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Concentration camps in Europe - list 
Ahlem labor camp
Auschwitz Auschwitz Concentration camp
Auschwitz Auschwitz was designated to be the central site of the nazi genocide by Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer S.S. and Rudolf Höss, commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp
Auschwitz Auschwitz Concentration camp
Auschwitz work will set you free, the motto and first thing seen by prisoners as they entered Auschwitz. Once through the front gate an orchestra of gaunt, malnourished prisoners in dirty-stripped uniforms played music for the prisoners going to and returning from their daily labor
Auschwitz Auschwitz Concentration camp
Auschwitz Auschwitz Concentration camp
Auschwitz Auschwitz Concentration camp, Interactive Map of Auschwitz
Auschwitz the dentist of Auschwitz
Auschwitz - album a timeline of the events of the Holocaust with over 300 events and brief entries on each, comprehensive collection of over 200 documents on the destruction of the Jews of Germany and Austria, Poland and the Soviet Union
Auschwitz - a virtual tour the written and photographic record of five days spent visiting two Nazi concentration camps in and near Oswiecim, Poland, known as Auschwitz and Birkenau
Auschwitz endstation vernichtung Auschwitz is the site where the planned and organised genocide took place; its victims were not buried, but burnt and their ashes spread over the fields in the vicinity
Auschwitz the one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again, Virtual tour of Auschwitz the written and photographic record of five days spent visiting two Nazi concentration camps in and near Oswiecim, Poland in September 1993. Known as Auschwitz and Birkenau, the two camps were liberated in January 1945
Auschwitz holocaust Adolf Hitler and his kz deathcamps vs Oscar Schindler, a tip
Auschwitz - Birkenau Auschwitz Birkenau - " The death factory "
Auschwitz - photos
Auschwitz pdf file, en Français
Auschwitz through the lens of the SS: Photos of Nazi leadership at the camp
An Auschwitz alphabet the most significant facets of life and death in Auschwitz
Belsen Concentration Camp, 1945 Adolf Hitler set up his first concentration camp soon after coming to power in Germany in 1933. He used it to keep his opponents locked away, without trial, often physically abused
Belzec death camp in Poland where 600,000 people, all Jews and a few hundred gypsies, were killed, Testimonies of Belzec SS-Men
Belzec Belzec was the laboratory for murder which was carried out in the main by civilians and German police officers drafted into the euthanasia program (T4) who were then dressed up in SS uniforms. They were not SS as we know the term. They were bogus SS-Scharfuhrers given the rank and uniform by default
Belzec photographs
Bergen-Belsen a concentration camp established in 1943 originally to hold prisoners to be used in political exchanges
Bisingen Bisingen a satelite camp of Natzweiler
Breendonk concentration camp
Breendonck Breendonck concentration camp in Belgium
Breitenau in German
Buchenwald pdf file, en Français
Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora memorials foundation
Buchenwald liberation the concentration camp Buchenwald during World War II
Buchenwald Buchenwald memorial is situated about 8 kilometres north of the city centre of Weimar
Buchenwald from July 1937 to March 1945, 238,980 prisoners from 30 countries passed through Buchenwald. 43,045 of these, were killed, died from brutal conditions, or didn't survive forced evacuations
Buchenwald: fifty years later, Liberation of Buchenwald
Buchenwald liberation
Bullenhuserdamm in Neuengamme concentration camp the SS doctor Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer performed TB experiments on camp inmates. In November 1944 he ordered twenty Jewish children - ten boys and ten girls - to be transferred to Neuengamme from Auschwitz concentration camp
Chelmno the first Nazi camp in which mass killings were carried out by gas (Vernichtungslager Kulmhof =German)
Chelmno death camp for total extermination
Chelmno extermination camp
Chelmno extermination camp, Photos
Dachau Scrapbook
Dachau meer dan 200.000 mensen uit heel Europa hebben in Dachau gevangen gezeten. Een groot deel van hen werd gedood of kwam door ontberingen om het leven, ..., in Dutch
Dachau liberation
Dachau and its liberation
Dachau pdf file, en Français
Debica (Dembitsa), Poland
Dora-mittelbau pdf file, en Français
Drancy concentation camp in France, the camp of Drancy was a transit camp located not far from Paris. Like many other camps in France, it was created by the government of Philippe PÈtain and was under the control of the French police
Drütte Drütte concentration camp
Flossenbürg after Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen, Flossenbürg was the fourth concentration camp established in Germany by the Nazis
Flossenbürg Flossenbürg is gelegen in de Oberpfalz, Bayern, Duitsland. Op de weg naar Pilzen, ongeveer 3 km voor de Tsjechische grens
Flossenburg concentration camp
Forgotten prisoners of Rabaul
Fuhlsbüttel concentration camp, police prison, detention barracks, satellite camp
Gross Rosen
Gunskirchen, Austria - may 4, 1945 Gunskirchen extermination camp
Gurs concentration camp in Toulouse, France. Camp Gurs est un camp de concentration français d'abord destiné aux réfugiés républicains espagnols, puis aux juifs qui, livrés par la France, finiront dans les camps de la mort, en Français
Hamburg-Sasel satellite concentration camp, between September 1944 and May 1945 a satellite camp of Neuengamme Concentration Camp existed in Hamburg-Sasel
Hinzert police custody and SS "re-education camp" for workers who found disfavor
Kamp Vught kamp Vught was één van de grote en belangrijke concentratiekampen in het SS terreursysteem, in Dutch
Kamp Westerbork short walk through the former internmentsite Kamp Westerbork in the Dutch province of Drente, Photos
Koldychevo camp Koldychevo - Koldyczewo in Polish, first was used as a forced labor camp in Belorussia established by the Nazis late in 1941. Later it became an extermination camp for Russians and Poles
Ladelund in German
Majdanek Concentration Camp - history of a Nazi death camp like Auschwitz, Majdanek was both a labor camp and an extermination center. Situated on the southern perimeter of the historic Polish city of Lublin, Majdanek was the only killing center in the General Government that was not devoted primarily to the murder of Jews
Maidanek extermination camp located in German-occupied Poland about 2 miles from Lublin. It was regarded as in the same class as Belzec and Sobibor
Majdanek located approximately three miles (five kilometers) from the center of the Polish city of Lublin, was the second largest Nazi concentration camp, Photos, Photographs from Maidanek (Majdanek)
Majdanek death camp located in Poland. From 1941, its function was to destroy enemies of the Third Reich and exterminate Jews
Majdanek concentration camp
Majdanek and Lublin
Majdanek and Lublin
Majdanek report
Maly Trostenets
Mauthausen on August 8, 1938, just a few weeks after the Nazi occupation of Austria, prisoners from the Dachau, concentration camp near Munich, were transferred to the Austrian town of Mauthausen, near Linz
Mauthausen WWII Holocaust Shoah Mauthausen gusen Bergkristall concentration camp
Mauthausen - Gusen the KZ Gusen I, II and III concentration camp complex was the largest and most brutal within the Mauthausen camp system
Mauthausen pdf file, en Français
Mittelbau Dora
Mittelbau Dora
Mittelbau Dora concentration camp
Mittelbau Dora photos
Mittelbau Dora photos
Mittelbau Dora photos
Mittelbau Dora virtual reality movies
Moringen Explantory Notes on the Concentration Camp Moringen and details on the work carried out at the Memorial
Natzweiler-Struthof un camp de concentration nazi en France
Natzweiler-Struthof first designated as a "camp for civilian war prisoners" and officially became a concentration camp on January 8, 1942
Natzweiler-Struthof in German
Neuengamme, Concentration camp memorial Neuengamme
Neuengamme concentration camp in Germany
Nizkor project dedicated to the millions of Holocaust victims who suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his nazi regime, a lof of useful archival material presented here
Nordhausen honor to all who rescued the prisoners of Dora/Nordhausen concentration camps and to those who lived and died there
Nordhausen- The "Boelcke Kazerne" by Ragene Farries
Plaszow forced - labor camp that became a concentration camp, Krakow - Poland
Poppenbüttel Plattenhaus from September 1944 until May 1945 a satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp was set up in the outlying Hamburg district of Sasel. Besides political detainees and Sinti gypsies, the majority of the 500 women held in the camp were Jewish and had been deported from the Lodz ghetto to Sasel via Auschwitz concentration camp
Ravensbrück Ravensbrück, located 70 km north of Berlin, was Germany's largest women's concentration camp. From 1939 to 1945, approximately 132,000 women from 47 countries were imprisoned there due to their race, religion, ideology or their social behavior
Ravensbrück 2 in German
Ravensbrück women's' concentration camp 90 km north of Berlin. Medical experiments were carried out on inmates. Many were shot, injected with a lethal injection or gassed and cremated
Sachsenhausen more than 200,000 people were imprisoned in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp by the Nazis between 1936 and 1945. Approximately 30,000 people died of starvation, disease, forced labor and maltreatment, or were systematically exterminated by the SS. Thousands more died during the death march when the camp was evacuated in April 1945
Sachsenhausen the camp had an installation for mass execution by shooting, disguised as a prisoners' examination room. Of the 30,000 people who perished there, the main group killed, were Soviet prisoners of war
Sachsenhausen Sachsenhausen was located in the town of Oranienburg about 20 miles north of Berlin. The camp was opened in September, 1936. Built for 10,000, nearly 200,000 passed through the camp with about 100,000 dying
Sachsenhausen Oranienburg
Sered Sered: concentration and labor camp in Slovakia
Sobibor concentation camp in Poland
Sobibor Sobibor exterminationcamp
Sobibor Sobibor exterminationcamp was build about a 5 kms from the little village of Sobibor. In this camp up to 260.000 Jews were killed, Sobibor, Adolf Hitlers deathcamp only one purpose: to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible
Sobibor (Pologne) in French
Stutthof Stutthof concentration camp, 22 miles (36 km) east of Danzig (Gdansk), at the mouth of the Vistula River
Stutthof in September 1939, the Germans established the Stutthof camp in a wooded area west of Stutthof (Sztutowo), a town about 22 miles east of Danzig (Gdansk)
Terezin initiative institute an international association of former prisoners of Terezin ghetto and other concentration camps (only in Czech)
Treblinka Treblinka, established in 1941 as a forced labor camp for those accused of crimes by the occupation authorities was located 50 miles northeast of Warsaw, Poland
Treblinka, Acts of resistance and the organization of the revolt in Treblinka
Uckermark concentration camp Uckermark was a concentration camp for girls mostly aged 16-21, although girls as young as 8 years old are known to have been imprisoned here. After the war, the camp was used as a hospital and then the buildings were burned when no longer needed
Vaivara concentration and transit camp in northeast Estonia
Vernet concentration camp in France
Westerbork during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Westerbork became the main transit camp to send Dutch Jews and Roma to death camps in Poland

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