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Sound  related subject: Electronics: audio java applets and animations
Acoustics and vibration animations animations which visualize certain concepts concerning acoustics and vibration
Air column resonance calculator
Akustische Täuschungen in German
Animations for acoustics education
Baffled piston approximation of the sound field radiated by a loudspeaker
Beats caused by the interference between two waves of nearly equal frequency
Beats Beats (periodic rise and fall in intensity) are produced when two waves of nearly equal frequency are added. The beat frequency is the difference of the two frequencies, while the resultant waveform itself varies at the mean of the two frequencies
Beats Primary Beats and Combination Tones, FFT, waveform, frequency difference,  frequency discrimination, combination tones
Boventonen in Dutch
Changing Sounds An animation which sets a series of tests performed with a guitar, a drum and a bottle. Conditions are changed to notice the changes in pitch of the sound
Doppler effekt The everyday phenomenon examined here is an essential principle underlying the Hubble's Expanding Universe theory; one could say its application shed light on fundamental questions about changes to the size of the Universe over time, swf file
Doppler effekt This flash animation shows a moving source emitting circular waves. The slider on the left controls the ratio of speed of source to the speed of wave, referred to as the Mach number
Doppler effekt The Doppler effect with a moving source. The Doppler effect with a moving observer. The general case: both moving. Moving medium. Examples with sound and water waves
Doppler effekt
Doppler effekt
Doppler effekt Illustrating the wave fronts of a wave for a moving source
Doppler effekt Doppler Effect and Shock Waves
Doppler effekt Doppler effekt explained
Doppler effect The Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms
Doppler effect
Doppler effect This simulation shows waves being produced by a moving source. The crests of the each new wave shows up as an expanding circle around the source, Educypedia
Doppler effect an emergency ambulance with switched on siren passes a person who is standing at the street
Doppler effect observer
Doppler effect source adjust the slider to change the speed of the police car
Dopplereffect en schokgolf bij een bewegende puntbron in Dutch
Doppler effect and sonic booms the sudden change in pitch of a horn as a car passes by (moving source) or in the pitch of a boom boom system in a parked car as you drive by in your car (moving receiver) was first explained in 1842 by Christian Doppler
Doppler effect en Français
Doppler effect, sillage en Français
Doppler Überschall-jet
Equal loudness tester this site allows you to measure equal loudness curves--the frequency response of your own ears. The flash script allows you to play sound files with a range of frequencies and sound levels with the click of a mouse
Fourier synthese Fourier synthese explained
Fourier synthese 1 in Dutch
Fourier synthese 2 in Dutch
Fourier synthese 3 Pianosnaar, clarinet, in Dutch
Fourier synthese 4
Group velocity and phase velocity
Guitar Common Scales virtual guitar, swf file
Guitar Vibrational modes of an acoustic guitar
Guitar Vibrational modes of an electric guitar study the vibration of an electric guitar in order to determine its natural frequencies and mode shapes
Guitar Play Guitar, swf file
Guitar Play Guitar, swf file
Guitar Guitar tuner
How sound travels
Harmonics applet The Harmonics Applet allows you to play with harmonics to produce instrument sounds similar to the sounds real instruments make. This applet takes the place of an electric synthesizer
Sound How Sound Reaches You
Interaktives akustiklabor hier können sie mit hilfe eines tongenerators testen, wie sich töne auf verschiedene klangkörper auswirken, in German
Interactive sound waves investigate how sound waves travel through the air
Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves This Java applet shows the interference of two circular respectively spherical waves (e.g. of water or sound waves). The waves spread out from two sources oscillating with the same phase
Interferences pour des vagues circulaires en Français
Listen to Fourier series
Location of a supersonic airplane
Musical Instruments
Plaatsbepaling van een supersonisch vliegtuig in Dutch
Plane and spherical waves individual particles move back and forth, but the waves travel forward
Reflection of waves from boundaries
Refraction of sound waves when a wave encounters different medium where the wave speed is different, the wave will change directions
Reverberation Reverberation animation
Sonar how sonar is used in marine science
Sound as Information A number of examples of how we use sound to communicate information
Sound fields radiated by simple sources pressure sound fields produced by monopole, dipole, and quadrupole sources
Sound field radiated by a tuning fork Sound field radiated by a tuning fork
Sound radiation from cylindrical radiators particle motion and sound fields produced by vibrational modes of a cylinder
Sound Wave What is a sound wave? How can a sound wave be measured? Frequently sound is described using terms such as pitch, tone, frequency, intensity or loudness
Sound Wave pitch, tone, frequency, intensity, loudness
Sound Waves
Sound Waves
Sound Waves
Sound Waves a tip
Speed of sound simulates the sound wave propagation from a moving source or vehicle, super sonic flow
Speed of Sound in Other Materials Explain whether or not the speed of sound is constant for all materials
Schwebungen- oder im Reich der Klavierstimmer in German
Shock waves and expansions
Standing longitudinal waves demonstrates the harmonics of the air in a tube as an example of standing longitudinal waves. It illustrates the movement of the molecules in the air during such an oscillation
Vibration of the bowstring swf file
Vibration of closed pipe It is a transverse wave display of the fundamental vibration, three time vibration, and five time vibration of the closed pipe as the compressional wave, swf file
Vibration of open tube It is a transverse wave display of the fundamental vibration, the twice vibration, and three time vibration of an open tube as the compressional wave, swf file
Vitesse du son dans les gaz en Français
Vitesse du son dans les gaz en Français
Wave applet change the shape of a wave and listen to its sound
Waves and energy transport
Waves and sound Waves and sound
Zwevingen in Dutch

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