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Energy - energy conservation  related subject: Biodiesel, Fuel cells, Physics-energy, Physics-renewable energy, Solar Cooking experiments
Alternative Fuels Data Center Alternative energy sun energy, photovoltaic solar cells, wind energy, insulation in buildings, geothermal energy, solar thermal heat, solar thermal electricity, hydro-electricity, ocean power, tidal power, wave power, biomass, fuel cells, woodheaters
Alternative energy information background and basic technical information about a variety of renewable energy sources, from solar panels to fuel cells
Alternative energy sources pdf file
Australian renewable energy website renewable energy is any source of energy that can be used without depleting its reserves. These sources include sunlight or solar energy and other sources such as, wind, wave, biomass and hydro energy
Belarus: Chernobyl (Belarus=Wit Rusland). The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel and without proper regard for safety
Bioenergy Conversion Factors This is a quick-reference list of conversion factors used by the Bioenergy Feedstock Development Programs at ORNL
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST) Alternative & Sustainable Energy
DIE OFF - a population crash resource page after the global oil peak production global carrying capacity will be impossible to maintain. The world economy will crash or stagnate eventually leading to a die off of the human population within the next fifty years
Diesel Book The Health Effects Institute, established in 1980, is an independent and unbiased source of information on the health effects of motor vehicle emissions, pdf file
Electricity Consumption - worldmap Electricity Consumption - worldmap
Energy efficiency and renewable energy provides information on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies
Energy Production 2006 map Energy Production: Total production of primary energy, i.e. hard coal, lignite, peat, crude oil, NGLs, natural gas, combustible renewables & waste, nuclear, hydro, geothermal, solar and the heat from heat pumps that is extracted from the ambient environment
Energy resources: production and consumption ppt file
Fossil Energy
Fuel cells 2000 energy, stationary power, energy efficiency, zero emission, renewable, pollution control, fuel cell information, electricity, hydrogen
GENI Overview - Global Energy Network Institute GENI's mission is to conduct research and to educate world leaders and the public about the critical viability of the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources
Geothermal energy Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel, The Manual for the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel, Convert Your Car to Alcohol, The Sunflower Seed Huller and Oil Press, Fuel From Sawdust, Palm Oil as a Fuel for Agricultural Diesel Engines: Comparative Testing against Diesel Oil, Utilization of Rapeseed Oil, Rapeseed Oil Methyl Ester or Diesel Fuel, Exhaust Gas Emissions and  Estimation of Environmental Effects, SVO emissions bibliography, Preparation of ethanol from molasses, Apparatus for the Continuous Manufacture of Absolute Alcohol, Absolute Alcohol Using Glycerine, Wood Alcohol, Wood-to-Oil Process, Liquefaction, Biochemical Sources of Fuels
Geothermal energy Geothermal energy, how it works
Geothermal energy There are two types of energy that can be obtained from the earth: earth energy and geothermal energy.
Green-e mission: to preserve and protect the environment by promoting sustainable energy technologies
Green energy green energy, green electricity, energy prices, renewable energy
Household waste management this program can be used online to find reliable information about reducing the waste consumers generate and dealing with hazardous wastes in the home
Impacts of Wind Energy and Other Technologies Renewable & alternative energy information service of the renewable energy and sustainable technology, pdf file
International Energy Agency - World maps of: Energy Production, Net Imports, Total Primary Energy Supply, Electricity Consumption, Population, Gross Domestic Product, GDP (PPP), TPES / Population, TPES / GDP, TPES/ GDP (PPP), Elec. Cons. / Population, CO2 Emissions, CO2 / TPES, CO2 / Population, CO2 / GDP, CO2 / GDP (PPP), Map Energy Indicators, World - Energy Production
Large-scale photovoltaic power plants ranking 1 - 50
National Renewable Energy Laboratory primary laboratory for renewable energyand energy efficiency research and development, Biomass, Solar Thermal Research
Nuclear waste nuclear power and waste, power plants, pollution
Nuclear power The Future of Nuclear Power
Offshore Wind Farms and the Environment Offshore Wind Farms and the Environment
REN21 Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
Renewable & alternative energy
Renewable energy Anaerobic Digestion, Biomass Electricity, Biomass Heat, Landfill Gas, Liquid Biofuels, Municipal Solid Waste Combustion, Geothermal Energy, Photovoltaic Power Generation, Small-scale Hydro, Solar Thermal Electricity, Solar Thermal Heating, Tidal Energy, Wind Energy, Wave Energy
Renewable energy renewable energy primer, pdf file
Residential energy efficiency this program shows effective ways to reduce home energy consumption
Solar Generation V (English version) pdf file
Survey of energy resources Survey of Energy Resources contains a chapter for each energy resource, ranging from the conventional fossil fuels to the renewables, both new and traditional. Marine current energy has been covered for the first time, pdf file
Wind Energy- A Vision for Europe in 2030 pdf file
Wind-Works An Archive of Articles on Wind Energy, Electricity Feed Laws, & Other Topics Compiled by Paul Gipe
World energy consumption, 1970-2020 ppt file
World energy consumption and carbon doxide emissions, 19902025
World energy information centre the energy information centre provides a mainly geographic approach to the energy data and other information collected by the World Energy Council
World Wind Energy Report 2008

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