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Electrical Machines: 
Aandrijftechniek in de praktijk in Dutch, pdf file
Appareil électroménager en Français
Basic motor theory basic motor principles, the phenomena of magnetism, AC current and basic motor operation, DC generator, AC generator
De werking van de elektromotor in Dutch
Draaistroom motoren in Dutch, pdf file
Electrical Machines Synchronous Motors, Synchronous condenser, Reluctance motor, Synchronous reluctance, Switched reluctance, Electronic driven variable reluctance motor, Stepper motors, Characteristics, Variable reluctance stepper, Permanent magnet stepper
Electrical Machines
Electrical Machines Waveforms of all three Cosines, Circular Trajectory, Principles of Torque Production, Construction, Equivalent Circuit, Determination of Circuit Parameters, Deducing the Machine Performance, Speed Control of Induction Machines, Harmonics in Induction Machines
Electrical Machines the operation of electrical machines
Electrical machines Electrical Machinery, Rotating electrical machines , generators and motors, are devices that transform mechanical power into electrical power, and vice-versa, how electrical and mechanical energy are transformed into each other
Electrical machines Induction machine with squirrel cage rotor and slip ring rotor, pdf file
Electric motor An electric motor is a device using electrical energy to produce mechanical energy, nearly always by the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors. The reverse process, that of using mechanical energy to produce electrical energy, is accomplished by a generator or dynamo. Traction motors used on vehicles often perform both tasks
Electric motor a working electric motor with so few parts, Reed switch motor - the simplest motor, transistor based motor - improved reed switch motor with a transistor, Hall effect motor - simple and most reliable motor, optointerrupter motor - motor with optical control
Electrical machine applications electrical machine, transformer, induction motor, synchronous motor, direct current, shunt motor, series motor
Electrical machines theory and three phase systems and introducing the principles behind dc machines and ac machines
Electric motors
Electric motors and generators this series of sketches introduces conceptually some of the different types of motors
Electrical Power and Machines Power Systems, Phasor Diagrams, Three phase power, Magnetic circuits, Electro-mechanical energy, conversion, DC Machines, Transformers, Induction motors, Synchronous Machines
Electotechnique en Français
Generators and motors direct current generators, direct current motors, alternating current generators, alternating current motors
Les joies de l'électricité en Français
Loads and motor electrical behaviour Direct current motors commonly named DC motors, Operating asynchronous motors, Electric motor comparison, pes of loads, Three phase asynchronous motors, Single-phase motors, Synchronous motors, pdf file
Moteurs électriques synchrones et asynchrones moteur triphase asynchrone,universel, moteur à courant continu, en Français
Moteurs électriques et autres saletés...:-) moteurs monophasés, moteurs à induction à condensateurs, en Français
Motor types tutorial AC motors, DC motors, brushless DC motors, servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, PWM
Motor and gearhead basics coreless motors, micromotors, fractional horsepower motors, brushless dc servomotors, gearmotors, integrated gearing, stepping motors, permanent magnet dc motors, pmdc motors, precision gearheads, optical encoders, magnetic encoders, motion controllers, motor calculations
Motor applications pdf file
Motor comparisons Brush vs. Brushless, Housed vs. Frameless, Direct Drive Stepper vs. Brushless, Induction vs. PM brushless
Motor comparisons pdf file
Motor control tutorial tutorials on ac, dc, servo, brushless, stepper, and linear motors
Motor control tutorial motor principles, phase angle control, pulse width modulation, PWM, power topologies: all animated
Motoren en generatoren in Dutch
Motoren en frequentieregelaars in Dutch, pdf file
Motor formulas Motor formulas, Calculating Motor Speed, Calculating Braking Torque, Calculating Work, Calculating Torque, Calculating Full-load Torque, Calculating Horsepower, Calculating Synchronous Speed
Motor formulas Motor formulas, Relation Between Horsepower, Torque, And Speed,  Motor Speed, Equivalent Inertia, Calculating Work, Calculating Torque, Calculating Full-load Torque, Motor Slip
Motor technology pdf file
Motor tutorial AC motors, DC motors, brushless DC motors, servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, PWM, motor principles, phase angle control, pulse width modulation, power topologies, AC motors, DC motors, brushless DC motors, servo motors, brushed DC servo motors, brushless AC servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors
Schakelschemaboek schakelschemaboek, Automatiseringssystemen, Elektronische motorstarters en drives, Bedienings- en signaleringsapparatuur, Nokkenschakelaar, Magneetschakelaars en relais, Motorbeveiligingsschakelaar, Vermogensautomaat, Normen, formules, tabellen, in Dutch
Schémathèque en Français
Selecting electric motors ppt file
Electrical Machines: miscellaneous topics  related topics: DC motors, Motor speed control, Circuits for motor control, Power control
Application des aimants aux machines électriques en Français, doc file
Application des aimants aux machines électriques en Français, pdf file
Armature reaction armature reaction, compensating windings, DC motor, DC generator, Brushes, Linear Commutation, Retarded commutation, magnetic flux, pdf file
Armature reaction Armature Reaction Effect and Inductance of Moving Coil Linear Oscillatory Actuator with Unbalanced Magnetic Circuit, pdf file
Beakman's electric motor simple home-made electric motor
Basic motor formulas and calculations
Basic motor theory
Battery motors & controllers
Circuits magnétiques des machines en Français
Classe d'isolation et échauffement des machines en Français
Constructie van inductiemachines in Dutch, pdf file
Constructie van synchrone machines in Dutch, pdf file
Construction du stator des moteurs synchrones et asynchrones triphasés en Français
Design, construction, and implementation of an autonomous SUMO robot
Draaistroomvelden in Dutch, pdf file
Draaiveld magnetisch draaiveld van een 3 fasen motor, in Dutch, pdf file
Draaiveld motoren in deze presentatie  wordt aangetoond hoe een draaiveld in een de stator van een driefasige ASM ontstaat, in Dutch, ppt file
Electro bobinage transformateur, moteur, génératrices, en Français
Electromagnetisme pdf file, en Français
Electronic starters and variable speed drives The most common way of starting asynchronous motors is directly on the line supply. This technique is often suitable for a wide variety of machines. However, it sometimes brings with it restrictions that can be inconvenient
for some applications, and even incompatible with the functions required from the machine, pdf file
Fabriquer un moteur électrique en Français
Feedback devices tacho generator, resolvers, absolute encoders, shaft encoders, modular encoders, optical encoders, tacho meters
Ferrettronics chips and software to control robotic and electronic devices from computer devices
Force on a current-carrying conductor force on a current-carrying conductor, pdf file
Indices de protection en Français
IP protection protection against the contact of external solid bodies and against the access to dangerous parts, protection against the penetration of the liquids
IP protection numbers IP protection numbers
Mechanical Power And Electrical Power Converting Between Mechanical Power And Electrical Power, pdf file
Monorail linear induction motor (LIM) linear induction motor (LIM)
Motor Calculations Calculating Mechanical Power Requirements, Torque - Speed Curves, Numerical Calculation, Sample Calculation, Thermal Calculations
Motor coil winding Introduction to AC Motor Rewind, Winding Identification and Data Taking
Motor overload protection motor overload protection, pdf file
Motor winding
Opbouw magnetisch veld in Dutch, pdf file
Overload protection of three phase motors pdf file
Phase converters the phase converter will artificially generate the third leg of a three phase system from the two poles of a single phase system
Power factor correction Power factor is the ration between the KW and the KVA drawn by an electrical load where the KW is the actual load power and the KVA is the apparent load power
Photographies de rotor de machines électriques en Français
Principles of magnetism and stray currents in rotating machinery
Protection des materiel protection contre les surcharges et les courts circuits, du moteur et de son alimentation, en Français
Schémas force et commande de moteur moteur asynchrone, Dahlender, étoile-triangle, en Français
Special machines: 
Electrostatic motor
Linear motor moving coil, 3 Phase Linear Motor, Linear and rotary motors compared, how a Linear motor works
Linear motors a linear induction motor (LIM) is basically a rotating squirrel cage induction motor opened out flat
Printed Circuit (PCB) or Pancake Motor The printed circuit motor is an example of an ironless or coreless motor with several unique features. The pancake construction uses an axial magnetic field to achieve the short flat construction. Radial field PCB motors are also possible, Printed Circuit (PCB) or Pancake Motor
Printed circuit motors
Printed Coil Motor
Reed Switch Motor Reed Switch Motor
Siren motors explains the details of different types of siren motors
Simple electric motors reed switch motor, transistor based motor, Hall effect motor, optointerrupter motor
Spijkermotor maak zelf een DC motor, in Dutch
Spinning disks
Switched Reluctance Motor Switched Reluctance Motor, A Switched Reluctance (SR) motor is a rotating electric machine where both stator and rotor have salient poles, ...
Switched reluctance motor drives Single-Phase Motor, Three-Phase Motor

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