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Acoustics and sounds, speech general overview related subjects: Audio file formats, Decibels, Digital audio, Physics: sound, Physics: waves, Speech -anatomy
Acoustics Sound in the Time Domain, Sound in the Frequency Domain, Digitized Sound, Describes and pictures digitized sound, Sampling Rate, Shows effects of sampling rate and aliasing, Sample Resolution, Shows effects of reduced sample, Synthesis of Speech
Acoustics music and sound waves, nature of sound, music and the human ear, sound systems, sound demo wav files, room simulations, distortion, room acoustics, speaker placement, soundproofing, design of the sound system, crossovers, enclosures, construction of the loudspeakers, panel damping, diffraction, lobing, square wave & amp; frequency response, physics of sound, signal processing and digital filters, Fourier transforms, sampling
Acoustics FAQ Campanella associates, sound, dB, decibel, dBA, sound vibration, speed of sound, noise control, links
Acoustics Noise and Sound, Sound pressure, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Physics of Sound, Pressure wave characteristics, Octave Bands, Sound Pressure, Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and Sound Pressure (Pa), Decibel Scale, Acoustic energy, Sound Pressure Levels
Acoustics, physical properties of sound Electroacoustic Music, Film Sound, Perception, Psychoacoustics, Acoustics, Physical Properties of Sound, Signal Path, Signal Processing
Acoustics Primer Sound, Speed of Sound, Sound Waves, Frequency, Amplitude, Wave shape, Phase, Resonance, Reflection, Reverberation, Standing Waves, How the Ear Works, Pitch and Tuning, Loudness, Timbre, Localization, Music Cognition, References, Acoustics, Studio Gear, MIDI, Synthesis, Digital Audio, to understand the relationship of noise to sound; the physical properties of sound; the terms used to describe sound waves; the relationship between sound pressure, sound intensity and sound power; the way sound waves propagate
Acoustics glossary acoustics glossary, A-weighted dB scale, absolutely integrable, acceleration due to gravity, acoustic echo simulation, acoustic energy density, acoustic intensity, acoustic kinetic energy density, acoustic potential energy density, acoustic wave simulation, acoustical ohms, acoustics, acyclic convolution
Acoustics glossary acoustics glossary
Audio audio glossary
Audio Demonstrations Audio Demonstrations, Modulation Detection Interference, Using Amplitude Modulation to Segregate Individual Vowels, Processing Speech based on Amplitude Envelopes, ...,
Art Ludwig's sound page music, sound, measurements
Basic acoustics and signal processing a basic knowledge of sound and sound processing
Electro-acoustics passive and active hearing protection, ANR systems, acoustics theory, active noise reduction, passive attenuation, attenuation, Laplace, inertance, acoustic resistance, acoustic compliance
Fundamentals of acoustics physical aspects of sound, physiological characteristic of the human hearing, production of artificial sound field, sound transmission quality requirements, electroacoustic transducers, microphones, loudspeakers, headphones
Musical acoustics strings and harmonics, pipes and harmonics, waves in strings, reflections, standing waves and harmonics, bows and strings, what is a decibel, ..., a tip
Musical acoustics elementary physics of vibrating systems, waves, and wave motion. Time- and frequency-domain analysis of sound. Room acoustics, reverberation, and tuning systems. Acoustics of musical instruments - voice, strings, winds, and percussion
Music acoustics This site presents an introduction to some aspects of musical acoustics and the science of music, musical acoustics, acoustics, flute, didjeridu, didgeridoo, violin, guitar, wind, instruments, decibel, physics, science, music, acoustic impedance, science of music
Noise and Sound Noise and Sound, Sound pressure, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Physics of Sound, Pressure wave characteristics, Octave Bands, Sound Pressure, Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and Sound Pressure (Pa), Decibel Scale, Acoustic energy, Sound Pressure Levels
Noise and Vibration What Is Noise, The Three Elements of Sound, Frequency and Wavelength, Loudness Contour, Effects of Noise, ...
Pages on music acoustics
Physics of hearing loudness curves (Fletcher-Munson curves)
Physics of sound definitions of sound, pressure in a sound wave, sound intensity level, harmonic and inharmonic spectra, concepts of consonance and dissonance, logarithms and sound, sound intensity and power, standing waves in pipes, a tip
Physics of sound a lot of mathematics included
Psychoacoustics Human Ear Physiology, Human Ear Sensitivity, Binaural Hearing, Pitch, Loudness, Timbre, Masking, Critical Bands
Signals and Systems in Audiocommunication Pitch perception, Virtual pitch, Diplacusis binauralis, Definition of pitch, Dominant spectral region, Strike note of bells, Spectral pitch, Pitch shifts, Acoustic bass of pipe organ
Sound animated, sound , audio, ultrasonic, infrasonic
Sound and hearing traveling waves, doppler effect, propagation, resonance, phons, loudness, timbre, dba, interference, reflection, decibels, hearing, beats, pitch
Sound and Noise What is Sound and What is Noise? Perception of Sound - Human Ear, Response of the Human Ear to Noise, Human Perception of Noise, Characteristics of Sound and the Decibel Scale, Propagation of Sound
Sound waves and music nature of sound, sound is a mechanical wave, longitudinal wave, pressure wave, sound properties and their perception, pitch and frequency, intensity and the decibel scale, speed of sound, the human ear, behavior of sound waves, interference and beats, Doppler effect and shock waves, boundary behavior, reflection, refraction, and diffraction, resonance and standing waves, standing wave patterns, fundamental frequency and harmonics, musical instruments
Technical essays about sound sound propagation, acoustics for music, hearing and the ear, sound spectra, decibels, dymanic range, microphones, basics of analog recording, basics of digital recording, sampled sound processing, mathematics of electronic music, simple harmonic motion, acoustic treatment of home studios, making waves from numbers, midi
Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music
The soundry psychoacoustics (the study of the structure of the ear and the way sound is received, transmitted, and understood by the brain), physical properties of sound, noise cancellation, the diffraction horn, harmonic synthesis, ultrasound

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