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Evolution  see also Paleontology website dedicated to the life and times of Charles Darwin
A Comparison of Some Similar Chimpanzee and Human Behaviors
Anthropology and human origins the study of human evolution, a branch of anthropology which seeks to understand human uniqueness by studying the human past using scientific methods
Becoming human paleoanthropology, evolution and human origins
Case of the Curious Cranium A rare skull of a Homo erectus from Poloyo in the Solo River area of central Java has been found among a collection of curiosities sold to a Manhattan boutique, ...
Cavemen facts
Diva of the Devonian
DNA from an extinct human the first-ever analysis of ancient DNA from a neandertal bone is a technical tour de force and offers a new kind of evidence for the view that neandertals were an evolutionary dead end
Early theories of evolution Darwin, genus, species, Ussher, Great Chain of Being, Linnaeus, Homo sapiens, Lamarck, inheritance of acquired characteristics, Cuvier, catastrophism, uniformitarianism, Lyell, natural selection, Galapagos, adaptive radiation, ecological niche, Malthus, peppered moth, Wallace, Origin of Species, Mendel, Boucher de Perthes
Earlier Prehistory of Africa
Evolution evolutionary theory, natural selection, survival of the fittest, fossils, Charles Darwin
Evolution happens! Biological evolution is the change that species (kinds of living things) undergo over time. More precisely, it is the change in the gene pools of living populations of species which occurs over time. A gene is a hereditary unit that can be passed on unaltered for many generations. A gene pool is the set of all genes in a species or population
Evolutionary thoughts the theory of evolution, formalized by Charles Darwin, is as much theory as is the theory of gravity, or the theory of relativity, ...
First Humans One of the best preserved human remnants is a female skeleton found at Hadar in Ethiopia
Fossil hominids the evidence for human evolution, this web site is intended to provide an overview of the study of human evolution, and of the currently accepted fossil evidence. It also contains a very comprehensive treatment of creationist claims about human evolution
Hominid evolution lucy, homo habilis, neandertal, australopithecus afarensis africanus anamensis, homo sapiens neanderthal neandertalensis heidelbergensis antecessor ergaster erectus rudolfensis habilis, paranthropus boisei robustus aethiopicus, ardipithecus ramidus, primates, aegyptopithecus, proconsul, kenyapithecus, strepsherinni, halporini, pongid
Hominid Species Timeline Overview of Human Evolution, Hominid Species Timeline, Human Physical Characteristics
Human Evolution- The Fossil Evidence in 3D online 3D gallery of modern primate relatives and fossil ancestors of humans
Hominid Fossils Gallery Have a glance at these remains of ancient individuals which provide the basis for much of our understanding of physical limits and appearance of our near and distant relatives
Human Evolution
Human evolution mammals developed from primitive mammal-like reptiles during the Triassic period, some 200-245 million years ago
Human evolution Human evolution is the process of change and development, or evolution, by which human beings emerged as a distinct species, ...
Hominid Evolution Dental Anthropology and Human Variation
Hominid fossils
Human Evolution Timeline
Human prehistory evolution of human species
Homo erectus from Nanjing pdf file
Homo erectus Homo erectus
Living links focus on the living links between humans and their primate relatives
Lucy's legacy Lucy was discovered in 1974 by anthropologist Professor Donald Johanson and his student Tom Gray in a maze of ravines at Hadar in northern Ethiopia
Neanderthals on trial
Odyssey of life embryonic development and evolution
Phylogeny of life learn about the history and diversity of life, everything from whales to bacteria over 3.5 billion years of life's history
Primitive Humans in China
Talk origins archive evolution, creationism, creation, catastrophism, biology, geology, science, pseudoscience, skepticism, science education, abiogenesis, origin of life, cosmology, theology
The Earliest Homo Fossils
The Earliest Human Ancestors Recent hominid finds
The direction of evolution and the future of humanity
The evolution evidence page
The evolution of man tells the remarkable epic of our 5-million-year journey from ape to man. What were our earliest ancestors like? How did they live? And where did language come from?
The Evolution of the Human
The long foreground an overview of human evolution, hominid species timeline, human physical characteristics
Timeline of human evolution wereldgeschiedenis der menselijke evolutie, kennis en cultuur, in Dutch
Tree of life a collection of about 2000 World Wide Web pages containing information about the diversity of life. These pages are authored by biologists from around the world
Triumph of life Despite overwhelming obstacles, life on Earth has evolved from the most humble of beginnings to a level of diversity that challenges human comprehension
Understanding Evolution Detailed explanations of the mechanisms of evolution and the history of life on Earth, The relevance of evolutionary theory to our everyday lives, Multiple lines of scientific evidence relating to evolution, The history of ideas, research, and contributors in the study of evolution

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