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Optics java animations: overview 
Flash Animations for Photonics Snells Law, Polarization, Interference, Single Lens, Multiple Lenses
Geometrical optics the fundamental nature of geometrical optics, prism, lens and mirror, and handcraft on light, line spectra, atomic spectra, emission mechanisms of continuum and lines, redshift and broadening of lines, and other properties of spectra
Java optik java-applets zur geometrischen optik
Javaoptics Course Ray tracing, Eye model (beta) Light dispersion, Optical fibers, Light polarization and Fresnel laws, Anisotropic mediums, Young's experiment, Multiple beam interference, Fabry-Perot interferometer, Michelson interferometer, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, Fourier Optics, Photometry Colorimetry
Light what is light
Light what is light, photons, a tip
Light what is light, swf file
Light and color java tutorials bi-concave lenses, bi-convex lenses, plano convex lenses, plano concave lenses, positive meniscus lenses, negative meniscus lenses, the variable lens, lens shape: effect on lens action flash tutorial
Optica java aplets omvat alles, een tip, in Dutch
Optic animations Experiment on Fizor, an explanation of the real image that the convex lens makes, an explanation of the virtual image that the concave lens makes, an explanation of seeming that the thing expands by the insect glasses, an explanation of the virtual image that the concave mirror makes, an explanation of the real image that the concave mirror makes, an explanation of the virtual image that the convex mirror makes, Decentralization of light with prism, explains the optical path difference in the interference with light by Dablsrit, explains the optical path difference in the interference with light by the diffraction grating, explains the optical path difference in the interference with light with the thin film
Optic animations Fresnel formulas, reflection and refraction of the light beam on the boundary surface between two substances , Dispersion of the light on the glass prism, Fraunhofer diffraction, photothermal excitation of microresonator by modulated optical radiation from the glass fiber, theory of color vision of Young and Helmholtz, Polarization of the light, fiber optic interferometer, ruby laser, distortion of the image in a positive lens
Optics java applets allows users to simulate standard optic elements (lens, mirror, dielectrics, sources, apertures) and observe the ways that light rays propagate through these elements
Optics java applets Snell's law, refraction, multiple reflections, underwater light, transverse & longitudinal waves, Huygens' principle, Fermat, EM wave, prism deviation, prism dispersion, Planck's radiation law, solar spectrum, hydrogen wavefunctions, He/Ne laser, polarising filter, LCD, laptop pixel, interference, wave addition
Optique physique Interférences à deux ondes, Interférences à N ondes, Diffraction, Interféromètre de Michelson, en Français
Optique géométrique en Français
Optique géométrique Atelier d'optique, en Français
Visual quantum mechanics
Optics java applets and animations 
2-slit pattern what happens when we shine laser light through two slits and onto a wall
Birefringent crystals in polarized light this interactive tutorial explores how birefringent anisotropic crystals interact with polarized light in an optical microscope
Blackbody radiation exercises
Bragg's Law and Diffraction simulates the interference between two waves scattered by atoms located on two parallel layers. It is an interactive version of the graph that is used in many textbooks to explain Bragg's law
Brewster's angle polarization by reflection
Calculator display
Diffraction of Light by a Single Slit
Diffraction of light diffraction through a slit
Diffraction par une fente
Diffraction par un trou en Français
Double refraction calcite is a form of calcium carbonate, commonly referred to as Iceland spar, which has a rhombohedral crystalline shape
Double slit interference
Double slit interference using lasers Double slit interference using lasers
Effets de moirés en Français
Fermat principle the path of a ray of light between two points is the path that minimizes the travel time, see also Find the fastest path
Fermat principle
Fermat principle the program show all possible paths for light emitted from the point source, reach the air/water interface then all heading towards blue/green dot. The real path which arrive at either blue or green dot, is the path that has the smallest traveling time
Fish-eye view When light propagates from one medium into another, its speed changes, which causes the light to reflect and refract at the boundary
Gamma correction of your monitor applet
Gamma correction of your monitor applet
Hémicylindre en Français
Intensity variation for reflected/refracted light This applet calculate the intensity variation for two different polarized light (p-wave/s-wave)
Interference of Light Interference of Light
Interference of Light at a Double Slit
Jablonski diagram this tutorial explores how electrons in fluorophores are excited from the ground state into higher electronic energy states and the events that occur as these excited molecules emit photons and fall back into lower energy states. Fluorescence activity can be schematically described with the classical Jablonski diagram, first proposed by Professor Alexander Jablonski in 1935 to describe absorption and emission of light
Laptop pixel
LED constructor
Lichtbreking door een prisma in Dutch
Light dispersion by a prism Light dispersion by a prism
Light dispersion through a glass slab this applet shows a glass slab and two beams of light, the beam on the left of the slab is white and the beam on the right is the broken up version of the first beam into the seven colors of the rainbow
Light dispersion through a glass prizm this applet displays a prizm and two light beams, the beam on the left is white, and the beam on the right is the white beam broken into the seven rainbow colors
Light scattering
Making X-rays
Malus' law Another way to polarize light is by selectively absorbing light with electric field vectors pointing in a particular direction
Marche d'un rayon dans une lentille convergente en Français
Measurement of Wavelength In this experiment, you will measure the wavelengths of red, yellow, green and blue light
Mixing light beams and paint pigments
Moirés en Français
Moiré pattern swf file
Moiré pattern Moiré pattern demonstration
Moiré pattern Moiré pattern applet
Moiré pattern Moiré pattern applet
Moiré pattern generator Moiré pattern generator
Moiré patterns Moiré fringes are an interference pattern that is formed when two similar grids overlap each other. The result is a series of fringe patterns that change shape when as the grids are translated
Molecular view
Optical interference when the waves are propagating in the same direction and overlap, the amplitude, wavelength and phase angle produce either an addition or subtraction of amplitude in the resultant wave
Pentaprism This diagram shows the path lights takes in going through a penta prism
Photoelectric effect
PHOTON EMISSION AND ATOMIC ENERGY LEVELS Photons are emitted when an electron in some atom moves from a higher energy state to a lower energy state. The photon has a wavelength which is exactly equal to the energy difference between the two states, ...
Planck law radiation distributions plots up to 10 Planck radiation law curves for arbitrary temperatures in the range 3000-30,000 K, with the temperature for each case selected by the user with the slidebar at the bottom
Planck law Planck, émission, lumière, en Français
Polarisatie van elektromagnetische golven polarisatie van elektromagnetische golven, in Dutch
Practical holography
Principe de Fermat (1601-1665) en Français
Prism Applet Refraction and Dispersion
Réfraction en Français
Réfraction et hémicylindre en Français
Réfraction et hémicylindre en Français
Refraction Introducing the concept of refraction of light when it crosses a boundary separating two transparent media
Refraction and total internal reflection Refraction and total internal reflection
Refraction of light
Refraction of light refraction of light demonstration applet
Refraction of light investigate the properties of light as it crosses from glass to air
Refraction of light the refracted wave will change with respect to both the angle of refraction and wave velocity to simulate properties of the new medium
Refraction of light a ray of light is incidenting from top left to the boundary surface of two media. (It is possible to choose the substances in the both lists), you can vary the incidenting ray of light with pressed mouse button
Refraction through a Prism
Reflection and refraction
Reflection and refraction of waves shows the physics behind a beam of light impinging at some angle on the smooth/rough surface. (reflection/ total internal reflection/diffuse reflection and refraction)
Resolution and Color Depth activity
Shadow, image and color this java applet let you play with shadow and image
Snell's Law Applet This simulation can help you see what happens to a light beam when it goes from one medium into another. The light beam is refracted according to Snell's Equation
Snell's Law Snell's Law
Snell's Law Snell's Law
Snell's Law Snell's Law
Single slit diffraction this applet shows the simplest case of diffraction, i.e., single slit diffraction
Speed of light what is the Speed of light
Spherical Aberration. Demonstration of spherical aberration that occurs with a real mirror
Stroboscope en Français
Stroboscope animation
Television pixel scanning
Television tube how a Television tube works
The world above the water surface, as seen by a fish when light propagates from one medium into another, its speed changes, which causes the light to reflect and refract at the boundary
Total internal reflection the rays from the source reach the surface of the water and continue through the air at a refracted angle, some rays are also reflected back into the water
Wave optics the result of adding two waves of the same frequency depends on the value of the phase of the wave at the point in which the waves are added, Young's double slit interference
Young's Double Slit Interference In the double slit experiment, a single source is split in two, to generate two coherent sources. When the light from the two sources is projected on a screen, an interference pattern is observed
Young's double slit experiment

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