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Educypedia is an information resource about Scientific and Educational material: Electronics, Science, Engineering, Encyclopedia and Information Technology. All the links are tested with respect to content, no commercial links.
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Content: 802.11 technology, AC induction motor, AMOLED, analog techniques, antennas, audio, Automation and Control, AVR, Baluns, Barcode, Basic Stamp, Batteries, Blu-ray Disc, Blue tooth, bridge circuits, cabling, capacitor types, CDMA, coils, communication techniques, compression techniques, cvrystal radio, DAC/ADC types, data sheets, DC motor, DC generator, decibels, decoder, digital logic, diode, DOLBY, domotics, DSP, DTMF, DVBT, EMC, ESD, electricity, Electromagnetic levitation, electromagnetism, electronic circuits, electrostatics, encoders, fiber technology, filters, fuses, generator, GPRS, GSM, HDTV, I2C-I2S, inductance, Induction heating, instrumentation, ISM, Jacob's ladder, java applets, JFET, loudspeakers, LCD Technology, Magnetism, measurement circuits, memory devices, microphones, Microwave WLAN calculators, midi, MOSFET, MP3, OLED Technology, oscillators, oscilloscope, PCB design, PLASMA, PLED, PLL, power electronics, radio, reed switch, Repair, RF software, Robotics, semiconductors, servomotor, speech technology, sensor technology, solar cells, soldering, Sound Technology, spindle motor, SPWM, telephony, Tesla coil, TFT technology, THX, Thermoelectrics, Tubes, tuner, TV, UMTS, VCO, VCR, VHDL, video signals, WAP, Waves, White LEDs, WIFI, WLAN antennas.
Content: Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica, Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, anthropology, archaeology, atomic bomb, crusades, dinosaurs, History, Holocaust, paleontology, prehistory, pyramids, warfare, holocaust, world war I & II.
Human Science
Content: alternative energy, atlas, biodiesel, Calendars, Countries of the World, Date, Diseases, Ecology, environment, Global warming, languages, Maps of the World, Medical images, Medicines and drugs, Mysterious, Mythology, Philosophy, Pollution, Religion, Time and date, World data, Worldmaps.
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Content: animations, autocad, Basic, BIOS, Blu-ray Disc, CAN bus technology, C++, CD-DVD, color charts, computer hardware, cookies, CPU tools, CRC algorithm, data acquisition, data communication, DDR3 ram, DOS, drivers, DVD RW, Edubuntu, firewalls, Firewire, Freeware, Hdisk, HTML, I2C-I2S, internet, java, javascripts, Knoppix, Kubuntu, LCD Tools, Linux, LVDS technology, memory tools, microprocessors, modem, motherboards, MP3, msoffice, Networking, OS, Pentium, PSP, RAM, RS232-485, SDRAM, software tools, sound, SPI Interface, spyware, tutorials, TCP/IP, UBUNTO, UNIX, VDSL, Visual Basic, web design, windows tips and problems, windows XP, windows VISTA, USB, VoIP.
Content: animations, an online multi language dictionary, biographies, clipart, dictionaries, educational start pages, educypedia, encyclopedia, images, image search engines, online translations, online translators, photos, pictures, royalty, scientific portals, science portals, scientists, standards, technical history, wallpapers.
Content: Anatomy, Animals, Antarctica, Astronomy, Automotive system, biology, biomes, birds, botany, calculators, cells, chemistry, climate, colors, online converters, coral reef, Diesel, DNA, DIY turbines, Ear, Earthquakes, electrochemistry, electrostatics, Endocrine system, embryology, energy production, engineering, eye, Fuel cells, gas laws, genetics, geology, geography, Geometry, Geomorphology, Geothermal energy production, Geysers, hair, human anatomy, human heart, hydraulics, Hydropower, java applets and animations, lasers, light, Machines, magnetism, mammals, mechanics, mathematics, nose, Nuclear power plants, optics, Magnetism experiments, outline maps, physics, Physics Experiments, planets, pneumatics, power plants, Renewable energy, reptiles, respiratory system, Science experiments, senses, skin, solar cells, solar system, sound, space, tides, turbines, skin, Solar cells, Solar Energy, Solar Cooking experiments, Solar System, spiders, Stoichiometry, sustainable energy, Tidal power, Trigonometry, Volcanoes, Windmills, Wind turbines, Waves, World maps.
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