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Dinosaur and other fossils  see also Paleontology
Chinese fossil shows early bird supped on seeds
Dinosaur fossils, trilobite fossils
Dinosaur footprints and trackways
Dinosaur paleontology
Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaurs: fossils
Dinosaur tracksite photographs
E-Fossils displaying some of the best of British fossils
Fantastic Fossil Finds Coprolites, What They Passed On Black Smokers, Alien Life of the Deep, Amber, A Fantastic Fossil Preservation, Medium Carboniferous Forests, Life, Death, and Afterlife of a Coal Forest, Burgess Shale, Hidden Treasure in the Canadian Rockies Solnhofen Quarry, A Unique German Fossil Locality, Petroleum Soup, The La Brea Tar Pits Paradise Lost, Subtropical Eocene Fossil Forests of the North, Ediacaran Biota, Origin of Complex Multicellular Organisms
Fossil Formation, A Long Term Project
Fossil Home fossils, paleontology, dinosaurs, science education
Fossil horse cybermuseum fossil horse (Equidae) paleontology, evolution, phylogeny, relationships, biology, nomenclature, and geological time sequence in N America
Fossil sites linkpage
Fossil sites of Australia diversity in Australia's prehistoric animals
Fossil web color pictures of fossils, enable fossil identification, which is the focal point of discussions on this page
Fossils - Clues to the Past Fossils provide clues to what life was like in Minnesota in ancient times. Fossils are the remains of plants and animals found in rock, ...
How fossils can form  Observe how fossils can form, This animation shows the formation of a cast and mold, one way that fossils can form
Jurassic cliffs ammonite and belemnite fossils
Palaeopedia is a gateway to the fascinating world of fossils
Paleo Art
Pederpes finneyae - BBC news the earliest known animal built to walk on land, a salamanderlike creature
Plesiosaurs fossils What are Plesiosaurs fossils
Sharks and other fossils This site provides information on the extinct and extant elasmobranch teeth

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