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Component Manufacturers - Semiconductor Datasheets: Component search, Integrated circuits identification

Component manufacturers - Semiconductor Datasheets 
Adaptec - Technical Support
ADDtek AMCxxxx, Lighting, LCD backlight unit, LCD backlight unit, Step Up/Down switching Regulator, Low dropout voltage Regulator, Shunt voltage reference, PWM ICs, Power switch
Advanced Linear Devices
Advanced Monolithic Systems Advanced Monolithic Systems offers a wide selection of standard Analog Bipolar and CMOS products
Advanced Photonix supplier of optoelectronic photodetector components, subsystems and systems for telecommunications networks, medical diagnostics, military sensors, ...
Advanced Power high power, high voltage, high performance power transistors for both switching and RF applications, MOSFETs, IGBTs, Diodes, and Power Modules for switching applications and Bipolar, VDMOS, and LDMOS transistors for RF applications
Advanced semiconductor RF Power Transistors, Microwave Diodes, RF and microwave power transistors
Aimtron Linear regulator, Shunt regulator, Charge pump regulator, Charger, Photoflash controller, Power Switch, ...
Alcor Micro USB Controller Series, USB Flash Memory Card Reader Controller Series, USB Device Bridge Controller Series
Altera Devices FPGA, CPLD, ASIC, DSP
AMD Advanced Micro Devices, AMD Opteron, AMD Turion 64, AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron, AMD Chipsets
AMIC Technology memory ICs
Analog Devices datasheets, ICs for data converters, amplifiers, DSP, RF & communications, power and thermal management, supervisory and interface, and MEMs. Develops analog, digital, linear, and mixed-signal
Analogictech, Analogictech Datasheets
Avago Technologies Semiconductor productsimage processors, image sensors, cmos image sensor, duplexers, filters, handset power, mixers, modulators, rfics, pin diodes, schottky diodes, silicon and galium arsenide amplifier ics, silicon and galium arsenide transistors, vcos, fbar, linear amplifiers, sot-89 amplifiers, cdma rf modules, e-pHEMT power module, front end module, front end, quintiplexer, gsm module, ...
Bourns TISPxxxx, Circuit protection, Automotive, Connectors, Diodes, Magnetic Products, Microelectronic Modules, Resistive Products, Sensors & Controls, Switches, Transistors & Thyristors
Cypress Semiconductor
Diodes Inc. power mosfets, Zener Diodes, Switching Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifiers , Standard Rectifiers, small signal transistors and MOSFETs, transient voltage suppressors, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Small Signal Diodes, Through-Hole, Schottky Rectifiers, Bipolar Transistors, Darlington Transistors, Prebiased Transistors, Zener TVSs, Thyristor Surge, Protection Device
Dynex Semiconductor Dynex Semiconductor, IGBTs, SCRs, GTO Thyristors, Fast Recovery and Rectifier diodes, SCR/Diode modules, power assemblies, SAW filters and SOS ICs
Exar analog and mixed-signal silicon solutions for the worldwide communications infrastructure
Fairchild Fairchild Semiconductors, Power Management ICs, Power Semiconductors, Signal Path ICs, Lighting and Display, Logic, Optoelectronics
Intersil amplifiers, buffers, comparators, transistor arrays, communications ICs, 10G ethernet, DSL line drivers and receivers, laser diode control, voice over IP, data converters, analog front ends, analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, sample and hold amplifiers, digital ICs, digitally controlled potentiometers, display ICs, ambient light sensors, backlight drivers, integrated DC-DC regulators, LCD and LED display drivers, level shifters, Vcom and gamma buffers, white LED drivers, OLED power ICs, interface ICs, dual protocol, RS-232 RS-485 RS-422 ICs, military ICs, space ICs, radiation hardened ICs, optical storage, power management, battery management, hot plug controllers, LNB controllers, linear regulation, power MOSFET drivers, power supply support, switching regulation, special analog, CCD drivers, engine knock sensors, multipliers, pin drivers, RF power amplifier control, sensor conditioners, analog switches
IRF International Rectifier, technical information
KOA Speers surface mount and thru-hole resistors, capacitors, circuit protection devices, inductors, resistor networks, integrated passive components, and EMI/EMC filtering components
LCD Screens model numbers and links Fujitsu, Hitachi, Hyundai/, IBM, LG, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba
Linear Technology
LSI CSI Design and Production of Full Custom and Standard Integrated Circuits
Maxim intergrated products Maxim intergrated products
Microchip Microchip semiconductors
Microsemi Corporation Diodes, PIN Diodes, RF/Microwave Diodes, Diode Arrays, Detector Diodes, Limiter Diodes, Mixer Diodes, Microwave Noise Diodes, Reference Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Solar Bypass Diodes, Step Recovery Diodes, Varactor Diodes, Zener Diodes, TVS, Low Dropout Regulators, LDOs, WLAN, Wireless LAN, WLAN Power Amplifiers, InGaP HBT Power Amplifiers, Class D, Class D Audio , Audio Amplifier ICs, DC DC Controllers, DC DC Converters, LED Drivers, CCFL Controllers, Backlight Controllers, Backlight Inverters, PWM Controllers, PWM Regulators, High Current PFM Converters, High Speed Inverting DC/DC Converters, Voltage Regulators
Motorola semiconductor now Freescale, Semiconductors documentation library
National Semiconductor National Semiconductor
Ohmite resistors
On Semi datasheets, ON Semi-Conductors
Panasonic semiconductors Panasonic semiconductors
Philips Semiconductors Philips Semiconductors
RFMD RF Micro Devices, Integrated PLLMixers, ISM Band Transceivers, LNA Mixers, Modulators/Upconverters, VCOs and PLLs, Amplifiers (Handset PA),, Amplifiers (WiFi/WiMax PA)
SAMSUNG Semiconductor
SanDisk Technical Documentation
Sanyo semiconductor
SEMELAB MOSFETs, MOSFETs, JFETs, MOSFET Modules, RF MOSFETs, New 50V RF MOSFETs, Custom Package/Preform Options, Second Source Modern Hermetics, Diamond Performance FETs, Bipolar, Discrete Bipolar Transistors,, Hi-Rel Arrays, Traditional Metal Packages
Semtech datasheets
Sipex Boost Regulators, Buck Regulators, Charge Pumps, LED Drivers, Linear Regulators, Power Blox, PWM Controllers, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, ...
SMSC product data sheets
Solomon Systech Solomon Systech produces a broad portfolio of driver ICs that supports all mainstreams display technologies such as LCD and OLED for mobile applications e.g. mobile phones, smart phones, MP3, advanced camera handset and other consumer electronics products
Sony Semiconductor
ST Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics datasheets
Summit Microelectronics
Texas Instruments
Toshiba semiconductors Toshiba semiconductors
Tyco Electronics connector, interconnection, terminal block, relay, electronic components, circuit protection device, resettable fuse, fiber optic, wire, cable, switch, wireless, sensor, printed circuit board, touchscreen, application tooling, batteries
Vishay manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive components,  IrDA® transceivers, Isolators, JFETs, LEDs, Load cells, MOSFETs,  Motion transducers, Networks, Optical sensors, Optocouplers, Oscillators, Photo detectors, PhotoStress, Potentiometers, Power ICs, Rectifiers, R/C networks, Resistor networks, Resistors, discrete Resistors, variable, RF transceivers, Rheostats, Solid state relays, Strain gages, Substrates, Test & measurements, Thermistors, Transformers, Transistors, RF, Trimmers, TVS & ESD, Varistors, Weighing systems
Xicon passive components,  capacitors, resistors, inductors, potentiometers, adapters, and transformers
Zetex components: now part od
Component types 
Electron Tube Data sheets
Liquid crystal database Liquid Crystal Database is a bibliographic database which contains references (Title, Author, Journal, Abstract, etc) to over 700 specialised records
Pinouts for various common chips and hybrids STKxxxx, LAxxxx, TAxxxx
Röhrentabellen electron tubes and valves electron tube data collection, Electron Tubes and Valves
SMD codebookEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia
SMD codes SMD marking codes, SMD datasheets, SMD devices are, by their very nature, too small to carry conventional semiconductor type numbers. Instead, a somewhat arbitrary coding system has grown up, where the device package carries a simple two- or three-character ID code, SMD codes
Semiconductor cross reference enter the part number you wish to replace into the search field, Transistor cross reference database, datasheets available, a tip
VCR power supply hybrid regulators VCR power supply hybrid regulators
Data sheet search: general search engines
Datasheet4u electronic components datasheet search site, datasheets electronic components datasheet search site
Datasheet catalog datasheet catalog for integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors
Digi-key only use parts search, pdf files, a tip
Electronic Components Index
IC-master semiconductors, asic, programmable logic devices, analog, digital signal processors, dsp, interfaces, linear and non-linear IC's, chip, controllers, memory, microcontrollers, you have to register, coukies enable!
NTE Cross Reference Search: semiconductors, capacitors, electronic components, electronic component distributor, electronic component catalog, cross reference, electronic component suppliers, nte electronics, nte, electronic parts, nte semiconductors, electronic part supplier, electronic suppliers
RS components distributor of electronic, electrical and mechanical components, instruments and tools, technical information (datasheets), you have to register, free
Integrated circuit identification
IC-ID - Integrated Circuit Identification
IC Logo Identifier ID hardware, by manufacturer, by type, by serial number, by FCC ID, by picture
IC LOGO FINDER - Integrated circuits identification Integrated circuits identification
Integrated Circuit Identification Integrated Circuit Identification
Integrated Circuit Identification Integrated Circuit Packaging, IC Common Part Number Codes,  DIP Dual Inline Package, SH-DIP Shrink DIP, SK-DIP, SL-DIP Skinny DIP, Slim DIP, SIP Single Inline Package, PGA Pin Grid Array, SOIC, SOP Small Outline Package, QFP Quad Flat Package, LCC Leadless Chip Carrier, PLCC, SOJ Plactic Leaded Chip Carrier, Small Outline J-lead Package
Identification des circuits intégrès, cliquez sur un logo afin de voir le fabricant en Français

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