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Chemistry experiments

Chemistry experiments 
Advanced organic lab experiments
Bizarre stuff you can make in the kitchen classic home science experiments
ChemLab chemistry laboratories
Chemistry comes alive enthlapy/thermodynamics, oxidation/reduction reactions, oxidation/reduction aqueous solutions, electrochemistry
Chemistry experiments -Base Chemistry, Chemical and Physical Changes, Chromatography - Food Coloring, Chromatography - Grape Soda, Chromatography - T-shirts, Ice Cream Science, Light Sticks, pH Values of Common Household Materials
Chemistry experiments chemistry experiments
Chemistry experiments chemistry experiments
Chemistry experiments chemistry experiments
Chemistry experiments chemistry experiments
Chemistry experiments chemistry experiments, Atomic structure and periodic table, Inorganic chemistry, Kinetics and reaction, Mechanisms, Mass action law, Gases, Liquids and phase equilibrium, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry
Chemistry experiments
Chemistry experiments precipitation reaction, redox reaction, acids and bases, alkali metals, boron group, carbon group, nitrogen group, chalcogen group, halides, electro chemistry, transition elements, ...
Chemistry Project Ideas Chemistry experiments you can do at home
Chimie expérimentale en Français
Consumer Chemicals
Delights of chemistry chemistry demonstrations performed, illustrated and explained at the university of Leeds. Movies, photos and text that explains our chemical reactions are available within this site, explosions, fire, pyrotechnics, experiments
Doing chemistry Acid-Base, Instrumentation, Reaction Rates, Atomic Structure, Limiting Reactant Separations, Bonding, Measurement Solubility, Chemical Reactions, Moles Solutions, Colligative Properties, Nuclear Chemistry, Stoichiometry, Condensed States, Oxidation/Reduction, Transition Elements, Electrochemistry, Periodicity Thermochemistry, Equilibrium, Photochemistry, Gases, Physical Properties
Expériences à basse température en Français
Experiments in electrochemistry electrochemistry experiments, conductors, batteries, the lemon battery, Daniell's cell, the concentration cell, Volta's pile, measurement potentials of reduction, galvanic deposition
Experiments on video
Fun science simple, low cost science experiments
General chemistry Atomic structure and periodic table, Inorganic chemistry, Kinetics and reaction mechanisms, Mass action law, Gases, Liquids and phase equilibrium, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry
Home experiments Share the fun of scientific experimentation with friends or family members
International chemical safety cards internationaal programma voor chemische veiligheid
Kitchen chemistry experiments Superball, Slime, Mood lipstick, Making honeycomb, Ink from tea, Glue from milk, Boiling in ice
Kitchen chemistry experiments chemistry activities that use chemicals you can find at the grocery or the hardware store
Kitchen Science Experiments
Lab Dad's Laboratory Chemistry Labs, Biology Labs, Physical Science Labs, Earth Science Labs, Soil Labs, Environmental Science & Ecology Labs, Food Labs, Grade School Labs, Science Projects, Insect Collecting
Lecture demos page Combustion of methanol, Electrolysis of water, Igniting a hydrogen filled balloon, Cathode ray tube, Immersing a rose in liquid nitrogen, Ammonium dichromate volcano, Collapsing can, Addition of bromine, Magnetic liquid oxygen, Ammonia fountain, Silver Nitrate and Sodium Chloride, Aluminum and Bromine, Balloon and Liquid Nitrogen, down?
Lecture demonstrations sheets Fundamentals of Measurement, Elements and Compounds, Stoichiometry, Gases, Thermochemistry, The Structure of the Atom, The Periodic Table, The Covalent Bond, The Main-Group Metals, The Chemistry of the Nonmetals, Acids and Bases, Transition Metal Chemistry, The Structure of Solids, Liquids, Solutions, Gas-Phase Reactions, Kinetics and Equilibrium, Acid-Base Equilibria, Solubility Product and Complex Equilibria, Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Nuclear Chemisty, The Chemistry of Carbon, Polymers
Microscale Chemistry Experimentation with microlitre quantities Matter, Pure Substances, Mixtures, Elements and Compounds, Particles and the Mole, Air, Water and Aqueous Solutions, Halogens and salts, Metals and Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Nutritive Substances
Organic chemistry lab
Quick and Easy Kitchen Chemistry Experiments You Can Share with Your Kids Quick and Easy Kitchen Chemistry Experiments You Can Share with Your Kids, pdf file
Science Bob Science experiments you can do, Enter the world of Science Bob to try home experiments
Science house Dancing Spaghetti, Combustion, Law of Conservation of Mass, Physical Changes, Chromatography, Ziptop Bag Chemistry, Properties of Gases, Floating Candles, Production of Oxygen, Production of Hydrogen, Production of CO2, Cabbage Juice Indicator, Invisible Ink - Demonstration, The Witches' Potion - Demonstration, What's in a Penny?
Science is fun chemical demonstrations, home experiments, public science, experiments you can do at home
Science of cooking Explore recipes, activities, and Webcasts that will enhance your understanding of the science behind food and cooking
Thuis experimenteren (of op school) scheikunde proeven, natuurkunde proeven, biologie proeven, in Dutch, a tip
Chemistry experiments: list 
Acid Rain Simulation
Acids and Bases Experiments with Acids and Bases, Acids, Bases and pH, Measuring the pH, Red cabbage juice, Determining the pH of some substances, The color scale of the red cabbage, Acid-Base Indicators, How acid is that vinegar? The pH of soaps, Searching for natural indicators
AquaFuel(tm) generator this generator produces a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (COH2) and this is a gas wich burns very cleanly in oxygen or air, and it can be used as fuel for an internal combustion engine
Build a hydrogen generator Build a simple device to separate hydrogen from water through electrolysis. Then measure the amount of energy required to generate hydrogen, and calculate the efficiency of hydrogen as a fuel source
Chemistry of Cakes The proportion of ingredients used in making cakes, The function of the ingredients when making a cake batter and during baking
Crystal Growing Experiments Crystal Growing Experiments, Simple Crystals on a String, Growing Large Crystals with Seed Crystals, Magic Salt Crystal Garden, Evaporation from a String - Stalagmites and Stalactites, Microcrystals Under the Microscope, Supercooled Chemical Melt
Crystal Growing Experiments Experiments in Growing Crystals
Crystallization Crystallization experiments
Crystallization Crystallization experiments
Dust The dust you collect on a duster or rag while cleaning your house can be quite foul at first glance. To the contrary, observed under a microscope, ...
Electrolysis of water an electric current is passed through two cells containing sodium sulfate solution. At one electrode, gas is generated and the indicator color changes from green to blue. At the other electrode gas is also generated, but in this case the indicator color changes from green to yellow
Food Chemistry Experiments pdf file
Gases Experiments Properties of Gases Experiments: Air Can Be Stretched, Air Has Mass, Air Pressure, Air Pressure - Newspaper, Balloon in a Bottle, Crush the Can, Tissue in a Cup
Growing Salt Crystals Common salt, also known as sodium chloride or NaCi, have an interesting cystal structure
Homemade Hydrogen Connect two wires to a 9V battery, then stick the bare ends of the wire into a bowl of water and you'll get bubbles of gas coming off both wires. One is oxygen, the other is hydrogen
Homemade soap lye, distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, teaspoon of essential oil
Organic Laboratory Experiments
Ice Cream
Miniature explosions in a test tube In this experiment ethanol is oxidized by manganese (VII) oxide in a strongly acidic environment. This oxidation is extremely exothermic and is accompanied by small explosions
Mini-Rocket A mini-rocket that uses water and carbon dioxide as fuel
Paleolithic Fire Lighter
Properties of Water
Snow in a test tube In this experiment, a volatile solid compound, niobium pentachloride, is heated, until all of it is converted to a gas. The gas then is allowed to cool down slowly and this results in precipitation of the niobium pentachloride in the form of fine snow
Surface Tension
The Effect of Salt on the Boiling Temperature of Water Adding table salt to water causes the water to boil at a higher temperature
Zeep maken leer zeep maken, caustische soda, natronloog, lye, gootsteenontstopper, natriumhydroxide, in Dutch

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