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Jacobs Ladder


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Tesla coils  related topic: Voltage multipliers
1.5 Million-Volt Tesla Coil
300kV helical resonator The aim of this experiment was to design a basic air cored resonant transformer known as a tesla coil, rated at over 300kV output
3kW Tesla Coil powerful Spark Gap Tesla Coil
500,000 Volt Tesla Coil This Tesla coil was designed to run on a 900 Watt neon transformer
AC Tesla coil forced-air static gap, produces 5 ft arcs, Spark Gap, electrodes
Alan Sharp's home page toroids, 6" sparks, coil, high voltage transformers, sparkgaps, and capacitors
A small Tesla Coil A 300mm high, spark-gap Tesla coil
A spark throwing tesla coil made entirely of garbage Trashy Tesla Coil
Bobine de Tesla en Français
Capacitive transformer Tesla coil This experimental device is a 4th-order multiple resonance network where the floating elements are capacitors and all the inductors are grounded
Classic Tesla Tesla Coil Safety Information, Formula's for Tesla Coils, Photo's, Tesla coil Papers and Files a tip
DeepFriedNeon - Tesla Coils Tesla coil design calculations
Designing your Tesla Coil a conventional tesla coil is comprised of five basic fundamental items: High Voltage Transformer, Primary Capacitor, Primary Coil, Secondary Coil, Toroid (Secondary Top Load), pdf file
Dr. Gary Johnson's Renewable Energy and Tesla Coil Page
Greg's Garage Tesla Coil Site home page devoted to Tesla coils and related apparatus, Tesla coils, high voltage power supplies, Jacob's ladders, Tesla coil photography
Hammer`s Tesla pages
Herb's Tesla Coil Page This page is about Tesla Transformers, also called Tesla Coils. Tesla Coils are high frequency and high voltage devices. They are able to produce voltages of 100kV and far above at frequencies ranging from 50kHz to 500kHz, explains theory, design and construction of coil systems to produce your own lightning at home, Tesla coil design, hints and tips for the design of your own tesla coils system
Jamie Oliver's Tesla Coil Demonstration Page
John Dyer's Tesla Coil Pages
John's Tesla coil homepage Spark Gap Tesla Coils, Efficiency Theory, Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils, Vacuum Tube Display, Toroids, Tesla Coil Fiction Stories, Safety Warning
Lightning studio, Tesla coil site excel downloads
Making your own tesla coil Leyden Jars, Spark Gap (scheme), Spark Gap (photo), Coil in action, Close-up of the corona, Discharge tube
Medium Tesla Coil
Mike & Brians Tesla coil page how to build a Tesla coil and all the components needed, Tesla coil component page
Mini Tesla Coil
Résonateurs de Tesla en Français
Richie's Tesla coil web page Tesla coil design, construction, operation and measurement information, a tip
Ross-O's Tesla coil High Speed Photography, R&B Twin Coil, 6" secondary AC Tesla Coil, Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil, Pulse-Discharge Experiments, HV Fiber Optic Probe Set
Singing Tesla Coil emulator
Single transistor solid state Tesla Coil Simple solid state Tesla coil
Solid state Tesla coil Build an updated version of Nikola Tesla's most famous experiment
Solid state Tesla coils
Solid state Tesla coil with 555 timer
Terry's Tesla Coil Site a tip
Tesla coil Theory for beginers in Tesla coil building, Practical Magnifier Construction Principles
Tesla coil Tesla coils are air-cored resonant transformers which generate very high voltages at high frequency. They can be used to produce very long sparks, and have been used in research and for special effects in films and at social events
Tesla Coil CAD v2 Tesla coil calculations, Primary coil calculations using a flat spiral design, Secondary coil calculations, Primary capacitor and neon sign transformer matching calculations
Tesla coil design 300kV power supply
Tesla Coil Design, Theory and Construction
Tesla coil: how a Tesla coil works a Tesla coil is a high-voltage air-core resonant transformer, Tesla coil formulas, calculations, java calculator, Tesla coil software
Tesla coiling Primary Coil, Secondary Coil, Capacitor, Spark Gap, Safety Gap, Transformer, Toroid, RF Ground, How a Coil works, Some coil pictures, The BIGPIG system, Paralleling Variacs
Tesla coil design
Tesla coil exploring an electric wave experiment to demonstrate the inverse relationship between the coil, or magnetic inductor and the capacitor, or electrical inductor, and their usage in propagation of the electromagnetic field components
Tesla Coil Impedance pdf file
Tesla coil page
Tesla coil page
Tesla coil page Coil 2, Primary, Secondary, Spark Gap, Tank Capacitor, Transformer, Top Load, Input Voltage Control, Ballast, Power Factor Correction Capacitors, Filters, Safety, Equations, synchronous rotary spark gap
Tesla coil schematic and design notes for a standard spark gap tesla coil, Small budget Tesla Coil - 200W, Solid State Tesla Coils - x kW
Tesla coils Rotary Spark Gaps, Magnifier Tesla Coil Theory & Construction, a tip
Tesla Coils
Tesla Coils - How a Tesla Coil Works Tesla Coils - How a Tesla Coil Works, Tesla Coil information on how they work with pictures, spark gap, secondary, coil, NST, resonance
Tesla coils testing & experimenting
Tesla coil technical papers a tip
Tesla coil theory describes the theory of tesla coils, What is a Tesla Coil?, What can you do with a Tesla Coil?, RF Ground, Sparkgap information, Tesla magnifier systems
Tesla coil theory and construction  What is a Tesla Coil? What can you do with a Tesla Coil? The inventor: Nikola Tesla, How does it work? Information on important details
Tesla coil using 4 X microwave oven transformers Power supply. 4 X microwave oven transformers wired in series-parallel to give about 8Kv at approx 0.5 Amp full power. These must be current limited so they are supplied from a variac
Tesla coil using 4 X microwave oven transformers
Tesla coil using 3 X microwave oven transformers
Tesla Coil Construction Guide This guide will take you from the first steps of design, through construction and finally running your Tesla coil, a tip
Tesla Downunder An Australian high voltage site with 200 projects: Tesla coil sparks, Jacobs ladder, Lifters, lasers, a tip
Tesla magnifier Designing a Tesla Magnifier
TeslaMap TeslaMap gives you the ability to save your coil designs. You can re-open saved designs, edit them, and re-save them. Save hundreds of designs, there is no limit, Free download of TeslaMap - Tesla coil design program
Teslathon 2001
Tesla secondary simulation project exploring the fascinating physics of self-resonant solenoids of the kind used for Tesla secondaries
Tesla Transformer for Experimentation and Research The Tesla Transformer is an electrical device capable of developing high potentials ranging from a few hundreds of kilovolts up to several megavolts; the voltage is produced as AC, with a typical frequency of 50 - 400 kHz, pdf file
Transformerless Tesla coil
Twin Tesla coil system

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