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Active semiconductors technology:
General overview IGBT JFET MOSFET Thyristor-Triac-UJT Transistors

General overview  related subjects: Safety parts, Tesla coils, Sensors
American Microsemiconductor tutorials on semiconductors: junctionfet, germaniumdiodes, diode, diac, bipolar transistor, mosfets, tunneldiode, transient voltage suppressor, triac, zener diode, varactor diode, diode arrays, SCR, a tip
Basic kowledge of electronic parts resistors, coils, capacitors, printed wiring boards, diodes, relays, transistors, wiring materials, integrated circuits
Characteristic Curves Characteristic Curves, 2-Terminal Devices, 3-Terminal Devices, NPN Bipolar transistors, PNP Bipolar transistors, n-channel field effect transistors (FETs), p-channel field effect transistors (FETs), n-channel MOSFETs, p-channel MOSFETs
Chemistry of Electronic Materials Background to Electronic Materials, Wafer Formation and Processing, Bipolar Transistors, MOS Structure, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Nanotechnology
Coding semiconductors
Composants de l´électronique analogique et numérique en Français, a tip
Composants électronique en Français
Composants semiconducteurs en Français
Design and technology description of the basic components of electronics
ECE 480 amplifiers, inductors, operational amplifiers, op amps, optics, oscillators, oscilloscopes, rf, modulation, heterodyne, mixer, double sideband, dsb, single sideband, ssb, amplitude modulation, am, frequency modulation, fm, shielding, sound, piezo, seebeck, peltier, video, vga, vcr, raster, tv, television, ntsc, pal, rs-170, rs-170a, bipolar transistors, bjt, field effect transistors, fet, mosfet, a tip
Electronic components capacitors, diodes, integrated circuits, chips, LED's, relays, resistors, switches, variable resistors
Electronic tables characteristics of some particles, circuit schematic symbols, critical temperatures for superconductors, dielectric constants, dielectric strength, fundamental physical constants, Greek symbols, magnetic susceptibilities, resistivity coefficients, temperature coefficients of resistivity, units in MKS and CGS
Electronics tutorial wire wound resistor, carbon film resistor, switches, transistors, capacitors: general overview, ...
IC outputs: terms and definitions
Insulation, conduction and semiconduction
Micro electronics - PCB - thin film solid state devices, thin film, integrated circuits, test equipment, DIL, PCB
Principles of semiconductor devices semiconductor fundamentals, Metal-Semiconductor Junctions, p-n Junctions, Bipolar transistors, MOS capacitors, MOS Field-Effect-Transistors, a tip
Principles of semiconductor devices Principles of semiconductor devices
Principles of semiconductor devices pdf file
Semiconductor devices Zener diode, diac, varactor, tunnel diode, Gunn diodes, Light-sensitive or photosensitive diodes, light-emitting diode (LED), Schottky diodes, Varactors, Zener diode, Tunel diode, Thyristors, Transistors, Bipolar transistors, Thyristors, Field Effect transistors (FETs), MOS FETs, Characteristic Curve
Semiconductor devices and models BJT, MOSFET, LED, MESFET, JFET
Semiconductor fundamentals metal oxide silicon field effect transistor (MOSFET), pn diode, bipolar transistor, MOS capacitor
Semiconductor hyperscript
Semiconductors ppt file
Semiconductor terms lexicon, how semiconductors are made, a tip
Soldering advice for components
Technologie van digitale componenten in Dutch
Understanding Electronics Components diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors and semiconductors
Vishay Technical Library Semiconductor Products, Diodes, Hybrids & Substrates, Infrared Emitters, IR Receiver Modules, IrDA Transceivers, LEDs, Modules, MOSFETs, Optocouplers, Photo Detectors, Rectifiers, Solid-State Relays, Passive Products, Capacitors, Displays, Fuses, Inductors, Networks Resistors


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