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Passive semiconductors and technology: general overview  related subjects: Safety parts, Tesla coils, Sensors
Basic kowledge of electronic parts resistors, coils, capacitors, printed wiring boards, diodes, relays, transistors, wiring materials, integrated circuits
Composants électronique en Français
Design and technology description of the basic components of electronics, resistors, capacitors, inductors, coils
ECE 480 a tip
Electronic components resistors, capacitors, inductors and semiconductors, Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), thermistor, silicon diode, germanium diode, zener diode, Light Emitting Diode (LED), rotary switch, push switch, microswitch, slide switch, reed switch, mercury tilt switch, NPN transistor, Field Effect Transistor (FET), MOSFET transistor, relay, types of capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, ...
Electronic components Understanding Electronics Components, resistors, capacitors, inductors, coils, Marking the resistors, Resistor power, Nonlinear resistors, Practical examples, Potentiometers, Block-capacitors, Marking the clock-capacitors, Electrolytic capacitors, Variable capacitors, Coils, Transformers, Working principles and characteristics of transformers, ...
Electronic components capacitors, diodes, integrated circuits, chips, LED's, relays, resistors, switches, variable resistors
Electronic tables characteristics of some particles, circuit schematic symbols, critical temperatures for superconductors, dielectric constants, dielectric strength, fundamental physical constants, Greek symbols, magnetic susceptibilities, resistivity coefficients, temperature coefficients of resistivity, units in MKS and CGS
Electronics tutorial wire wound resistor, carbon film resistor, switches, transistors, capacitors, The relay, The Capacitor, Types of capacitor, The non-electrolytic capacitor, The variable capacitor, The electrolytic capacitor, The tantalum capacitor, Toggle switch, Slide switch, Rotary switch, Push switch, Microswitch, Reed switch, Tilt switch, ...
Elements electronique en Français, pdf file
Integrated passive components Integrated passive components, pdf file
Integrated Passive Components Integrated passive components, pdf file
Passive components resistors, Capacitors, Types of Capacitors, Inductors, inductors, coils, technology, Resistor Characteristics, Resistor Types, Types of Transformers, Principle of Transformation, Electromagnetic Equation, Transformer, Core, Transformer Losses, Transformer
Connections, Transformer Impedance, pdf file
Passive components ppt file
Passive components resistors, resistor characteristics, resistor types, capacitors and inductors, types of capacitors, types of transformers, principle of transformation, electromagnetic equation, transformer core, transformer losses, transformer connections, transformer impedance, electrical fuses, pdf file
Understanding Basic Analog Passive Devices this application report describes passive devices such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors that are required to build an electronic circuit along with active devices, pdf file
EMC - EMI components  related topic: EMC - EMI, Magnetic materials
EMC Components EMC Filters for AC Power Line For Single-phase, pdf file
EMC filters EMC filters for power line applications, shielded rooms as well as feedthrough components, Overview of components for discrete filter solutions, Details of our EMC services and laboratory, EMC standards, EMI Suppression Filters
EMC filters mounting EMC filters mounting, pdf file
EMI filters Application Notes, Dielectric Information, Dimensions, Flexicap, Packaging, Quality & Product Safety, RoHS (Compliance and Labelling), Soldering, Technical Articles, surface mount EMI filtering, transient protection, EMI suppression filtering, ...
EMI Suppression Filters Application Guide Noise Suppression Content in Personal Computers, Noise Suppression in Desktop PCs, EMI filters, EMI Filters on the DC Power Supply Input, Noise Suppression for USB's, Noise Suppression in AC Power Supplies, Using Hybrid Choke Coils for Noise Suppression, pdf file
Ferrite Cores for Noise Suppression Ferrite Cores for Noise Suppression, Beads Core, Ring Core, Core for Flat Cables, Thin Type, Standard Type, Wide Type, Multi Hole Core, Plate Core, pdf file
Ferrites for RFI Ferrite Toroidal Cores, Composite Toroids, Ferrites for RFI, Nylon Housing for Split Cores, Round Cable Suppression Cores, Beads on Leads, Surface Mount Beads, Wound Beads, Traditional Broadband Transformers, Permeability of Ferrite Rods, Ferrites for Switch Mode Power Supplies
Ferrites for interference suppression the effect of magnetic material on a conductor, common and differential mode cable currents, the effect of impedance, choosing and using, secondary effects
Ferrites in EMI suppression Ferrites in EMI suppression, pdf file
Ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic materials Hysteresis loop, Basic parameters of the hysteresis loop, Permeability, Magnetic core shape characteristics, Relative loss factor, Quality factor Q, Hysteresis loss resistance Rh and hysteresis material constant, Core losses, pdf file
Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing pdf file
Iron powder materials Iron Powder Materials, Saturation and Flux Density, Core Loss Characteristics, AC RMS Voltage Due to Core Loss (sample chart), AC RMS Current Due to Core Loss (sample chart), Power Dissipation, Property Chart, Iron Powder Toroidal Cores (Iron Powder Toroid turns formula), Table of Materials
Surface Mount Devices  related topic: SMD codes
Smd in Dutch, pdf file
S M N P introduction to surface mount nomenclature and packaging, pdf file
SMD codes for transistors and diodes SMD codes for transistors and diodes
Surface Mount Devices ppt file
Surface mount ceramic resonators pdf file

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