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Physics experiments


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Physics experiments - physics demonstrations - labs 
Bizarre stuff you can make in the kitchen classic home science experiments
Creative Science Centre The focus of the centre is to stimulate enthusiasm and experience of science by providing ideas, resources and supervision to enable students to create experiments for themselves
Draft activities
Experiments in electrochemistry lemon battery, ...
Experiment to measure the acceleration due to gravity a magnet and measure the time taken for the magnet to travel between two points
Exploratorium: science snacks activities, classroom activities, experiments, demonstrations, Experiments in physics motion and forces, conservation laws, rotational motion, thermodynamics and fluids, electricity, magnetism, oscillations and waves, optics
Exploratorium science snacks miniature science exhibits, teachers could make using , inexpensive, available materials.
Exploratorium: hands-on activities try the Salt Volcano, Bubble Bomb or other hundreds of other hands-on activities from the Exploratorium
Fun science gallery fun, simple, low cost science experiments for amateur scientists
Fysica proeven
Hila Science Camp A Lemon Battery, Vinegar Battery, Electromagnet, Basic Speaker, Electric Motor, Build a Speaker, Engineering, Trebuchet, Solar Energy, Build a Solar Reflector, Simple Traffic Light, Paper Airplane, Build a Kite, Build a Dome, Inclinometer - measure trees, Classroom Project - Inclinometer, A Humane Mouse Trap, Anemometer, Simple Event Detector
Home Experiments This collection of experiments will add joy to your science experience. Share the fun of scientific experimentation with friends or family members
Idea sheets
Kitchen Science Experiments
Lecture demonstration manual
Lecture demonstration manual
Leerlingen experimenteren thuis
Online experiments Two Ball Bounce, Cartesian Diver, Straw Flute, Bernoulli Ball, Imploding Pop Can, Balloon in a Bottle, Vanishing Rods, Cat Static, Root Beer Float, CD Spectroscope, Fun with Flatware (Knives, Forks and Spoons), Building Better Bubbles, Head Shrinker, Raspberry Shake, Screen Dimmer, Screen Blaster, Computer Radio, Rubber Pencil, Sticky Tape, Hooray for the Cyan, Black and Yellow!, Ghost of the Little Shop, Finding Your Blind Spot, Anti-Social Balloon, Magnetic Disk, ...
Phun Physics Magdeburg Hemispheres, Marshmallow Man, Pencil Drop, Pencil Shoot, Rocket Bicycle, Shuttle Tile, Standing on Light Bulbs, Swinging Tray, Van de Graaf Generator, Vortex Generator, Educypedia
Physical science activities
Physics demonstrations
Physics demonstrations Astronomy, E&M, Fluid Dynamics Mechanics, Modern Physics, Optics, Oscillations/Waves, Thermodynamics
Physics demonstrations Newtonian Mechanics, Oscillations & Waves, Thermal Physics, Electricity & Magnetism, Light & Optics, Quantum Physics & Relativity, Condensed Matter, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Geophysics, Mathematical Topics
Physics demonstrations
Physics demonstrations Human Atoms, Liquid Nitrogen and Balloons, Liquid Nitrogen Cannon, Banana Hammer, Racquetball in LN2, Tablecloth and Dishes, Action-Reaction / Fire Extinguisher Cart, Magdeburg Hemispheres, Bernoulli Ball, Vortex Generator, Human Charges, Van de Graaff Generator, Plasma Ball, Lasers and Lenses, Prism, Sound Waves, Soap Suds Explosion
Physics Demo Videos
Physics experiments
Physics experiments
Physics experiments
Physics experiments Chemistry, Electricity, Geology, Insects, Light, Magnetism, Measurement, Newton's Tool, Box Plants, Gases, States of Matter, Scientific Method, Simple Machines, Sound Weather
Physics experiments Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics, Astronomy
Physics experiments with the slinky
Physics Laboratory Interference of Sound, Ideal and Non-Ideal Gases, Electrostatics, Electric Potential and Field, RC Circuit, Electric and Magnetic Forces, SPRING BREAK, Magnetic Force on Current, Ampere's Law, Geometrical Optics, Interference and Diffraction of Light
Physics demonstrations labo motion, heat, sound electricity, magnetisme, light
Physics lab tutorials
Physics lecture demonstrations mechanics, waves, properties of heat and matter, electricity and magnetism, optics, odern and contemporary physics, astronomy and perception, Movies and images for demonstrations
Physics: Past Experiments of the Month
Physics Teaching Technology Resource Motion, Circular and Rotational Motion, Energy, Harmonic Motion and Waves, travelling and standing waves, processes of matter, Fluids, gas laws, Electricity and Magnetism, electrostatics, magnetism and electrodynamics, Optics
Practical Physics website This website is for teachers of physics, enabling them to share their skills and experience of making experiments work in the classroom
Proefjes over natuurkunde in Dutch
Science Bob
Science experiments at home
Science explorer
Science Fair Project Ideas Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics, Astronomy, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Cooking & Food Science, Electricity & Electronics, Genetics & Genomics, Music, Photography, Digital Photography & Video, Physics, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electricity & Electronics, Energy & Power, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Photography, Digital Photography & Video, Video & Computer Games
Science hobbyist Tesla coil, ball lightning, tesla coil construction, physics teaching articles, electricity articles, electrostatics projects
Science projects and energy activities
Sciences physiques
Science toys non-commercial site for people who like to roll up their sleeves and make fun, mysterious toys and projects that entice scientific investigation. It is a resource for inspired parents, kids, teachers, teenagers, home schoolers and science fair participants
Simple electric motors brushless DC motors
Spark, bang, buzz and other good stuff fun scientific and technical projects that are easy to build and informative
Thuis experimenteren (of op school) scheikunde proeven, natuurkunde proeven, biologie proeven, in Dutch, a tip
Toys from Trash a tip
ZOOM activities

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