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High voltage stuff:
High voltage stuff overview Jacob's ladder Tesla coil  
High voltage stuff Plasma globes    

Plasma globes 
Creation of Plasma Background on Lightning and Plasma, pdf file
Flyback Drivers solid state flyback driver based on a micro solid-state Tesla coil circuit
Flyback Powered Plasma Globes How does a plasma globe work? Television Flyback transformer, Home-Made Plasma Balls
Home built plasma globe
How to build your glow discharge plasma panel
How to make a plasma globe? How to make a plasma globe with flyback transformer and a light bulb at home?
How to make a simple plasma globe How to make a simple plasma globe
Lightbulb plasma globe Lightbulb Plasma globe
Lightbulb plasma globes
Lightbulb plasma globes
Make your own plasma globes the plasma globe, or inert gas discharge tube, as Nikola Tesla (it's inventor) first called it, is perhaps one of the most beautiful manifestations of plasma. Also known as "Plasma Spheres", "Lightning Globes", "Thunder Domes", Educypedia
Make your own plasma globe
Matias Plasma Globe Plasma Globe driver, glass bottle, 555
Plasma hot ionized gas, ppt file
Plasma The fourth state of matter
Plasma Ball
Plasma Ball Just how do those plasma things work?
Plasma Ball Electricity Plasma Ball, Fluorescent light bulb, Neon light tube, Rubber mat or insulating stool
Plasma Display Documentation Can I make a plasma display from a normal light bulb?
Plasma generator Plasma generator,  flyback transformer, pdf file
Plasma globe DIY Plasma Globe
Plasma globe The plasma globe was made by connecting the high voltage supply to an ordinary bulb. As a bulb has very low pressure inside, very long arcs can be obtained inside the bulb
Plasma Globe Colors
Plasma Globe Power Supplies Plasma Globe Power Supplies
Plasma globe with a normal light bulb In this experiment, a high AC voltage is applied between a light bulb's glowing spiral and the outside of the glass. This high voltage is applied through water, such that the high potential difference exists along a large part of the surface of the glass bulb
Plasmoid ( Ball Lightning ) generation with Microwaves
Single transistor solid state Tesla Coil  Plasma display the circuit is a high frequency (15kHz) high voltage (20kV) oscillator. The heart of the high-voltage generator is a standard flyback transformer transplanted from an old TV set
Plasma display documentation Plasma Displays & Inert Gas Discharge Tubes (IGDT), pdf file
Teralab Glass Blowing for Vacuum Devices This section describes methods for working glass for scientific vacuum devices such as glow tubes, filament lamps and thermionic devices. It is a record of the approaches which I have taken and the problems which I faced. The articles below apply to soda-lime glass
The Physics of Plasma Globes The Physics of Plasma Globes, doc file
The Physics of The Plasma Ball A Plasma ball looks like a snow globe, but instead of being filled with plastic snow, Plasma balls are filled with a mixture of gases and have an electrode center. This electrode center generates energy that collects in lighting-like streams. The ball has no real purpose other than then amuse, but it does incorporate several physics concepts such as quantum mechanics

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