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Physics animations and java applets 
Animations of physical processes Physics animations animated physics experiments and visualizations on physics with theoretical explanations. There are also physics forum, free samples and educational programs for download, animated physics experiments and visualizations on waves, mechanics, optics, thermodynamics
Basic physics and optics Basic physics and optics
BIGS, Lernhilfe, Physik, Technik
Cabri en physique en Français, a tip
Cabri java applets en Français, a tip
Dos physics simulations DOS applications to be downloaded, refraction at plane surface, lenses and mirror, interference simulation, particle motion in magnetic fields, Boltzmann engine, ...
Dynamic and Interactive Visualization with "Javaless" Applets or Interactive Excel Spreadsheets Excelets are interactive Excel spreadsheets or simulations of mathematical models. The user changes a variable and the spreadsheet changes in numerical, graphical, and/or even symbolic form (equations). Through the use of numerical experimentation and "what if" scenarios, we have a powerful learning tool for students using readily available off-the-shelf software. All of this is done computationally with no use of programming, no macros or Visual Basics for Applications
Einstein Light several film clips (about a minute each) that use demonstrations and animations to give overviews to Galilean relativity, electromagnetism, the apparent inconsistency between them, Einstein relativiy, time dilation and length contraction, E=mc2 and beyond relativity
Engineering education fluid dynamics, ideal flow machine, virtual shock tube, compressible aerodynamics calculator, converging diverging nozzle simulator, thermodynamics of air, boundary layer applets + convection, heat conduction applets, vortex panel method, Mohr's circle applet, beam analysis, resultant of vectors, dynamics, motion on curved paths, projectile motion
Environmental Science Earth's Systems, The Atmosphere, Human Population Dynamics, Natural Resources
Figures animées pour la physique en Français, a tip
Flash animations for download Environment: Cycles of Nature, Hurricanes1 and 2, Greenhouse effect, Global warming, Recycling waste, Water cycle1, 2 and 3, Robocow, Water shortage, Earthquakes, Renewables: Wind, Sun, "Greener" house equipment Science & Tech: San Andreas fault, Hybrid car, Calories, Key finder, Global flyer, Exploration: Ariane launcher, Lunar eclipse, Discovery
Flash animations for physics Chaos, Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Micrometer Caliper, Nuclear, Optics, Oscilloscope, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Sound Waves, Vectors, Waves
Fun learning physics projectile motion, damped harmonic oscillator, elastic collisions, coupled oscillations, coriolis and centrifugal forces, Kepler problem, simple plane pendulum, chaos in the driven pendulum, motion in an electromagnetic field, Henon Heiles system, Educypedia
General physics java applets kepler's laws, wave motion, vectors, kinematics, central force, charge, electric field, magnetic field, oscillations, optics, diffraction, interference, single slit, double slit
Geometry center java applets, mathematics, physics, rainbow, integrator, software-java download
Interactive physics
Interactive physics and math a set of more than 20 scientifically accurate, easily understandable, user friendly educational applets, photon, atom, pendulum, lens, mirror, reflection, diffraction
Interactive physics modules matter, electricity and magnetism, energy, fusion : shockwave programs
Interactive programs shockwave programs: color creator, absorption, leds, incandescence, laser, flurescence, phosphorrescence, quantum tunneling, wave function
Interactive Science Simulations a tip
Jack's Page: Basic Physics and Optics
Java applets for high school physics education
Java applets on physics you can download here 39 applets mechanics, motion with constant acceleration, hydrostatic pressure in liquids, oscillations and waves, resonance, reflection and refraction of waves, electrodynamics, generator, refraction of light, thermodynamics, theory of relativity, physics of atoms, nuclear physics
Laboratoire virtuel en Français
Les ateliers en Français
Lightning physics Mr. Poley's Pages for College Prep Physics, Honors Physics, and AP Physics B at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Mr. Fizzix student oriented interactive site and a variety of visual presentations
NCSU physics Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Waves and Oscillations, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics, Astronomy
Paul Nylander
Physclips Physics animations, film clips, interactive tutorials and supporting pages, introductory physics, mechanics, relativity, waves, sound, electricity, magnetism, video, film clips
Physics Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics, Relativity, Optics, Electromagnetism, Waves, Modern Physics
Physics 2000 makes learning fun, using interactive animations
Physics animations flash
Physics demo videos
Physics Education Technology Fun, interactive simulations of physical phenomena that make bridges to the real world, from the Physics Education Technology project at the University of Colorado
Physics java applets mechanics java applets, light & waves java applets, electromagnetics java applets
Physics java simulations spring, pendulum, molecule, ...
Physics lecture demonstrations mechanics, waves, properties of heat and matter, electricity and magnetism, optics, astronomy and perception, audio visual materials
Physics relavent to IIT-JEE/AIEEE preparation
Physlets physlets, physics applets, are small flexible java applets designed for science education. You do not need to become a Java expert in order to use Physlets
Physlets Special Relativity, Blackbody Radiation, Single Potential Wells, QM Wave Packets, Potential Barriers, Hydrogen Atoms, Multiple Wells and Band theory, Nuclear Decay Schemes
Physlet für anfänger in German
Physique et simulations numériques circuits électriques, cristallographie, électronique, optique ondulatoire, optique géométrique, en Français, a tip
Physics applets thermodynamics, mechanics, energy, astrophysics
Physics resource packets project mechanics, modern physics, electricity & magnetism, waves, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, thermo / stat mech, electromagnetic theory, physical optics
Sciences physiques GEOGEBRA applications interactives pour les élèves et les profs de physique de lycée, physique, chimie, astronomie, informatique, toutes les applications proposées sont téléchargeables pour être utilisées hors connexion, en Français
Surendranath General Physics Java Applets
Teaching Resources for the Computer Mechanics, Waves, Optics, Thermodynamics, Solid State Physics, Quantum Mechanics
Virtual Experiments in Food Processing
Virtual lab interactive java applets for use in physics
Virtual physics laboratory reaction time measurements, traffic light system, relative motion, rolling and circular motion, one dimensional motion, projectile motion, angular momentum and area, simple harmonic motion, spring force, pendulum, center of gravity, Kepler motion, Pulley, Buoyant force, circulartion motion and centrifugal force, oscillation, Doppler effect, wave superposition, Fourier synthesis, transmission of waves (reflection and refraction), molecular model for an ideal gas (PV=NkT), Carnot heat engine, RC circuits, RLC circuit, charged particle motion in uniform E/M field, propagation of electromagnetic wave, oscilloscope, optics and light, Thin Lens / mirror, physics of rainbowvector addition, theorem of Pythagoras
Virtual physics laboratory Fu-Kwun Hwang, virtual physics laboratory, a tip
Virtual physics simulations

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