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Jacobs Ladder


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High voltage stuff:
High voltage stuff overview Jacob's ladder Tesla coil  
High voltage stuff Plasma globes    

High voltage transformers  related topics: Transformers, Microwave oven
1300 V & 2200 V HV Supply
Determining Proper Loading for Neon Sign Transformers
High voltage transformers High voltage transformers
HV transformers HV transformers
Microwave transformers Microwave ovens contain a very powerful high voltage transformer (MOT = microwave oven transformer), 2kVolt
Neon Sign Background How neon sign is made , Background, Raw materials, Design
Neon sign transformers Neon sign transformers, Neon sign transformers are used as a source of high voltage power for many HV experiments, however the maximum voltage that can be extracted from the secondary with respect to ground is only half of the voltage rating of the transformer
Neon Sign Transformer Center Tap Removal Neon sign transformers are used as a source of high voltage power for many HV experiments
Oil burner ignition transformers Oil burner ignition transformers
Transistor Driven Flyback Transformer A very simple road to your basic high voltage generator is the transistor driven flyback transformer. This circuit uses a common flyback transformer
Using multiple transformers to get more high voltage power Neon sign transformers
Using Microwave Oven Transformers In High Voltage Power Supplies
Why NOT to use Microwave Oven Transformers Microwave Oven Transformers
Other high voltage stuff
1.9 Kilojoule Coil Gun permanent magnet repulsion coil gun
300kV power supply The aim of this experiment was to design a basic air cored resonant transformer known as a tesla coil, rated at over 300kV output
30kVDC power supply
120 kV Power Supply Building a 120 kV Power Supply, 120 kV Full-Wave Multiplier Circuit
Cockcroft-Walton diode voltage multipliers diode voltage multipliers, pdf file
Coilgun a coilgun accelerates a piece of iron or steel down a tube. The tube runs through a series of electromagnetic coils (like solenoids). There's no sparks or noise or impressive side effects (or parts to wear out). Some careful timing circuits energize each coil in sequence. The principle of magnetic attraction draws the projectile along at rapidly increasing speed
Coilgun a reluctance coilgun is basically a solenoid which can launch iron or steel projectiles by careful timing of the coil current
Coilgun animation
Electrostatic Machines Electrostatic machines are electromechanical devices that produce "static electricity", or electricity at continuous (DC) high voltage, The Wimshurst Electrostatic Machine, A Lebiez machine (simplified Voss machine), A 2 disks Toepler electrostatic machine, Bonetti machine, The Holtz Electrostatic Influence Machine, Leyser Electrostatic Machine, The Bohnenberger machine, The Wehrsen Machine, Bohnenberger's Bennet's doubler
Flyback Drivers Solid-State Flyback Driver, IRFP450 MOSFET, tube flyback driver
High Voltage and X-Ray Experiments various experiments made with high voltage and X-rays
High-Voltage DC Generator The circuit is fed from a 12-volt DC power supply. The input to the circuit is then amplified to provide a 10,000 volts DC output, pdf file
High voltages required for several lasers
Ignition coil driver a very simple circuit that will provide high voltage (15-40kV) sparks using a common ignition coil
Ignition Coil High Voltage Generators Ignition Coil High Voltage Generators, schematic to a high voltage generator using one ignition coil
Microwave Oven Experiment Page Fluorescent tube in a Microwave, Microwaving high-pressure sodium vapor lamps, Neon Globes in a Microwave Oven, Valves in a microwave with video, Pins and Sparks, Putting Kitchen Scourer's in a microwave, A vacuum fluorescent display in a microwave with video, A foil lined chip packet in a microwave with video, Making plasma using a coil of copper wire
Microwave oven: Fun Things to Do with Microwave Ovens CDs, Steel wool, Light bulb, Flourescent tube, Neon light, Printed circuit board, Burnt match, Bit of wire (the tethered and free-floating plasma-arc effects), Demolishing a microwave with explosives. [DANGER!], Can of baked beans, [DANGER!], Carton of eggs [DANGER!], Cockroach, Instant coffee (time contraction effect), Burning candle
Microwave oven modification Microwave oven modification
Miniature High-Voltage DC Generator
MPEG of a 230 kV Three Phase Disconnect Switch Opening
Panasonic Microwave Oven Inverter HV Power Supply Panasonic Microwave Oven Inverter HV Power Supply, pdf file
Pelletron charging chain Pelletron chains are made of metal pellets connected by insulating nylon links and are charged by an induction scheme that does not use rubbing contacts or corona discharges
"Quick & Dirty" Marx generator The Marx generator consists of an array of resistors, capacitors and spark gaps, use high voltage capacitors and resistors!!
Single transistor flyback driver
Spark gap a spark gap consists of an arrangement of two conducting electrodes separated by a gap usually filled with some gas
Stun Gun
Stun Gun Basic Stun Gun Concept
Stun Gun Electronic Dazer
Triggered spark gap this device is used to switch high current voltages
Triggered spark gap BUILDING THE TRIGGERED SPARK GAP, pdf file
Voltage Multiplier (100kV)
Van de Graaf generator  related topic: Electrostatics
A double Van de Graaf generator electrostatic machines
Dirod electrostatic generators
Electrostatic machines are electromechanical devices that produce "static electricity", or electricity at continuous (DC) high voltage
Van de Graaff Generator Van de Graaff generator, Foot pedal switch, Grounding rod (handle and ball), Rubbermaid stool, Aluminum charging rod
Van de Graaf generator Van de Graaf generator
Van de Graaf generator Van de Graaf generator, A Van de Graaff generator is a machine which uses a moving belt to accumulate very high voltages on a hollow metal globe. The potential differences achieved in modern Van de Graaff generators can be up to 5 megavolts
Van de Graaf Generator Ever wonder how to make static electricity? Combing your hair, rubbing a balloon, etc. are all simple ways to generate static electricity, ...
Van De Graaff Generators & High Voltage Stuff The Van de Graaff Generator is an electrostatic generator capable of generating extremely high voltages upto around 20 million volts. Named after its inventor Robert Jemison Van de Graaff, ...

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