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Materials properties general info 
Material Science Types of Materials, Material Properties, Tensile Test, Material Structure
Materials Science and Engineering Atomic Structure and Interatomic Bonding, The Structure of Crystalline Solids, Imperfections in Solids, Diffusion in Solids, Mechanical Properties, Dislocations and Strengthening, Mechanical Failure, Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations, Processing: Metals and Alloys, Structure and Properties of Ceramic materials, Applications and Processing of Ceramics, Polymer Structures, Application and Processing, Composite Materials, Corrosion
Material selection and processing This site has been created as a resource to aid good practice in the selection of materials for product design. It has information on materials, properties, processes, product design and more, material properties, Manufacturing processes, Materials information
Mechanical properties of materials Hooke's law, Elasticity, Plasticity, creep and fracture, Microscopic view of material strength
Mechanical properties of materials mechanical properties of materials, pdf file
Material properties: miscellaneous information 
Corrosion The Corrosion Process: The following will treat corrosion as a process which cannot occur without the presence of water and therefore excludes other types of attack, such as those associated with high temperature oxidation or sulphidation corrosion web site, corrosion causes and solutions
Corrosion Prevention & Corrosion Control
Corrosion source how do metals corrode, what causes it, what can you do about it. Corrosion is often identified with atmospheric rusting of iron base alloys, but that is only a subclass (although important) of one of the many possible mechanisms of corrosive attack
Corrosion corrosion of metals in cooling and boiler water systems occurs in differing forms depending on the condition of the water, temperature, flow rate, types of corrosion, the causes and mechanisms involved, and methods used to inhibit corrosion
Corrosion consultancy
Corrosion experiments This topic covers the common process of metal corrosion, understand the situations and environments that make metals corrode
Crystal structures image simulation in material science
Diffraction diffraction techniques, crystalline materials
Fracture Concepts and Analysis of Failure
Hardness Testing
Interactive crystallography choose among the 32 crystallographic point groups
Lager techniek in Dutch
Material science graphs and images of crack growth in crystals, java simulations
Metallurgy FAQ definitions, tables graphs & charts, common steel alloys, high temperature colors, tempering temperature colors, alloying elements & their effect on steel, four digit alloy numbering system, tools & tests of the metallurgist, metallurgy of iron alloys (steels) and tool steels, hardening, stress relieving, normalizing, spheroidizing, cryogenic treating, cold forming, hot forming
Microworlds - exploring the structure of materials an interactive tour of current research in the materials sciences at Berkeley Lab's advanced light source
Phase diagrams which indicate the phases present at a given temperature and composition
Schroefdraden alle soorten schroefdraden, een tip voor de liefhebbers
Science and engineering of materials
Solidification enthalpy, entropy, fusion
Strenght of materials beams, torsion, bending moments, stress, strain, deformation
Strenght of materials (statics)
Stress-strain curve the stress-strain curve characterizes the behavior of the material tested
Thermal connection thermal resource center, convection, conduction, radiation, fluid flow, forced, natural, thermal analysis, analyses, model, modeling, modelling, heat exchange, transfer, management, finite difference, FEA, element, CFD, computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, calculators
True stress: true strain curve
Mechanical engineering technical databank 
Corrosion Related Terms
Density of metals
Density of woods
Draad- en plaatmaten (wire gauges), naald- en catheterdiktes in Dutch
Engineering technical data reference tables listing of engineering reference data that is commonly found in reference books, engineering, material data, strength, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, area properties, mass properties, bolts, screws, nuts material data sheets on 30000 plastics
Friction coefficient chart Friction coefficient chart, Coefficient for Static Friction of Steel
Friction coefficient chart friction coefficients for calculating sliding friction forces
Friction coefficient chart Coefficients of Friction for Steel, Coefficients of friction for aluminum, Coefficients of friction for glass, Coefficients of friction for granite, Coefficients of friction for paper, Coefficients of friction for rubber, Coefficients of friction for human skin, Coefficients of friction for steel, Coefficients of friction for wood
Hardness conversion chart
Hardness Conversion Chart for Hard Materials Chart illustrates hardness conversion for hard materials in the Rockwell C range
Hardness Conversion Table Hardness Conversion Table
Material Property Data Periodic Table, Stainless Steel Data, Copper Alloy Data, Ferrous Metallurgy Primer
Material Properties
Materials information database a database including thermoplastic and thermoset polymers such as ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, polyester, and polyolefins; metals such as aluminum, cobalt, copper, lead, magnesium, nickel, steel, superalloys, titanium and zinc alloys; ceramics; plus a growing list of semiconductors, fibers, and other engineering materials
Material Selection Charts show material properties in a visually intuitive manner. They allow selection of suitable materials as well as providing a rapid comparison of properties between different materials, Young's modulus - Density, Young's Modulus - Cost, Strength - Density, Strength - Toughness, Strength - Elongation, Strength - Cost, Strength - Max service temperature, Specific stiffness - Specific strength, Electrical resistivity - Cost, Recycle Fraction - Cost, Energy content
Matter glossary
Mechanical properties of engineering materials phase diagrams and the use of the lever-rule calculation
Mechanics of materials stress, strain, torsion, ...
Mechanics of materials stress, strain, torsion, ...
Melting temperatures of some important metals pdf file
Metal Engineering Illustrations Measuring and testing, Marking/Punch marking, Chipping, Shearing, Angled tools/Keyed angles, Sawing manual, Filing, Drilling, Counterboring, Countersinking, Turning, Shaping, Thread cutting, Threaded joints, Keyed joints, Soldering joints, Welded joints, Folding/Bending
Metal profiles metal profiles
Metals property data, weight calculator, glossary, specifications, periodic table, hardness conversion, metric conversion
Metal temperature by color stainless steel corrosion, physical and mechanical property data, metal temperature by color
Screw data page reference data you can use: a screw calculator for sockethead, panhead, and hexhead
Stainless Steel Property Database Atmospheric Corrosion Properties, Cleaning Stainless Steels, Cold Working Properties, Stainless Steel Compositions, Stainless Steel Cost Data, Heat Treating Stainless Steels, High Temperature Properties, Sheet Finishes, Specification Cross Reference, Stainless Steel SCC Resistance, Stainless Steel Specifications, Stainless Steel Seawater Resistance, Properties at Cryogenic Temperatures, ...

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