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Algemeen overzicht - Nederlands, General overview: English, Plant and flower images

Arboretum: English  related topic: Plant-biology
Aquatic and invasive plants the world's largest information resource
Aromatic herbs What are Aromatic herbs a modern herbal home page, 800 varieties of herbs & plants, 44 plants that are listed as poisonous
Botanical glossary encyclopedia of flowers and plants, An alphabetical listing of over 800 botanical terms and their meanings, helpfully hypertexed for rapid reference
Botanical terms garden web, the gardenweb glossary of botanical terms currently contains 4400 terms relating to botany, gardening, horticulture and landscape architecture
Botany the encyclopedia of flowers and plants
Carnivorous plant database Carnivorous Plant Database
Curtis's Botanical Magazine
Flori database landscape, garden and house plants
Flowering plant gateway
Fruits of warm climates
Gardenweb covering more than 90 different plants, regions and topics, glossary
Guide to plant collection & identification plant nomenclature, names of plants, plant classification, meaning and origin of plant names, vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens
Herbal encyclopedia Herbal encyclopedia
Herbs, medicinal plants pictures
Hortiplex the HortiPlex database contains plant data as well as links to information sources, images and vendors at other sites. There is also a nomenclature database which provides botanical information on each taxon
Medicinal Herb Garden: Index by Common Name
Medicinal plant garden Medicinal plant garden, Medicinal Plant Garden is composed of the garden of specimens (ca. 1000 species), the cultivating field, and the laboratory. It is used for student practice and for research on tissue culture and phytotoxins
Natural perspective: the plant kingdom this site is dedicated to the beauty and science of nature and to the joys nature brings to those who explore it, a tip, mosses and their allies, conifers and allies, flowering dicot plants, flowering monocot plants, ...
Plant & herb index more than 1000 varieties of herbs & plants
Plant database The UConn Plant Database contains photographic and textual information on 450 trees, shrubs and vines that are useful for landscaping. The site includes a Plant Selector feature that enables the user to choose plants for their landscape situation based on criteria they supply
Plant elements of design The Plant Elements of Design program was developed to support the landscape design process by providing designers and architects the opportunity to select plants with specific characteristics. Plants are chosen based on plant type, height, width, texture, seasonal interest, and other characteristics
Plant pictures consists of over 2000 pictures organized within the context of an introductory botany course
Plants and fungi
Plants database a large database of plant names, a plant photo gallery, plant fact sheets, information about culturally significant plants, information about noxious and invasive plants, plant characteristics information, threatened and endangered plant
Plant species database details of nearly 7000 plants, all of which are either edible, have medicinal properties or have some other use such as fibres, oils or soaps
Poisonous plant database a set of working files of scientific information about the animal and human toxicology of vascular plants of the world
Poisonous plant images Poisonous plant images
Roots of botanical names Roots of botanical names, Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names
Spice Index This index comprises about 10000 names for far more than 100 spices and herbs. English and German names will be found for every spice, as well as the Latin terms used by Botanists and (if of medical use) in pharmaceutical science
Taxonomy of flowering plants
Taxonomy of flowering plants 2
Tools for Plant Identification tools to aid in quick and accurate identification of botanical specimens
World biodiversity database
World wide flowering plant family identification taxonomy of flowering plants
Botany topics  related subjects: Biology topics, Plant biology
Algae Algae
Botanica world of plants with animations about fotoprotisme, hidrotropisms, tigmotropisms, gravitropisms
Botanical nomenclature botanical nomenclature
Botany nomenclature international code of botanical nomenclature
Botany online Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook
Bryology mosses
Cloud forest alive photographs, sounds, and natural history lessons straight from the cloud forest, webcams, sounds, photos
Flowering plants lowering plants, botany
Fungi What are Fungi
Giant vegetables
Grass genera of the world DATABASE
Herbarium how to make an herbarium
Hydrofyten, overleven in het water in Dutch
Leaf Botany and Plant Cell Biology The main function of leaves is to absorb sunlight and use this energy to produce sugars. This is the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the creation of sugar from carbon dioxide and water using the energy of the sun
Lichen Pictures
Microscopic world of leaves
Microscopische wereld van bladeren in Dutch
Mosses and allies
Nomenclature for cultivated plants
Parasitic plant connection information on all parasitic flowering plants. Includes lists of 230 genera for all 18-22 families, family descriptions, distribution maps, hundreds of color photographs with legends, bibliographic references
Photobiology online
Plant divisions anthocerotophyta, hornworts, bryophyta, mosses, cladoxylopsida, hepaticophyta, liverworts, lycophyta, club mosses and scale trees, progymnosperms, pteridopsida, ferns, spermatophytes, seed plants, gymnosperms, anthophyta, flowering plants, sphenopsida, horsetails, trimerophytes, zosterophylls
Plants in motion plant movies
Plant Structure Plant Structure
Plant Structure Plant Structure
Protoctista The Protoctista Kingdom is a catch-all for the multicellular organism which don't fit into the Animal, Plant, or Fungus Kingdom
Soils: pH scale reference materials What Is The pH Scale?
Spices encyclopedia of spices
Stinking flowers not all flowers smell as sweet as a rose, some flowers smell like a rotting carcass and attract metallic blue-green blowflies to their showy petals
Tree Conservation Information Service
Tree list
Trees: British trees reference material for all those interested in native british trees, online resource about British trees
Tree search
Tropical plant database important plants of the Amazon rainforest
Weed gallery a collection of photos and descriptions of weeds found in New Jersey

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