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Marine animals - fish 
African marine mammals dolphins, whales, leopard seal
Aquarium info
Nonindigenous Aquatic and Selected Terrestrial Species of Florida
Aquatic animals (biology)
Australian desert fishes pages these pages provide an insight into, and photos of Australian desert fishes and their habitats
Bony fishes
Bony fishes
Bony fishes
Coral reef network an illustrated guide to the fishes, corals, marine life, and selected dive sites of Hawaii
Dangerous ocean organisms Anemone, Barracuda, Cone Snail or Shell, Coral Jellyfish, Moray Eel, Needle Fish, Octopus, Portuguese Man-of-War, Scorpion Fish, Sea Snake, Sea Urchin, Shark, Squid, Stinging Limu (Seaweed), Stingray, Surgeonfish, Tube Worm
DEEP-SEA Biology These pages contain pictures, links and information on deep sea habitats and animals
Deep sea habitats and adaptations a survey of deep sea habitats from mesopelagic to abyssal to hydrocarbon seeps, and of deep sea animals from viperfish to tubeworms, abyssal, mesopelagic, bathyal, viperfish, grenadier, rattail, eelpout, cirrate, pycnogonid, sea spider, tubeworm, vestimentiferan
Deep sea habitats ppt file
Fish Australian museum ichthyology website, listed by family
Fishbase a global information system with all you ever wanted to know about fishes
Fish body forms and lifestyles
Fish encyclopedia Fish encyclopedia
Fishes of the Gulf of Maine
Fish FAQ: a bouillabaisse of fascinating facts about fish
Freshwater fishes of singapore
Ichthyology online ichthyology resources of scientific and educational value in an organised directory
Ichthyology study of the fish: any of a large group of cold-blooded, finned aquatic vertebrates. Fish are generally scaled and respire by passing water over gills.Modern fish are divided into three classes
Ichthyology at the Australian museum ichthyology is the study of fish
Invertebrate animals origin and evolution of animals (Metazoa), sponges (phylum porifera), cnidarians (phylum cnidaria), bilaterians, protostomia vs. deuterostomia, lophotrochozoans vs. ecdysozoans, lophotrochozoans, flatworms (phylum platyhelminthes), annelid worms (phylum annelida), mollusks (phylum mollusca), ecdysozoans, roundworms (phylum nematoda), arthropods (phylum arthropoda), crustacea, hexapoda, myriapoda, chelicerata
Marine animals 210 invertebrates and fish
Marine biologie sponzen, kwallen, ringwormen, weekdieren, geleedpotigen, stekelhuidigen, in Dutch
Marine biology ocean basin sizes, depths, currents, temperatures, salinity, marine fishes, mammals, birds, invertebrates, and plants, maps showing coral reef locations for various parts of the world
Marine biology
Marine fish, freshwater fish and marune invertebrates catalog click on a name to see the picture (about 200 pictures)
Marine life learning center learn to identify and understand more about the endlessly fascinating reef inhabitants, butterflyfish
Marine species conservation seals, sharks, turtles, dugongs
Mysterious Creatures of the Deep Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel, Swimmer Crab, Stargazer, Sea Spider, Oreo Dory, Hatchet Fish, Firefly Squid, Chimaera Pup, Carrier Shell, Blind Lobster, Basketwork Eel, Viperfish, Furry Blond Crustacean
Planet Earth Dive, dive, dive! The world's oceans cover two thirds of Earth's surface. Take the plunge from beaches and coastal swamps to the deepest sea floor to meet the staggering variety of creatures that choose life in salt water
Poisonous animals box jellyfish, boxfish, deadly sea wasp, ...
Real Life Sea Monsters The sea contains untold numbers of strange and bizarre creatures. It is said that we know more about our own solar system than we know about our oceans. Indeed, some creatures of the sea can seem more alien than anything you can imagine
Sea slugs sea slugs, malacology, mollusc
Sea slug species
Wonders of the Seas Sponges, Cnidarians, Mollusks, Arthropods, Echinoderms, Sharks, Sperm Whales, Chessie the Manatee

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