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Experiments on Electricity and Magnetism 
Aluminium ring
Arago schijf en wet van Lenz
Building an Electromagnet An electromagnet is a device that uses an electric current to generate a magnetic field. It is generally made by coiling electrical wire around a core of iron or steel. Nickel and cobalt may also be used, ...
Building an Electromagnet Building an Electromagnet, pdf file
Build a Speaker how to Build a Speaker
Building a Speaker from a Plastic Cup Building a Speaker from a Plastic Cup
Building a Speaker Using Plastic Cups A homemade speaker using a plastic cup, business card, wire, magnet and some Lego blocks
Cool experiments with magnets devoted to magnetism and the cool experiments you can do with permanent magnets and electro-magnets, Types of conductors and their properties, Pendulum, Aluminum Disk, Magnetic Plumb, Copper Pipes, Spinning Copper Plate, Superconductors, ...
Crystal Radios-Building instructions for a crystal radio loud speaker
CRYSTAL SET RADIO Make a working portable AM radio without batteries Crystal Radio with Loop Antenna, Make a working portable AM radio without batteries. The shortwave bands provide entertainment and news for millions (perhaps billions) of people around the world. One BBC estimate I heard claimed that 100 million short wave radios sets are in use around the world! Outlined below are plans to make a shortwave crystal set radio that (with a good antenna and earth connection) is capable of receiving stations from around the world
Eddy Currents
Electricity and magnetism Coulomb Force Law, Electric Fields, Electric Potentials, Electricity in Medium, Electric Force Fields, Electric Potentials, Lorentz Force Law, Magnetic Fields and Flux, Changing Magnetic Fields
Electricity and magnetism how to make a magnet with a nail, Electromagnet, Build an electromagnet
Electricity and magnetism demonstration models
Electricity and magnetism demonstration models 2
Electric Generator Electric Generator, Convert Mechanical energy to electrical energy
Electromagnet make an electromagnet using a nail and a battery
Electromagnetism Technology Projects Build an electromagnet, Simple Speaker, Simple Motor
Floating magnets Suspending a magnet in mid-air, Levitating pyrolytic graphite, ...
Force between Two Magnets as a Function of Distance You can use a scale with a digital readout to measure the force between two magnets as a function of distance. A plot reveals that the force does not decrease as the inverse square of the distance
Hi-fidelity Homemade speaker
How to Build Modern Versions of Early Speaking Telegraphs
How do I make an electromagnet? All you need to do is wrap some insulated copper wire around an iron core. If you attach a battery to the wire, an electric current will begin to flow and the iron core will become magnetized, ...
Jumping ring experiment Lenzís law is sometimes invoked to explain the behaviour of the jumping, or levitating, ring, pdf file
Magnetic Field Lines
Magnetism Experiments Comparing the Strengths of Magnets, Electromagnet, Electromagnetic Motor, Electromagnetism, Field Blockers, Levitating Disks, Magnetic Field Lines, Why Compasses Work, Magnetism and the Care of Magnets
Magnetism gets mysterious pdf file
Magnetic Art Students will be introduced to the different fields of force of magnets and magnetized objects through the movement of metal filings
Magnetic field and magnetic lines of force pdf file
Magnetic Oscillators One end of a magnet can be suspended in the air by repulsion from another magnet. push the suspended magnet gently down and it will oscillate for a long time. Suspend several magnets and they will interact magnetically
Magnet launching This little experiment shows a fundamental connection between electricity and magnetism in a very instructive way, In this experiment, a capacitor is charged from a power supply. The capacitor then is discharged through a very primitive coil. This induces a magnetic field for a short time. This magnetic field is strong enough to launch a small neodymium magnet
Magnets and magnetism Experimenting with magnetorheological fluids. Suspending a magnet in mid-air. Levitating pyrolytic graphite. A Gauss Rifle: A Magnetic Linear Accelerator. Building a Curie-effect heat engine. The Ring Launcher and the Zip Rod.
Make a simple compass
Microphones and speakers
Savonius Wind Turbine Making electricity
Soda Bottle Speaker
Sound Reproduction Experiment Sound Reproduction Experiment
Telephone Science Experiment.. Build Bell's Liquid Transmitter
Things you can do with an old television screen or PC monitor but not with a LCD or Plasma screen

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