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Dolmen & megaliths Evolution Prehistoric man Rock art Runestones

Dolmen and megaliths: general overview 
Ancient sites in the Irish landscape a selection of ten sites with photographs and descriptions
Ancient stones of Scotland ancient monuments of Scotland, On this website you can find information, images and panoramic movies of 182 sites, ranging from the earliest settlements (dating from about 3500 BC), through the stone circles and standing stones, to the defence towers called brochs, built about 2000 years ago
Dolmens in Denmark Dolmens in Denmark
Dolmen Dolmens (also known as cromlechs, antas, Hünengräber, Hunebedden and quoits) are a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones (megaliths) supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (table), what are Dolmen
Hunebedden in Nederland de restanten van 53 prehistorische grafkelders, bestaande uit soms meer dan 20 ton wegende rotsblokken, in Dutch
Images of Megalithic sites in the British Isles Images of Megalithic sites in the British Isles
Images of Megalithic sites in Continental Europe Images of Megalithic sites in Continental Europe
Ireland- sacred sites and megalithic monuments
Maps of Wales standing stones, cromlechs, stone circles
Megalithic passage tombs in Ireland n exploration of the Irish Stone Age sites of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Loughcrew, Hill of Tara, Fourknocks and others in the context of astronomy, art, mythology, archaeology and photography, which demonstrates how the ancient people were confidently able to predict solar and lunar events
Megalithia a database of megalithic sites, England
Megalithic Ireland photos and descriptions of megalithic tombs in Ireland, 'Lunar maps' at Knowth
Megalith map of the British isles a resource for finding any stone circle or stone row in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales
Megalithic mysteries Wiltshire, Avon & Somerset, Dorset, Cornwall, Devon, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, The Cotswolds, The South East, a tip
Megalithic portal stonehenge, news, power, stones, ancient wisdom, landscapes, sacred sites, glastonbury, cerne giant, geomancy, megaliths, megalithic, monuments, mystery, mysteries, unexplained, stone circles, henges, standing stones, stones, stone rows, long barrows, round barrows, dolmen, menhir, ancient sites, archaeology, prehistory, orkney, crop circles, ancient, astronomy, measurements, alternate, history, england, scotland, wales, guernsey, witch, witchcraft, celtic, paganism, standing stones
Megalithic sites of Russia Have you ever seen the Megaliths of Russia? You can find here images maps, schemes, descriptions of megalithic sites, wonderful and unique Caucasian dolmens, seids and labyrihths of North, standing stones, stone rows, lines, cairns, artifacts and petroglyphs
Megalithic temples of Malta Maltese megalithic temples
Megalithic temples of Malta created by a mysterious advanced society, they are the oldest stone buildings on the planet
Megalithic Wales Megalithic Wales
Megalithic walks tone circles, menhirs, megalithic, megalith, dolmen, cromlech, henge, cairn, burial, chamber, tomb, neolithic, bronze age, prehistory, archaeology, Stonehenge, Avebury, devon, walking, country walks, rambles, north wales, anglesey, harlech, uk, wales, england, scotland, circle, standing stone, stonehenge
Megaliths in Scotland Megaliths in Scotland
Megaliths in Western Europe The great stone structures , one of the most attractive heritages in Western Europe, drawing gigantic arc of circle through the continent, dominate the landscape
Megaliths of Carnac Types of Megaliths of Carnac: Alignments, Stone Circles, Dolmen, Tumuli, Standing Stones, Engravings
Megaliths of Korea
Megalithic Sites and Mounds
Megalithic sites in Romania
Prehistoric sites in the south western Ireland standing stones
Russian megaliths dolmens and other megaliths of Russia including maps, gallery and legends. Articles covering reconstructions, history, archaeology and mystic theories
Spared stones of Ireland a lot of photographs included, a tip
Stone monuments Logan stone, megalith, megalithic, menhir, monolith, ritual, rune, runestone
Stonepages Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe
Stonepages - Megalithen und Hünengräber
Stones of Ireland Dolmen of the Four Maols, Gleninsheen, Kilclooney, Poulnabrone, Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Ballycrovane, Beltany, Dooncarton, Drombeg, Kenmare, Punchestown, Court and Passage Tombs, Cairns - Crannogs, Stone Forts, Carrowmore, Creevykeel, Dowth, Knowth, Newgrange, Tara
Stones of Orkney Scotland - Megalithic Mysteries
Stones of wonder web guidebook to prehistoric monuments in Scotland, standing stones, stone circles, archeoastronomy, ancient astronomy, Callanish, ancient Scotland, cairns, megalithic, stone age, neolithic, bronze age, Stonehenge
Stone circles 
Archeological and oceanographic analysis of the Carnac Stones
Derbyshire stone circles
Stone Circle, Cornwall Stone Circle, Cornwall
Stone circles and megalithic monuments in the British Isles and Ireland megalithics, an archive of over 4000 photos of stone circles and other megalithic monuments in the British Isles and Ireland
Stone circles of the British Isles Stone circles of the British Isles
Stone circles of the Gambia
Stanton Moor Stanton Moor stone circles, standing stone
Stanton Moor geographically Stanton Moor lies within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, England, ..., a tip
Stonehenge and Avebury
Stone pages stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows and hillforts
Dating Stonehenge
Stonehenge Stonehenge, the amazing ancient wonder located in England. pictures, information, legends, Stonehenge photos
Stonehenge its original purpose is unclear, but some have speculated that it was a temple made for worship of ancient earth deities
Stonehenge is the web site offering the most reliable and useful information on Wiltshire's Stonehenge and Avebury, the world's most famous ancient stone circles and henges
Stonehenge, England images
Dolmen and megaliths: topics 
America’s Stonehenge built by a native American culture or a migrant European population? No one knows for sure. A maze of man-made chambers, walls and ceremonial meeting places, America's Stonehenge is one of the oldest man-made construction in the United States. (over 4000 years old), read also Archaeology professor debunks claims for ancient rock structures as pseudoscientific fallacy, "America's Stonehenge" Debunked
Caithness archaeology
Carnac, Megaliths in the Carnac region
Carnac stones
Croatian Cyrillic Script The tradition of the Croatian Cyrillic Script goes back to the 12th century and lasted continuously until the 18th century, with sporadic uses even in the 20th century, ...
Glasgow network of aligned sites a mysterious network of prehistoric aligned sites
Irish high crosses, Images of Irish high crosses
Irish Pillar Stones & Cross-pillars The landscape of Ireland is also littered with uncounted Standing-stones (also known as Menhirs. Two thousand years ago there may have been ten times as many as there are today, ...
Mégalithes de Lanvaux
Mégalithes en Morbihan
Megalithic mysteries megalithic mysteries, a photographic guide to stone circles, megaliths and other prehistoric monuments, megalithic stones of England, megalithic stones of Scotland, megalithic stones of Ireland, megalithic stones of Wales, megalithic stones of Channel islands, megalithic stones of Cornwall, megalithic stones of Devon, megalithic stones of Yorkshire
Meris Dolmen van Wéris, Dolmen van Oppagne, Menhirs, Op rij geplaatste megalieten, Datering, Legendestenen, Puddingsteen
Seahenge timber circle, megalithic mysteries
Silbury hill the largest man-made prehistoric mound in Europe is 39.6 m (130 ft) high
Standing Stones - Ireland A Standing Stone refers to single upright stone, usually located on there own. Other names for a Standing Stones are; Coirthe, Dallán, Gallán, Lia, Liagán, Monolith, Menhir, Pillarstone, Stollaire, ...
Standing Stones - Stenness The Standing Stones of Stenness
Standing Stones - Sussex Standing Stones in Sussex
Standing Stones - Western Isles Standing Stones on the Western Isles
Stones Irish stones, Ballynoe Stone Circle , Beaghmore complex
Stanton Drew
Uffington white horse

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