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2 ondes avec dispersion en Français
Acoustics and vibrations animations page
Bragg's Law and Diffraction how waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals
Beats Beats explained
Beats Formation of Beats, Beats (periodic rise and fall in intensity) are produced when two waves of nearly equal frequency are added
Circular membrane waves a simulation of waves in a circular membrane (like a drum head), showing its various vibrational modes
Constructive and destructive wave interference
Cuve à ondes en Français
Diffraction of water waves (corner)
Diffraction of water waves (obstacle)
Diffraction of water waves (opening) When waves reach a narrow slit, the water in the slit vibrates like a point source
Electromagnetic waves in a 3-d box this java applet demonstrates standing electromagnetic waves in a 3-d rectangular box, or cavity resonator
EM wave movies Polarization, Waves in Media, Reflection, Parallel-Plate, Dielectric-Slab, Transmission Line, Normal Modes, Transients, Hertzian Dipole, Two-Dipole Array, Four-Dipole Array
EM waves properties of electromagnetic waves
Generation of acoustic wave by loudspeaker
Golven java applets in Dutch, een tip, omvat alles
Group Velocity and Phase Velocity
Huygens' principle
Interference between two point sources
Interference pattern movies
Interference patterns flash
Interference of the waves on the water surface
Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves This Java applet shows the interference of two circular respectively spherical waves (e.g. of water or sound waves). The waves spread out from two sources oscillating with the same phase
Interference of Waves Emitted from Two Point Sources
klystron Movement of electrons in a klystron, animation
Loaded string a simulation that demonstrates standing waves on a loaded string, Loaded string simulation
Longitudinal Wave Reflection of Longitudinal Wave from a Boundary
Longitudinal Wave
Longitudinal Wave Animation This animation illustrates a longitudinal wave, such as a sound wave travelling through the air
Longitudinal travelling wave This applet assumes frequency and wavelength are two independent variables: the change of one does not affect the other. In reality, they are not because the speed of wave is a constant
Longitudinal and transverse waves
Making waves two source interference, pulses, waves
Onde réfléchie et onde stationnaire en Français
Ondes stationnaires en Français, swf file
Ondes stationnaires en Français
Onde à 2 dimensions, diffraction (Java) en Français
Onde sonore en Français
Ondes transversales en Français
Phase changes upon reflection from hard, soft, and mixed boundaries
Polarization Interactive Web-based simulation of the polarization of waves
Polarization Exploration show the result of adding two perpendicular electric fields together, Linear Polarization, Circular and Elliptical Polarization
Propogation of an electromagnetic wave
Propogation of an electromagnetic wave this applet shows the relationships among the electric field, the magnetic field, and the wave vector when an electromagnetic wave propagates through space
Réflexion et transmission en Français
Reflected wave
Reflection and refraction This applet represents what we know about reflection and refraction, according to Snell's Law
Reflection and refraction
Reflection and refraction of waves
Reflection & Transmission
Reflection of a circular wave
Reflection of a pulse wave
Reflection of a sine wave
Relation between circular motin, simple harmonic motion and wave
Resonance: a bridge in resonance wmv file
Resonance on a string
Resonance: Tacoma bridge resonance
Resonance: Tacoma bridge resonance wmv file
Resonata a spring system, designed to demonstrate many of the universal features of waves
Ripple tank
Ripple tank simulation ripple tank simulation, ripple tank simulation, a simulation of a ripple tank. It demonstrates waves in two dimensions, including such wave phenomena as interference, diffraction (single slit, double slit, etc.), refraction, resonance, phased arrays, and the Doppler effect
Ripple tank simulation wave interference
Shock waves source moves with the velocity of sound, source moves with subsonic velocity, source of acoustic waves moves with supersonic velocity
Shock waves Shock waves
Simple harmonic motion and the transverse wave
Standing longitudinal waves demonstrates the harmonics of the air in a tube as an example of standing longitudinal waves. It illustrates the movement of the molecules in the air during such an oscillation
Standing wave
Standing wave and frequency resonance in a string, Generate wave on rope
Standing waves
Standing waves A Standing Wave can be formed by the superposition (addition) of two traveling waves, of equal amplitude and frequency, one traveling to the right and the other traveling to the left. Note that the Standing Wave doesn't travel to the right or to the left
Standing waves open end
Standing waves Both Ends Fixed
Standing waves
Standing waves
Standing waves on a violin string Standing waves on a violin string
Stationary wave
String reflections swf file
Superposition Superposition of two waves
Superposition of two waves two sine waves travelling in the same direction: constructive and destructive interference, two sine waves travelling in opposite directions create a standing wave, superposition of waves, two sine waves with different frequencies: beats
Superposition of water waves
Superposition principle of wave when two or more wave moving through the same region of space, waves will superimpose and produce a well defined combined effect
The light cone an illuminating introduction to relativity
Transverse and longitudinal waves
Transverse traveling wave
Transverse Waves
Transverse and longitudinal waves this java applet let you visualize the difference between transverse wave and longitudinal wave
Transverse waves
Traveling wave the wave equation describing the motion of a string can be derived by using Newton's second law: F = m.a
Traveling wave Traveling waves
Two solitary waves on the water-surface in a canal
Young's double slit interference wave optics, wave interference
Vibration of waves wave propagation and particles' vibration: a linear combination of first three modes
Vibrations-Propagation Oscillations d'une masse suspendue à un ressort, Grandes Oscillations d'un pendule simple, Polarisation Rectiligne, Propagation d'une onde e.m. polarisée par une grille, Réflexion et Réfraction sur un dioptre, Réflexion sur un métal, Polarisation elliptique, Propagation des composantes après une lame quart d'onde, OSCILLATIONS LIBRES NON AMORTIES, Vibrations Horizontales, Vibrations Verticales, Vibrations d'une corde pincée, Effet Doppler, Déplacement de sources à différentes vitesses, Superposition de vagues: propagation des composantes, Propagation d'un système de vagues croisées, Propagation et vibrations d'un Battement, Superposition d'ondes progressive et régressive, Propagation et réflexion totale d'un signal (sans dispersion), Onde stationnaire, Fourier, SERIES ET TRANSFORMEES DE FOURIER, en Français
Waveform Interaction Manipulate two sine waves and watch them interact
Water surface waves some waves in nature are neither transverse nor longitudinal, but a combination of the two. When a water wave travels on the surface of deep water, water molecules at the surface move in nearly circular paths
Waves on a surface membrane waves oscillations
Wave motion of a string standing waves on a vibrating string
Wave propagations animations illustrating simple wave propagation concepts by a geologist
Wave interference Animation of Interference Pattern Formed by Two Points Sources
Wave simulator
Wave superposition the applet demonstrates superposition of two sine waves travelling in opposite directions
Waves Wave Motion, Wave Reflection and Transmission, Reflection and transmission of E&M waves, Standing Waves, Wave Dispersion, Doppler Effect, Electromagnetic Waves, Impedance Matching, Skin Effects, Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves from Dipole Antenna
Waves longitudinal and transverse waves, interference of the waves on a water surface, reflection of single circular waves and passing them through semitransparent wall, shock waves, principle of Huygens, two modes of oscillation in crystals, phonons, generation of acoustic wave by loudspeaker, Doppler effect in acoustics. The frequency of the detected signal is changed if the source and receiver move relatively each other, Fourier series, harmonics of the signal, generation of the shock waves by moving body, Doppler effect
Waves, sound and light Longitudinal Pulse, Tuning Forks and Longitudinal Waves, Guitar Strings and Longitudinal Waves, Sound Waves and the Eardrum, Propagation of an Electromagnetic Waves, ...

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