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High voltage stuff:
High voltage stuff overview Jacob's ladder Tesla coil  
High voltage stuff Plasma globes    

High voltage generators - Electrostatic machines 
1000000 Volt! ce site decrit les machines electriques permettant de generer de tres hauts voltages et des decharges electriques spectaculaires, en Franšais
Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump
Bob's High Voltage Home Page Can Crusher, Can Expander, Cockcroft-Walton, Electrostatic Motor, High Voltage Probe, High Voltage Relay, Jacob's Ladder, Marx Generator, Mini Tesla Coil, Microwaved CDs
Corona discharge a corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of a fluid surrounding a conductor, which occurs when the potential gradient exceeds a certain value, ...
Electrostatic Machines Electrostatic machines are electromechanical devices that produce "static electricity", or electricity at continuous (DC) high voltage, ...
High voltage experimenter's handbook A collection of practical theoretical and empirical data to aid experimenter's using high voltage, High Voltage, Kilovolt, Megavolt, Spark Gap, Insulator, Arc, Tesla Coil, Energy Discharge
High Voltage 100 kV DC (mobile x-ray unit), Voltage multiplier (Cockcroft-Walton), Jacobs ladder, Junkyard transformer, Ignition coil sparks, MOT supply in a MO, TV flyback HV supply (60 W), TV flyback HV supply (300 W), Strange HV/water effects, Van de Graaff generator
High Voltage and X-Ray Experiments Building a 120 kV X-Ray Power Supply
High Voltage Arcs and Sparks Longest manmade spark, Substation Transformer Explosion, 115kV, 230kV, and 500kV Air-Break Switches Arcing
High Voltage Electricity Flyback Driver, Plasma Globes, Ignition Coil, Tesla Coil, Jacob's Ladder, Marx Generator, Induction Heating
High Voltage Experiments
High Voltage Generators for Testing High Voltage Generators, pdf file
High voltage pages TV flybacks and car coils, Tesla coils, a tip
High voltage pages TV flybacks and car coils, Tesla coils
High Voltage Projects you can Build
High Voltage Sparks and Arcs MPEG of a 230 kV and image of 115 kV Three-Phase Disconnect Switch Opening, MPEG of a 500 kV disconnect switch, one phase opens, 480 volt 3-phase Arc Flash Demonstration
High voltage switching device High Voltage switching device for driving coils and which have big impedance when it is switched off. It can be use in Back-EMF energy recovery tests, high voltage, ignition coil, tesla coil, induction coil, oudin coil, flyback, multiplier, Jacob's ladder, microwave transformer, schematics
Mike's Electric Stuff Tesla coils and high-voltage stuff, Jacob's Ladders High-voltage flames, Sparks of Fire High voltage AND flames, Tesla Coil Motor Electric 'wheel of fire' effects, Fun with a surge generator Can-crushing, ballistic maglev and exploding stuff, Lightbulb plasma globe Storm in a bulb
New home of me and my monkey :) electromagnetic linear accelerator, coil gun, flyback transformer, plasma globe, Educypedia
PowerLabs High Voltage Research PowerLabs High Voltage Research: Experimentation with very high voltages and high voltage devices: Tesla Coils, ignition coils, voltage multipliers, flyback drivers, Ignition Coil Driver, MOT, Plasma Globes, Induction Heating, Wimshurst, Water Atomization, Voltage Multiplier, Single Transistor Flyback Driver
Quest for overunity
Spark gap and solid state Tesla coils, high voltage, high energy physics, lasers
Theater of electricity
Tony's Website! Electronics projects you can built, circuits, High Voltage projects, Jacobs-Ladder, Tesla, van de Graaff, HV-Capacitors, Lightning, HV-Pulse, Rail-Gun, Stun-Gun, Negative-Ion

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