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Light and optics experiments 
CD spectrometer A simple spectrometer can be built from a CD and a box
Color wheel jpg file
Color wheel Making the Color Wheel, spinning color wheel
Color wheel how to make a spinning color wheel
Colour Wheel
Does the brightness of a bulb vary when different gases are used to fill the bulb ? It was hypothesised that the type of gas inside of the light bulb does have an effect on the brightness of the the light and helium was hypothesised to produce the brightest light
Fresnel Lens and Laser Lasers make a bright beam of light. Shine the beam through a large page-magnifier fesnel lens to show how the lens bends light to create images
Herschel Infrared Experiment In the year 1800, Sir William Herschel discovered the existence of infrared by performing an experiment very similar to the one shown here
Home-Built Helium-Neon (HeNe) Laser Basic Home-Built HeNe Laser Information, Introduction to Home-Built HeNe Laser, Home-Built HeNe Laser Safety, HeNe Laser Construction References, Home-Built HeNe Laser Description
Lava Lamp Students make a simple yet spectacular lava lamp using coloured water, vegetable oil and a soluble aspirin tablet, pdf file
Lava Lamp pdf file
Lava Lamp How to make a lava lamp
Lichtexplosie Lichtexplosie met TL buis en spaarlamp
Lichtexplosie in een microgolfoven
Light experiment
Light experiments Adding Colors, Bending Light, Making a Color Viewing Box, Making a Rainbow, Seeing in Three Dimensions, What Makes a Sunset
Light experiments Adding Colors, Bending Light, Making a Color Viewing Box, Making a Rainbow, Seeing in Three Dimensions, What Makes a Sunset
Light experiments Experiments with Light, Afterimage, Anti-Gravity Mirror, Benham's Disk, Bird in the Cage, Blue Sky, Bone Stress, Bridge Light, Bronx Cheer Bulb, Bubble Suspension, Bubble Tray, Colored Shadows, Convection Currents, Corner Reflector, Critical Angle, Cylindrical Mirror, Diffraction, Disappearing Glass Rods, Giant Lens, Dark-colored materials both absorb and emit energy more readily than light-colored materials, Glue Stick Sunset, The scattering of light by the atmosphere, which creates the blue sky and red sunsets, can be modeled when light from a flashlight shines through clear glue sticks, Gray Step, Hot Spot, Inverse Square Law, ...
Light site experiments about light
Light- Science Experiments with Captain Curiosity Spoon reflections - Refraction experiment and lesson, Bending straws- light experiment and lesson - refraction, Vanishing reflection, Make a rainbow, Oil and water magnifier
Making a Pinhole Viewer You can make a simple pinhole viewer that lets you see the images carried by light shining through a pinhole
Optics Introduction to rays and images, Pinhole camera and lens camera, Investigations with ray streaks, Reflection of light, Refraction of light, Optical instruments, The eye, Spectra and colour
Optics demonstration page
Stereoscope A stereoscope is an instrument which allows you to see pictures and drawings in three dimensions
Sundial: How to make your own Sundial
Sundial: Oval Sundial PDF
Sundial how to make a sundial
Sundial an equatorial sundial, a horizontal sundial, an equiangular dial, a Capuchin sundial
Sundial Hour Line Calculator This calculator displays sundial hour line angles for any latitude. The angle of the gnomon is the same as the location's latitude
Sundial Primer an instrument for telling the time and/or date from the position of the Sun. More generally, it can give any function of the Sun's co-ordinates
Sundials Analemmatic sundials: How to build one and why they work
Sundial Site Frans Maes' Sundial Site
Sundial: Oval Sundial pdf file
Telescope how to construct two telescopes
Telescope How to Build a Telescope ?
Telescope Mark's Notes for the Amateur Telescope Maker
What Color Light Shines the Brightest Through Fog? Yellow shined the brightest through the fog

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