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1492: an ongoing voyage
400 year Japan-the Netherlands
Antarctic Explorers- James Cook Antarctic Explorers
Aztec account of the conquest on november 8, 1519, the Spanish conquistadors first entered the great city of Mexico, the metropolis the Aztecs had built on a lake island
British Empire, circa 1937
Columbus home page
Conquistadors learn about the Spanish conquistadors in the new world
Discovery and early exploration of Newfoundland ca. 1000 - 1550
Discovery and exploration a tip
Discovery, explorations, and the "New World" a tip
European voyages of exploration during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries two nations, Portugal and Spain, pioneered the European discovery of sea routes that were the first channels of interaction between all of the world's continents, thus beginning the process of globalisation in which we all live today
Exploration of the Northwest passage
Explorers hall of fame
First European voyages to Mongolia
Incas and conquistadors how did an army of 37 horsemen and 106 foot-soldiers conquer a mighty empire that stretched over 2,500 miles from modern-day Ecuador to Chile?
James Cook: the ship, voyage of the Endeavor Portrait of Captain James Cook, Cook was an 18th century explorer and navigator whose achievements in mapping the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia radically changed western perceptions of world geography, James Cook: Voyage of the Endeavor 1768-1771
John Cabot, the discoverer of North America and Sebastian, his son- a chapter of the maritime history of England under the Tudors, 1496-1557
Les explorateurs du XVIème siècle
Marco Polo and his travels 1254-1324
Marco Polo's Asia
Matthew Henson memorial website Matthew Alexander Henson 1866-1955, co-discoverer of the North Pole, April 6, 1909
New world exploration and English ambition
Ontdekkings reizigers Abel Janszoon Tasman, Alexander de Grote, Amerigo Vespucci, Bartolomeus Diaz, Christopher Columbus, David Livingstone, Erik de Rode, Ferdinand Magelhaes, Francisco Pizarro, Hatsheput, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, John Charles Frémont, John Smith, Kapitein James Cook, Leif Erikson, Marco Polo, Meriwether Lewis, Neil Alden Armstrong, Pánfilo de Narváez, Prins Hendrik de Zeevaarder, Roald Amundsen, Robert Edwin Peary, Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, Vasco da Gama, Willem Barentz, William Clark, in Dutch
Portuguese discoveries in North America
Sea route to India and Vasco da Gama
Spanish and Portuguese colonial possessions
The age of exploration curriculum guide
The conquest of the Aztec empire
The conquest of Mexico
The European voyages of exploration: Africa
Timeline of discoveries
Timeline of naval exploration

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