sustainable energy investment activity.


The beginning of 2009 witnessed a significant milestone in renewable energy policy and institutions. Seventy-five countries signed the statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Signatories include most countries of the European Union and many developing countries from Africa to Asia-Pacific to Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, Ghana, India, Morocco, the Philippines, Senegal, South Korea, and Tunisia... more

REN21 Renewables Global Status Report
Renewables Global Status Report: Energy Transformation Continues Despite Economic Slowdown - The REN21 Renewables Global Status Report released shows that the fundamental transition of the world’s energy markets continues. Press release (13 May 2009).... Press release | Report | REN21 website

Investing in a Climate for Change: Engaging the Finance Sector
Addressing the serious issue of climate change requires substantial investment in new technologies, processes and services. Without substantial and sustained investment in clean energy and other measures now, the reality of a global economy free of climate change impacts will remain a distant dream... more | Mobilizing Finance

Analysing Our Energy Future: Some Pointers for Policy-makers

The report highlights that early moves to shift towards a more sustainable energy system are more effective and cheaper compared to delayed action. It outlines some policy approaches that can bring about this shift and the time scales involved in it...
more | International Energy Agency