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General overview 
Amateur radio and audio calculators
Measure, conversion table and calculators units of measure, conversion table, converter, a tip
Online Calculators Antennas/RF, Inductors, Capacitors, Physics, Chemistry, Decibels, Helmholtz Resonator, Kinetic Energy, Harmonic Helper, Cyclotron Frequency, Convolute Paper Tubes
Pronine Electronics - Calculators Pi Attenuator Calculator, Tee Attenuator Calculator, Parallel Resistor Calculator, Series Capacitor Calculator, Capacitor Impedance Calculator, Inductor Impedance Calculator, RC Circuit Calculator, LC Tuned Circuit Calculator, Voltage dB Calculator, Voltage - Resistance - Power Calculator, Voltage - Impedance - dBm Power Calculator, Audio Signal Level Units - Voltage - dBu - dBV Calculator, Resonant Circuit Quality Factor and Bandwidth Calculator, Butterworth Pi LC Low Pass Filter Calculator, Butterworth Tee LC Low Pass Filter Calculator, .., a tip
Radio calculator scientific calculator and universal converter for radio communication: a tip
Radio formula calculators single layer coil, multi layer coil, heatsink calculations, attenuators, capacitor, inductor
WIRIS online mathematical, physics formula editor
Miscellaneous stuff 
3 Phase Calculator 3 Phase Power Calculator
Acceptance Angle Calculator Acceptance angle of a fiber
Calculate Motor Size Calculate Motor Size, Based on the basic formulas for the physics of motion we can calculate the theoretical energy needs to move a vehicle
Coefficients de Fourier en Français
Current source calculator Current source calculator
Decibels calculator Decibels calculator
DVB-S & DVB-S2 Bitrates Calculator
Erlangs and bandwidth calculator this calculator can be used to estimate the bandwidth required to transport a known busy hour traffic figure through an IP based network
Erlang calculator Erlang calculator, Erlang B Calculator, Erlang C calculator, Lines to IP Bandwidth Calculator
Erlang B calculator Erlang B calculator, can be used to work out how many lines you need for a trunk group if you know the Busy Hour Traffic which the trunk group is offered
Erlang-C Calculator
Erlang C calculator Erlang C calculator, is similar to the Erlang B Calculator but takes retries into account. It can be applied to trunk groups from which no overflow facilities exist
Extended Erlang B calculator Extended Erlang B calculator
Inductive/capacitive coupling between two parallel microstrips or striplines
Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire
Network calculators
Network calculators Subnet Mask Calculator, Network/Node Calculator, IP Address Converter, Subnet Mask Converter, Subnet Mask Inverter
Number Base Arithmetic On this page you can do natural number arithmetic in the binary, octal, decimal, or hexadecimal, number bases
PCB trace impedance calculator calculates the characteristic impedance and per-unit-length parameters of typical printed circuit board trace geometries
Power Supply Calculator Thermaltake Power Supply Calculator. The total PSU Wattage this tool recommends will give a general idea of the range of continuously available power (not peak power) at which you should be looking
Power Supply Calculator Design of Switch Mode Power Supplies
Radio-Locator the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet
RGB Color Calculator RGB Color Calculator / Web Page Color Choosing Tool / HTML Color Code Generator
Signal-to-noise calculator for CCD photometry allows you to calculate the signal-to-noise ratio for a star observed with a telescope and CCD
Thermal noise calculation calculator Boltzmann constant = 1,3806505×10-23 J/K (joule/kelvin)
Waveform harmonic calculator select the type of waveform you want to analyze by choosing the "square", "triangle", or "trapezoidal" tab

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