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Mechanics: energy and motion  related topic: Mechanics - motion
2D collisions
3D centripetal motion shows the path of a particle in circular motion in the xy plane and could in addition be made to move along the x - axis or z - axis or both
Air track basic air track with two blocks. You can change the coefficient of restitution, initial masses, and velocities
Atwood Machine
Ballistic simulator (Cannon) Ballistic Trajectory Tutorial
Ballistic simulator this virtual experiment is designed to let the student measure the relation between muzzle velocity (which determines projectile energy), gravitational potential and the effects of frictional drag caused by wind speed blowing opposite to the direction the projectile is moving in
Ballistic Simulator You can adjust the following parameters: muzzle angle, muzzle velocity, gravitational field strength, wind speed
Braking car QT movie
Brownian motor Brownian motor
Cannon the ballistic simulator, designed to let the student measure the relation between muzzle velocity (which determines projectile energy), gravitational potential and the effects of frictional drag caused by wind speed blowing opposite to the direction the projectile is moving in
Carousel (centripetal force) centripetal force
Car on a track motion in horizontal circles
Centrifugal force Centrifugal force
Centripetal acceleration & circular motion
Choc élastique en Français
Choc élastique (2D) en Français
Conservation of mechanical Energy Conservation of Momentum animation
Cordes, chaînes et poulies Machine d'Atwood, Palan à 2 brins, Palan à 4 brins, Palan différentiel, Corde pendante, Chaînette, en Français
Elastic and Inelastic Collision This Java applet deals with the extreme cases of a collision process illustrated by two wagons: For an elastic collision it is characteristic that the sum of the kinetic energies of the involved bodies is constant
Energy kinetic energy, potential energy
Energy and power kinetic energy, Physical work and work in physics, potential energy
Energy conversion Energy conversion and conservation
Frictional force
Hooke's law Hooke's law and springs
Inclined plane a motion on an inclined plane with constant velocity and the corresponding forces
Inclined plane inclined plane
Kinetic energy in this series of experiments, you will control the action of three different forces and three different masses, Kinetic energy
Kinetic energy and mass Kinetic energy and mass
Lever How much effort is needed to lift a load
Lever principle lever principle, this applet shows a symmetrical lever with some mass pieces each of which has a weight of 1.0 N
Momentum elastic collision
Motion under different kinds of force
Motion with constant acceleration This Java applet shows a car moving with constant acceleration
Motorcycle Wheely
Newton's balls Newton's balls
Newton second law experiment Newton's second law, this Java applet simulates an air track glider setup, as it is used for experiments on constant acceleration motion. A gravitational acceleration of  9.81 m/s2 was presupposed
Newton's cradle demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy
Potential energy potential energy exists whenever an object which has mass has a position within a force field. The most everyday example of this is the position of objects in the earth's gravitational field
Projectile motion projectile motion
Projectile motion projectile motion, illustrates the concept of projectile motion, it emphasizes the effect of gravity on the trajectory of a projectile.  Both cannon balls are deflected from a straight line trajectory by the same amount since gravity affects them the same way. This deflection is given by (1/2 g t2) regardless of the velocity of the projectile
Projectile motion
Projectile motion demonstrates the classic kinematics problem of the flight of a cannonball shot over flat ground
Projectile orbits and satellite orbits
Pulley The model represents the Pulley-Weight mechanism where the position of the weights suspended at two different points can be determined by the weights of the box and the D distance
Pulley system
Pulley system pulley system
Reaction time measurement
Relative motion shows two dots moving with constant velocities
Roller Coaster Physics of the Simple Roller Coaster
Simple harmonic motion shows a particles going round the circular path in anti-clock wise sense (considered positive) with a uniform speed and its x-projection and y- projection are shown in cyan and orange respectively
Simple harmonic motion Simple harmonic motion
Simple harmonic motion and uniform circular motion Simple harmonic motion
Spring design spring force, work, Hooke's law
Trajectory of bombs released from airplane
Vertical ball toss QT movie
Vertical Circular Motion Vertical Circular Motion: the weight and force exerted by the tension in the string
Work and Energy Which Path Requires the Most Energy? Energy Transformation for Downhill Skiing, Energy Transformation on a Roller Coaster, Energy Transformation for a Dart, Energy Transformation for a Pendulum, Energy Conservation on an Incline, Stopping Distance of a Hot Wheels Car, How Far Will It Skid? How High Will It Go?

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