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Mechanical engineering related subjects Physics: mechanics, Automotive
Adept scientific technical, scientific engineering topics, Classical mechanics advanced Newtonian mechanics, a tip
Data about the design and selection of mechanical drive components Belt Drives Download 555K belt & chain drives, basic electricity, bearings, couplings, gears, gear trains & speed reducers, motors, micromotors, shafts, springs, constant force, vibration and shock mounts, engineering reference tables
a online resource of engineering formulas, science formulas, math formulas, physics formulas, chemistry formulas, tables, glossary of terms related to computer engineering, manufacturing technology, mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, electronics engineering, metallurgy and machining processes
Engineering education notes
Engineering education fluid dynamics, ideal flow machine, virtual shock tube, compressible aerodynamics calculator, converging diverging nozzle simulator, thermodynamics of air, boundary layer applets + convection, heat conduction applets, vortex panel method, Mohr's circle applet, beam analysis, resultant of vectors, dynamics, motion on curved paths, projectile motion
How technologies work This module is about technology: How human-made products work, how they are constrained by science and society, and how technology impacts on society
Marine engineering
Mechanics classical mechanics, centres of mass, moment of inertia, systems of particles, rigid body rotation, collisions, motion in a resisting medium, projectiles, impulsive forces, conservative forces, rocket motion, simple and damped oscillatory motion, forced oscillations, Lagrangian mechanics, Hamiltonian mechanics, special relativity, hydrostatics, vibrating systems, the catenary, the cycloid, Poiseuille’s law
Mechanics of Materials mechanics of materials, strength of materials, deformation, stress, strain, torsion, bending, flexure, normal, shear, transverse, beam deflections, superposition, pressure vessels, combined loads, stress transformations, Mohr's circle, strain transformations, principal stress, composite beams
Unit Operations in Food Processing Material and energy, balances, Fluid-flow theory, Fluid-flow applications, Heat-transfer theory, Heat-transfer applications, Drying, Evaporation, Contact-equilibrium, processes, Mechanical, separations, Size reduction, Mixing
Mechanical engineering: topics 
Autocad tutorials, cad,  related info: autocad computer
Bridges bridges, tension, bending, torsion, ppt file, Material choices and beam bending ppt file
Bridges forces that affect bridges, compression, tension, bending, torsion, shearing
Coupling seminar general information on selecting and utilizing general purpose couplings
Friction The force between surfaces in contact that resists their relative tangential motion (slipping)
Friction The Force of Resistance
Friction Friction is a resistive force to motion that is opposite the direction of the aplied force which. acts on the object, static and kinetic frictional force, coefficient of static and kinetic friction
Friction ppt file
Friction ppt file
Friction How to measure friction?
Friction Rolling Friction
Friction and drag
Liaisons Mécaniques
Metallic corrosion in fresh water
Metalworking shareware CNC control program, 2/3 dimension drafting and CNC stepper motor control, plotting the characteristics of a permanent magnet DC motor, read quadrature encoders through the parallel port (requires bi-directional port)
Mixing The purpose of this web page is to provide an online book on Computational Fluid Mixing
Physics on an incline plane
Staal: plooien, lassen, snijden, verzinken, lasers, staalsoorten klik op technische fiches, in Dutch
Strain gage technology terminal selection, bonding adhesive, soldering technique, leadwire treatment, bonding, strain gage, calibration, circuits, strain gage, Wheatstone Bridge, Digital Signal Processing
Torque In physics, torque can be thought of informally as "rotational force". Torque is commonly measured in units of newton meters
Torque Calculating Torque in a Geared System, moment of a force
Torque Torque is a turning force or twisting force distinctly different from "tension" which is a straight pull
Torque and rotational motion Torque is a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate
Torsion torsion, ppt file
Torsion of Circular Bars Rotating Machinery, Propeller shaft, Drive shaft, Structural Systems, Landing gear strut, Flap drive mechanism
Ultrasonic metal welding free online and downloadable book
Vibration the simplest vibratory system can be described by a single mass connected to a spring (and possibly a dashpot). The mass is allowed to travel only along the spring elongation direction

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