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How to build a DC motor with battery 
Aluminium Can Motor
Beakman's Electric Motor Beakman's Electric Motor
Beakman's Motor Kit
Build a Lorentz Force motor
Building an Electric Motor The objective of this project is to build a simple electric motor from scratch
Build It Yourself Motor Home made motor with battery
Build small electric motors using inexpensive materials
Build your own DC Motor With this activity, you will build your own simple DC motor, pdf file
DC motor battery, magnet
DC Motor
DC Motor
Direct Current (D.C) Electric Motor Project pdf file
Electromagnetism Technology Projects Build an electromagnet, Simple Speaker, Simple Motor
Electrostatic motor The rotor is made from the upper part of a plastic bottle. In its top there is a small piece of a metal sheet with a pit - the bottle can rotate on a point
High voltage motor in 5 minutes The toy is a high voltage motor that acts like a bell, with a clapper that bangs furiously from one can to the other and back again, sometimes several times per second
Homopolar Motor
How to Make a Motor How to Make a Motor
How to make the simplest electric motor
Mendocino Motor The Mendocino motor is a solar powered magnetically levitated motor. The motor base consists of five sets of magnets. Four magnets in the base are levitation magnets which provides levitation force against the shaft magnets. The fifth magnet, is a field magnet which provides the magnetic field for the rotor, Solar Powered Levitating Mendocino Motor
Mendocino Solar Motor The Mendocino motor is a solar-powered magnetically-levitated motor. The motor consists of a four-sided rotor block in the middle of a shaft. The rotor block has two sets of windings and a solar cell attached to each side. The shaft is positioned horizontally and has a magnet at each end
Mendocino Solar Motor Mendocino Solar Motor
Motor Electric Motor Science Project, the simplest electric motor
Motor Electric Motor Science Project, Ceramic disk magnets, 15 x 6 millimeters in diameter, A fl at 4.5 volt battery, Electrical wire, Lacquered copper wire, Metal paperclips, ordinary, pdf file
Motor DC motor with battery, World's Simplest Motor
Motor The following instructions are for people who want to build the reed switch motor themselves
Motor Building an Electric Motor
Motor Build an Electric Motor, How does a motor change electrical energy into motion? An electric current produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field can be attracted to or repelled by a permanent magnet. This attraction or repulsion can cause movement in a wire that carries an electric current, ...
Motor Experiments Involving Electromagnetism, Galvanometer, Electromagnet Electric Motor
Motor The tools required to build a Safety Pin Motor, coil winding
Polyphase Motor/Generator Armature, Rotor, Axle, Frame, Bearings, Coil Assembly, Coil Mounting, Coil Lead Connection, Final Assembly Phase Wiring, Preliminary Testing
Reed Switch Motor
Reed Switch Motor The objective of this science fair project is to build a simple DC motor using an electromagnet and a reed switch. You will explore the effect of voltage on motor speed, Reed Switch Motor
Single-Phase Motor/Generator Motor/Generator Assembly
Spin Right 'Round with this Simple Electric Motor To learn how to build a simple electric motor and to determine which motor design produces the fastest rate of spin
Stripped Down Motor A coil of wire becomes an electromagnet when current passes through it. The electromagnet interacts with a permanent magnet, causing the coil to spin
Stripped Down Motor In this activity, you'll make an electric motor-a simple version of the electric motors

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