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Sound studio and audio calculations- online - acoustics conversion engine, a tip

Acoustic impedance calculate the acoustic impedance for any material, so long as you know its density (p) and acoustic velocity (V)
Aktive audio filter online aktive audio filter calculator
Active Filter Calculator - Bandpass with OpAmp Designer
Active filter designer filters with opamps
Amplifier online calculations transistor circuits calculator
Bandpass Filter Calculator 4 Pole Bandpass Active Filter, 6 Pole Bandpass Active Filter
Cable Calculator
Conversion of sound units sound level SPL --> sound pressure p and sound intensity I; sound pressure  --> sound level, sound intensity --> sound level
Conversion: voltage V to dBu, dBV, and dBm
Conversion: voltage V to dBu, dBV, and dBm A utility to convert between standard units of power measurement and signal strength, This calculator interconverts between dBm, dBu, dBV, VPEAK and VRMS
Crossover Network Design Formulas & Calculator This calculator will design a two-way first-order Butterworth crossover network for you
Crossover enclosure calculators formulas
dBm to Watt Conversion Calculator
dbm voltage impedance calculator dbm voltage impedance calculator
Decibel calculation sound intensity in decibels above the standard threshold of hearing
Decibels and distance calculator this calculation will give you the amount of attenuation, in decibels, you can expect with a change in receiver distance, in a free field
Design and dimensioning of active filters active low-pass filter design and dimensioning, active high-pass filter design and dimensioning
FIR filter design applet
Frequency response calculation of microphone cables
Helmholtz resonance calculator Helmholtz resonance calculator
Loudness calculator (Stevens Method) to calculate loudness in sones & phons from octave band measurements
L Pad Calculator
Measuring Sound Pressure Level (SPL) loudness contour
Microphone sensitivity conversion International standards have established 1 Pascal (Pa) as 94 dBSPL. This reference point is now accepted for specifying the sensitivity of microphones
Ohm's law of the acoustics
Perceptual Audio Demonstration an audio demonstration of decibels. A sound card is required to play the tones, Perceptual Audio Demonstrations
Quickie 2kHz reverb time calculator this quickie reverb time calculator can give you a fast indication of how much trouble you may be in with your current room design
RIAA curve designer audio pre amplifier design, Magnetic Pickup Equalization
Room mode calculator This JavaScript calculator will determine the Axial, Tangential and Oblique room modes of regular rectangular shaped rooms with uniform wall construction
Sallen-Key Active Low Pass Filter Calculator
Sallen-Key low pass Butterworth filter calculator Sallen-Key low pass Butterworth filter calculator
Speed of sound calculator speed of sound calculator, Speed of sound, density of air, acoustic impedance vs. temperature
Speed of sound calculator speed of sound calculator, Speed of Sound in Air
Speed of sound calculator speed of sound calculator
Speed of sound in humid air Calculation: speed of sound in humid air, Air Density Calculations
Speed of sound in humid air The calculator presented here computes the zero-frequency speed of sound in humid air according to Cramer , with saturation vapour pressure taken from Davis, Metrologia, 29, p67, 1992, and a mole fraction of carbon dioxide of 0.0004
Tube Audio Amplifier Design
WaveGen will read a text file and convert into a Morse Code
Wavelength of sound calculator the wavelength of any airborne audio frequency in inches, feet and metres, based on the speed of sound at sea level, and at 20 degrees Celsius
Audio: Loudspeaker tools and calculators 
Audio speaker design calculators Driver Parameters, Sealed Enclosures, Vented Enclosures, 2 way Crossover, 3 way Crossover
Interactive speaker designer
Loudspeaker filters calculators
Loudspeaker calculators loudspeaker calculators, design a first order 3 way APC crossover, types of crossovers 1st-6th order, calculate box volumes and port sizes, Designing a Parallel Notch Filter, Designing a Series Notch Filter
Loudspeaker crossover calculators loudspeaker crossover calculators
Loudspeaker tools and calculators crossover calculator, 2-way crossover multiple way crossover, calculator Frequency Response, room Helmholtz resonator, room resonances, ...
Measuring loudspeaker parameters Measuring Speaker T-S Parameters
Passive crossover basics 4 different crossover configurations
Passive crossover filters A passive crossover has no active filters as were used in the electronic crossover. It uses coils and capacitors to cause a rolloff of the audio level
Speaker design calculator online speaker design calculator
SPL calculator will compute the predicted maximum sound pressure level (loudness) at the listening position

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