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Audio - acoustics animations, java applets, flash  related subject: Physics: sound java applets and animations
Active Filters with operational amplifiers Design of active filters with operational amplifiers
Acoustics and vibration animations animations which visualize certain concepts concerning acoustics and vibration
Akustische Täuschungen in German
Amplitude and Frequency Vibrato Amplitude vibrato is amplitude modulation (AM) in which the loudness fluctuates with a frequency of 1 to 10Hz. Frequency vibrato is frequency modulation (FM) in which the pitch fluctuates with a frequency of 1 to 10Hz
Comment fonctionne un amplificateur? en Français
Decibel size the highest frequency that can be produced without aliasing problems is ~3500Hz, sound level is changed with successive steps of -10dB, -3dB, -5dB
Die Tonleiter des Pythagoras
Diatonic scale Pythagorean tuning of the diatonic scale works well for monophonic music, ...
Digital filter applets IIR Filter's Response, FIR Filter's Response, Design Low Shelve, High Shelve, Peaking, Notch filters, Design equalizers by Window Function Algorithm, Calculate spectrum, Generate sine, cosine, square and triangle waves, CR Filter's Response (Analog), Step and Impulse Response (Analog), Put Laplace transfer function
Digital filters applet this java applet is a demonstration of digital filters. You should hear a noise waveform when the applet starts up
Digital filters applet Digital filters applet, IIR digital filter design applet
Digital filters applet Digital filters applet, This is an applet that allows you to design digital filter graphically
Digital signal processing and filters DSP java applets
Discrete time Fourier series you can enter the magnitude and phase spectra with the mouse, and then observe the phasor frequency components and the generation of the signal from these frequency components. For the second applet you can enter a value of N between 4 and 32, and then enter either a signal or the frequency spectra. Only one period of the signal and one repetition of the spectra are shown
DSP editor an online DSP laboratory for education. Offers an online simulation enviroment for the engineering student
DTMF TouchTone sounds
DTMF Touch Tone Dialling
DTMF keypad Touch Tones
DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) tones DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) tones
DTMF Tone Generator Java Phone Dialer. This Java applet will play touch-tone sounds when you press the buttons. Hold your telephone receiver close to the speaker, and you can actually dial a phone number
DTMF Tone Generator Applet The applet generates DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) tones as used on TouchTone phones
Equal loudness tester this site allows you to measure equal loudness curves--the frequency response of your own ears. The flash script allows you to play sound files with a range of frequencies and sound levels with the click of a mouse
ESL animation electrostatic loudspeaker animation
Experiments in psycho-acoustics
Filtres de Rauch HPF, LPF, BPF, en Français
Filtres de Sallen et Kay en Français, HPF, LPF, BPF
Filtres passifs (exemples) Wien, Colpitts, RC, T filtre, en Français
FIR Digital Filter Demo applet
Fourier Fourier Synthesis, A periodic signal can be described by a Fourier decomposition as a Fourier series, i. e. as a sum of sinusoidal and cosinusoidal oscillations, ...
Fourier analysis Flash
Fourier approximations and music
Fourier en Français, Séries de Fourier en Français
Fourier fourier synthesis, you can change the magnitude of each Fourier functions, sound effect
Fourier decomposition building a wave shape from sines and cosines
Fourier series the user may choose the first 21 coefficients of a Fourier series by means of scroll bars and look at the graph of the resulting function
Fourier series approximation Java applet that displays Fourier series approximations and corresponding magnitude and phase spectra of a periodic continuous-time signal
Frequenties combineren en luisteren Fourier, in Dutch
Fundamental & overtones the fundamental and first three overtones of a vibrating system
Filter java experiments low pass filter, high pass filter, RC integrator, RC differentiator, resonant filter
Harmonic series the first 20 partials of a harmonic series for the fundamental pitch C2 (ca. 65.4 Hz.) expressed in traditional musical staff notation with frequency multiples indicated between the staves
Interactive digital filter design
Linear and logarithmic scales This demonstration compares ascending linear and logarithmic musical scales
Listen to Fourier series needs real audio player
Listen to Fourier series
Loudspeaker animated diagram of the loudspeaker
Loudspeakers How a speaker works, Loudspeakers
Loudspeakers How a speaker works, The coil generates a magnetic field that switched its polarity (north and south) when alternating current passes into it. The changes alter the attraction or repulsion of the coil magnet to the permanent magnet causing the coil magnet to move. The movement of the coil causes a diaphragm to move which creates the sound waves we hear
Loudspeaker animation Animated example of how dipolar speakers work and what makes a push pull speakers work. Everything You Wanted To Know About Speakers
Loudspeaker animation ACOUSTIC WAVES, Generation of acoustic waves by loudspeaker
Loudspeaker animation An animation of a sound wave illustrating the way a sound wave propagates
Loudspeaker animation An animation of a sound wave illustrating the way a sound wave propagates, longitudinal wave
Microphone patterns Microphone patterns, swf file
Microphone applications Echo Canceling Microphone, swf file
Microphone Microphone animation, click on Description
Multimedia approach to the harmonic series
Noise Noise is unwanted sound. Noise can be produced by many sources - man's vocal cord, a running engine, a vibrating loudspeaker diaphragm, an operating machine tool, and so on. Click on the demo buttons and you will hear the noise from different sources
Notch Filter
Ohm's Law of Hearing Ohm's law of hearing states that our brain's do not process phase information for slowly varying sounds but does respond to changes in amplitude and frequency, ...
Primary Beats and Combination Tones When two sine waves of equal amplitudes but different frequencies are played simultaneously, several interesting sounds can be heard
Push pull amplifier Push pull amplifier
RC filter respons Circuits An applet to calculate Frequency and Step response for CR Filter
Sampling and reconstruction of periodic signals This applet explains the sampling of a continuous signal and the reconstruction of this signal from its samples
Sampling and discrete time Fourier transform the first step in obtaining a signal for DSP is to sample an analog signal eg instrumentation, audio or video signal. Technically this usually involves a sample and hold and A/D converter, Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DTFT)
Seeing with your ears java demonstration of an auditory display for vision substitution. Includes image sonification and spectrogram generation
Signal sampling at various sampling frequencies Java applet for signal sampling at various sampling frequencies, and signal reconstruction from samples using various low-pass filter cutoff frequencies
Standard “twin feeder” loudspeaker cable
Time domain vs. frequency domain 3-d plot of frequency, amplitude and time shows the fundamental of a sine wave and up to 3 harmonics, as they are formed by rotating vectors
Temperament brief introduction to the physics and psychophysics of music, with an emphasis on temperament, the relationship between notes, Flash
Text To Speech
Tone generator
Twin feed properties the basic properties of a standard “twin feeder” loudspeaker cable
Twin-T Filter
Vibrato- amplitude and frequency Amplitude vibrato is amplitude modulation (AM) in which the loudness fluctuates with a frequency of 1 to 10Hz. Frequency vibrato is frequency modulation (FM) in which the pitch fluctuates with a frequency of 1 to 10Hz
Virtual pitch A periodic complex waveform is the sum of sine waves that comprise a harmonic series whose fundamental frequency (first harmonic) has the same period as the complex wave, ...., brain senses a frequency that is not present in the original wave
Vowels A formant is a broad resonance produced by the pharynx and oral cavity. By following the peak frequencies as a series of vowels are elided, one can identify the lowest three formants for each sung vowel
Musical Instruments  related subject: Physics: sound java applets and animations
Guitar A String Applet This applet allows you to hear the two open A string notes discussed in the Guitar Overtones section
Guitar Common Scales virtual guitar, swf file
Guitar Vibrational modes of an acoustic guitar
Guitar Vibrational modes of an electric guitar study the vibration of an electric guitar in order to determine its natural frequencies and mode shapes
Guitar Play Guitar, swf file
Guitar Play Guitar, swf file
Guitar Guitar tuner
Guitar Strings
Guitar tuner custom guitar tuner
Harmonics applet The Harmonics Applet allows you to play with harmonics to produce instrument sounds similar to the sounds real instruments make. This applet takes the place of an electric synthesizer
Interactive exploration of the science of guitar music in Flash format
Interaktives akustiklabor hier können sie mit hilfe eines tongenerators testen, wie sich töne auf verschiedene klangkörper auswirken, in German
Musical Instruments
Piano play the piano and study the corresponding notes and frequencies
Piano play the piano and study the corresponding notes and frequencies
Piano play the piano, piano and keyboard
Play a Piano / Synthesizer / Oscilloscope As you play the piano, you'll see the wave forms as well as hear them. The piano can also play a song for you, while you watch
Schwebungen- oder im Reich der Klavierstimmer in German
Sound field radiated by a tuning fork Sound field radiated by a tuning fork
Vibration of the bowstring swf file
Vibration of closed pipe It is a transverse wave display of the fundamental vibration, three time vibration, and five time vibration of the closed pipe as the compressional wave, swf file
Synthesizer in German

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