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Mechanical engineering: Fluid Mechanics and hydraulics 
Applied pneumatics & hydraulics
Automatization industrielle en Français, a tip
Basic hydraulics hydraulics is the science of transmitting force and/or motion through the medium of a confined liquid. In a hydraulic device, power is transmitted by pushing on a confined liquid
Basic Hydraulics Understanding Basic Hydraulics, ppt file
Colorful fluid mixing gallery the purpose of this site is to provide a gallery of colorful fluid mixing pictures, videos, and an online book on mixing
Elementary fluid mechanics Fluid in a manometer, Hydrostatic pressure and force on a submerged plane, Rotating U-Tube Applet, Free surface of a rotating fluid, Flow through a venturi tube, Force on a pipe bend, Required power and trajectory of a water-jet, Head loss along a pipe, Inviscid Channel Flow Applet (UT-JBEM), Viscous Channel Flow Applet (UT-JCFD), Hydrofoil Flow
eFluids fluid dynamics and flow engineering
Elementary fluid mechanics - interactive tools fluid in a manometer, hydrostatic pressure and force on a submerged plane, rotating U tube applet, free surface of a rotating fluid, flow through a venturi tube, force on a pipe bend, required power and trajectory of a water-jet, head loss along a pipe, inviscid channel flow applet, viscous channel flow applet, hydrofoil flow, with java applets, have a look at Laboratory experiments
Fluid dynamics no slip condition, boundary layer edge, fluid properties affecting boundary layers, types of flow
Fluid dynamics hypercourse density, viscosity, surface tension, cavitation and boiling, fluid statics, manometer, Pascal's law, pressure measurement, conservation of mass, inviscid flow, conservation of momentum, Newton's law of motion, propulsion, wind turbines, laminar viscous flow, turbulent viscous flow, conservation of energy, flow in fluid systems, irrotational flow, viscous equations, a tip
Fluidique énergétique environnements cours en fluidique énergétique environnements, transferts thermiques, régulation, fluidique, aéraulique, systèmes de climatisation tout air, nouveaux principes de climatisation, équipements, en Français
Fluid flow to learn more about what kind of effects flows have on bodies placed in those flows, and the other way around, with java applets
Fluid flow applications Fluid flow applications
Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics: the study of forces that develop when an object moves through a fluid medium, pdf file
Fluid mechanics
Fluid mechanics Fluid Mechanics: Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Fluid mechanics is the study of gases and liquids, their physical behavior, and their role in engineering systems
Fluid power handbook pdf file, a tip
Fluid power generation, control, and application of pumped or compressed fluids, to provide force and motion to mechanisms
Gallery of fluid dynamics
Hydraulica pdf file
Hydraulic institute pump standards and definitions
Hydraulic engineering hydraulics, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, cilinder
Hydraulics Energy conversion in a hydraulic system, The gearpump, The gearpump with three wheels, The axial piston pump, The axial piston pump with variable displacement, The vane pump, The vane pump with variable displacement, The axial piston pump with rotating barrel, The gearmotor, The radial piston motor 'startype', The internal radial piston motor, The internal radial piston motor as a wheel motor, The ORBIT-motor
Hydraulics pressure and force, Pascal's law, flow rate, potential energy, kinetic energy, heat energy and friction, relationship between velocity and pressure, work, power, hydraulic systems, motor reversing system, color coding, ventilation and Pressurization, strainers and filters, piston type accumulator, pressure gauges and volume meters, tubing, piping, flexible hosing, fittings and connectors, leakage, seals, fixed displacement - variable displacement - centrifugal - rotary - reciprocating - gear - lobe - vane - piston - axial piston pumps, cavitation, hydraulic actuators and motors, gear - vane - piston - type motors, valves, hydraulic circuit diagrams, hydraulics and electricity, pdf file
Hydraulic system of the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
Hydrauliek hydrauliek: het overbrengen en onder controle houden van krachten en bewegingen door middel van vloeistoffen, plunjerpomp, schottenpomp, zwenkmotor, kleppen, cavitatie, overdrukklep, in Dutch
Hydraulique en Français
Hydraulique et pneumatique a tip, en Français
Hydraulic schematic symbols
Hydrostatic and hydraulic machines
Internal combustion engine fluid mechanics outline with java applets
Open Channel Flow
Open Channel Hydraulics pdf file
Potential flow applets The applet shows some examples of flow configurations obtained with superposition of elementary flows
Solids and fluids the behaviour of different types of solids under small deformations (called strains), pressure changes and buoyant forces in incompressible fluids, Bernouilli's equation: describes how pressure and flow velocity change with height inside a fluid
Unit Operations in Food Processing Material and energy, balances, Fluid-flow theory, Fluid-flow applications, Heat-transfer theory, Heat-transfer applications, Drying, Evaporation, Contact-equilibrium, processes, Mechanical separations

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