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General overview 
African wildlife fondation the only places on earth where the elephant, giraffe, lion, rhino, gorilla and cheetah still roam free are in Africa, the AWF is working to conserve the wild animals of Africa, the sun washed savannahs and mountain forests they inhabit
Africam webcams and videos from Africa
Alaska wildlife series notebook the Alaskan wildlife notebook series includes descriptions of more than 100 of Alaska’s wild fish and animals
All Living Things This page is a portal to all living things, the world's flora and fauna
Animal Behavior Animal Social Systems
Animal bytes here you can find very quickly information about any animal
Animal diversity web pictures and information about animals, a tip
Animal fact sheet a list of animal fact sheets
Animal fact sheet list a tip
Animal info information on endangered mammals
Animal list mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects
Animals discovery channel, Animal planet's animal guide
Animals Fish, Mammals, Invertebrates, terrestrial and freshwater Birds, Invertebrates, marine, Reptiles, Plants and Algae, Amphibians, Fungi (including lichen)
Australian animals cassowary, cuscus, wombat, brolga, possum, kowari, parrot, wallaroo, dugong, lizard, frog, platypus, numbat, dingo, tortoise, kangaroo, furseal, goanna, owls, emu, echidna, koala, Australian magpie, magpie, quoll, devil, tasmanian, seastars, crown, thorns, starfish, kingfishers, turq, leadbeaters, swamp, Blue mountains, pygmy, Hairy northern nosed, oystercatcher, oyster, catcher, thorny devil, moloch, brolga, phascogale, thylacine, cockatoo, moth, bogong, sulphur, tiger, crested, pademelon, lumholtz, tree kangaroo, Australian animals
Australia's biodiversity adaptive radiation - why most animals are insects, arthropods: a biological history, ...
Bagheera: in the wild endangered animals, albatross, aye aye, butterfly, queen Alexandra birdwing, coral reef, crocodile, dwarf, eagle Phillipine, elephant Indian & African, ferret black footed, montain gorilla, kakapo, komodo dragon, black lemur, hairy eared dwarf lemur, macaw hyacinth, manatee, numbat, orangutan, otter, penguin humboldt, indian python, black rhinoceros, Mediterranian monk seal, Malaysian sun bear, Tamarin golden lion, tigers, Monteverde golden toad, leatherback turtle, golden cheeked warbler, gry whale
BBC nature BBC's wildlife and natural world resource covering animal and plant life, brimming with nature videos, wildlife facts, games, competitions, photography and webcams, natural history, wildlife programmes, animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, competitions, screensavers, games, message boards, webcams, tigers, lions, dolphins, chimpanzees, gorillas, whales, sharks
Biodiversity explorer featuring the diversity of life we encounter in southern Africa, plants and animals
Canadian wildlife service: environment Canada birds, endangered species, species at risk, waterfowl, biodiversity, habitat, conservation The Cat Survival Trust was registered as a charity in 1976. Its original purpose was to promote the conservation of wild cats by breeding them in captivity and subsequently releasing them into suitable wild situations, Black-footed Cat, Bobcat, Canadian Lynx, Caracal, Cheetah, Chinese Desert Cat, Clouded Leopard, Cougar, Eurasian Lynx, European Wildcat, Fishing Cat, Flat-headed Cat, Geoffroy's Cat, Guigna, Iberian Lynx, Indian Desert Cat, Iriomote Cat, Jaguar, Jaguarundi, Jungle Cat, Kodkod, Leopard, ...
Cool science for kids a tip for kids
Desert animals most desert animals have evolved both behavioral and physiological mechanisms to solve the heat and water problems dieren database, zoogdieren, vogels, reptielen, vissen, amfibieën, in Dutch
Garden safari
Hinterland Who's Who Killer whale, Lemmings, Marten, Moose, Mountain Sheep, Muskox, Muskrat, North American Bison, North American Elk, Polar Bear, ...
Mauritian encyclopedia
Mexico animals mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes
National Geographic
National wildlife federation
National Zoo
Natureworks animals, nature, mammals, birds, fish, wildlife, North American animals
Night creatures of the Kalahari (NOVA)
Pest library: common household pests Learn to identify threatening pests, understand their biology, diets, habits, and habitats—plus, find effective ways to control them. Assembled by Orkin entomologists, our up-to-date pest library gives you information on termites, insects, vermin and 28 common household pests
Planet Earth Birds, Mammals, UK wildlife, Sea life, Wildfacts, Conservation
Prevention and control of wildlife damage damage identification, rodents, carnivores, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians
Safari cam life Kruger park, Edeni, Victoria falls, aquatic life, Kruger national park is one of the world's largest proclaimed natural areas measuring an area nearly 20000 square kilometres, home to a large variety of wildlife including 147 mammals species, 507 bird species, 114 reptile species, 33 amphibian species and 49 freshwater fish species: lion, leopard, cheetah, hyaena, African wild dog, caracal, serval, African wild cat, side striped jackal, black backed jackal,honey badger, African civet, large spotted genet, cape clawless otter, bat-eared fox, slender mongoose, water and banded mongoose, dwarf mongoose, African elephant, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, zebra, blue Wildebeest, impala, buffalo, kudu, nyala, bushbuck, reedbuck, waterbuck, eland, sable, antelope, steenbok, klipspringer, common duiker, red duiker, giraffe, chacma baboon, vervet monkeys, pangolin
South African wildlife and wildlife reserves species of wildlife found in southern Africa
Tasmanian mammals Tasmania's mammals
The wilds of Madagascar
The wild ones articles describing the animal, its habits, habitat, threats to surviva
Tierenzyklopaedie endangered species, zoological gardens, animal pictures, sounds, lions, tigers, bears, zebras, monkeys, guerillas, alligators, elephants, birds, jaguars, rhinos, deer
Tree of Life the tree of life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics
Tuinsafari in Dutch, a tip
UNEP-WCMC's Species Database
Venomous animals
Wildlife Wildlife
Wildlife Fact Sheets
Wildlife of Tasmania see also Threatened species of Tasmania
World wildlife fund everything about world living species, a tip
Wild world national geographic

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