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Physics experiments


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Physics experiments - physics demonstrations - labs: topics 
Bimetallic strip
Bimetallic strip
Cathode Ray Tube How does a cathode ray tube work?
Conduction of liquids test the conductivity of liquids and solutions
Demonstration of piezoelectricity Piezoelectricity, is an effect that occurs when mechanical stress is applied to certain materials. An electrical polarisation is set up in the crystal with the result that the faces become electrically charged. The charge reverses if the compression changes to tension. Because the effect is reversible an electric field applied across the material causes it to contract, or expand, according to the sign of the field
Demonstrations with a hair-drier The baloon over the hair-drier, The free-style over the hair-drier, The baloon under the hair-drier, The weather-cock, Anemometers, Flowing round solid bodies, The paradox of two bottles, The paradox of a sailing ship, The sailing truck, Balancing the paper ball
Electricity experiments Simple Electricity experiments, deals with electric circuits, electricity, the basic principles of electricity production and electricity transmission
Electronics Experiments
Experiments with a piezoelectric gas lighter Accessories of the lighter, The straw electroscope, The sparkling from a point, The windmill, Bells, Dancing papers, Obedient bubbles, The electrostatic motor, The cannon
Magic Pendulum pdf file
Weather and Climate experiments 
Build Your Own Weather Station pdf file
Catching the Wind A mechanical device to gauge wind speed, Learn how an anemometer works and use one to make wind speed measurements, pdf file
Home-made barometers under pressure The barometer consists of a test tube with 5mm graduations inverted in a beaker of water, pdf file
Liquid Crystal thermometers Liquid crystal thermometers portray temperatures as colors and can be used to follow temperature changes caused by heat flow. They can be used to observe that heat flows by conduction, convection, and radiation
Make a thermometer part of Science projects
Make your own barometer Make your own barometer, pdf file
Make Your own Barometer! Make Your own Barometer!
Observing and Measuring the Weather and Climate Guidelines, Make a Rain Gauge, Make a Barometer, Luke Howard and Cloud Names, Beaufort Scale, Barometers, Cloud Identification, Weather Log Book
Tornado Simulator Tornado Simulator
Weather Experiments Making a Barometer, Making a Humidity Monitor, Making Clouds, Model of the Water Cycle, Plants and Weather, Rain Gauge, Tornado!, Weather Fronts, Wind Vane and Anemometer
Weather Experiments and Demonstrations
Weather instruments This booklet looks at ways in which simple weather measurements can be made with a minimum of cost or fuss. It has been written primarily as guidance for schoolteachers, particularly those in junior and middle schools, pdf file
Windicator An Electronic Weather Instrument
Sound experiments 
2-Tubaphones Make an instrument with an adjustable pitch to explore the science of sound waves and the art of music, pdf file
Audible Magnetic Domains An audio amplifier and a coil wound around a piece of iron will allow you to listen to the sounds made by moving magnetic domain walls as the iron becomes magnetized
Breaking Glass with Sound Breaking Glass with Sound
Breaking Glass with Sound Breaking Glass with Sound
Doppler Effect pdf file
Doppler Effect Experiment using Reflected Sound
Doppler Effect Experiment Determining speed of sound through Doppler's Effect the aim in this experiment is to determine the speed of sound using Doppler’s Effect, pdf file
Effet DOPPLER en Français
Good Vibrations Understand that sounds are made by vibrations, Understand how sounds travel and are heard, Develop science skills of observing, comparing, and categorizing, pdf file
Make A PVC Flute
Megaphones sound experiment Megaphones sound experiment
Resonating Wine Glass This experiment is about resonance. In this experiment you will be making a wine glass vibrate at its resonant frequency before slowing the vibrations down using a strobe light, pdf file
Shattering a Glass with Sound Shattering a Glass with Sound
Shattering glass with sound
Sound sound travels faster in solids than in the air, Echoes, pdf file
Sound and Hearing To demonstrate that sound travels. To explore how sound is reflected, amplified and recorded. To investigate the physical components of the ear and the way it works
Sound Experiments Bouncing Sound, Making a Stethoscope, Pitch Switch, Playing Pipes, Seeing Sound Waves, Shoebox Guitar, Slinky Waves, String Telephone
Sound experiments To investigate whether sound travels better through a solid or a gas, To examine how the larynx or voice box vibrates as we speak, To examine (hear and feel) sound vibrations, To create some strange sounds with everyday materials, To create a megaphone and discover how we can make our voices louder and how we can hear more, To create a loud bang with paper
Sound Resonance Tube Determine the velocity of sound in air by measuring the resonant frequencies of an open tube. Measure the signal distribution in a closed tube, calculate the wavelength and speed of sound from this data
Speak to Me pdf file
The best way for breaking glass with sound breaking glass with sound, How to Break a Crystal Glass With Sound
Two Speakers Facing Each Other with a Microphone Two Speakers Facing Each Other with a Microphone
Waves and sound experiments Waves in Springs, Longitudinal Waves, Waves in the Ripple Tank, Superposition of Waves, Speed, Frequency and Wavelength of Waves, Transverse Standing Waves, Longitudinal Standing Waves, Sound Wave Analysis, Interference of Waves, Doppler Effect

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