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Laser Diode


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General overview LCD OLED-AMOLED  

Optics: general overview related subjects: Cabling: fibers, Electricity: lightning, Infra red sensors, Lasers, LCD - Plasma television, Optical sensors, Optoelectronics circuits, Photodiode, Physics: optics, Physics: lasers, VFD
Comparison of display technology a comparison of various properties of different display technologies, Shadow mask CRT, Aperture grille CRT, Self-contained Rear Projection CRT, Plasma Display Panel, Direct View LCD, LCD Rear Projection, DLP, LCoS, SED, OLED, IMOD
Color science An Overview of Color Sensing, color spectra, RGB values for wavelengths between 380nm and 780nm, pdf file
Displays Comparison pdf file
Display Technology Overview provides an overview of current and emerging display technologies, Technologies included are Liquid Crystal Displays, Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Digital Light Processing Technology, Plasma Displays, Field Emission Displays, and Electronic Paper, ..., pdf file
Don's light, lamp and strobe site bright and efficient LEDs, incandescant and halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, neon, HID, short arc lamps, xenon lamps, xenon strobe, Volt/watt/joule general guidelines, flashtubes, UV lamps, principles of discharge lamps, HID lamps, Tesla coils, plasma spheres / lightning globes, carbon arcs, silly neon lamp tricks, lasers, infrared filtering
Electronic Displays Comparison compares advantages and disadvantages of Cathode Ray Tubes, Electro-Luminescent, Flip-Dot, Incandescent Light Bulbs, Liquid Crystal, Light Emitting Diode, Organic LEDs, Polymer LEDs, Glow Discharge, Plasma Display Panels, and Vacuum Fluorescent Display technologies
Electronic Displays Comparison Electronic Displays Comparison, pdf file
Electro optics Electro optics, fiber optics, laser, spectral lines lasers, radiometric, visible spectrum
Electro-Optics Handbook Photometric Standards, Illuminance, Luminous Exitance, and Luminance, The Tungsten Lamp as a Luminous Intensity Standard, Physical Constants, Angle Conversion Factors, Symbols and Definitions Commonly Used in Electra-Optics, Wavelength of Maximum Spectral Power, (Wien’s Displacement Law), Values of Constants in Radiation Equations, Blackbody Radiation Curves, Blackbody References, Human Eye Response, Thresholds of Human Eye Response, Color and the Human Eye, Spectral Luminous Efficacy and Spectral Luminous Efficiency, Luminous Efficacy and Luminous Efficiency, pdf file
Fundamentals of optoelectronics Fundamentals of optoelectronics
L'opto-électronique pdf file, en Français
Microdisplay technologies Characteristics comparison of different SLM technologies, p-Si, TFT, TI DMD, OLED, NLCOS, FLCOS, OLED/ P-OLED technology
Optical through the air communications handbook optical through the air communications, optical communications, light theory, voice audio communications, light emitter, light receiver, receiver circuits, pdf file
Optics Electromagnetic waves, photons, diffraction and interference, the laws of reflection and refraction, mirrors and thin lenses, radiometry and photometry, thermal sources, line sources, LEDs, quantum detectors, thermal detectors, optical wave guides, modes, fibers, couplers, fiber measurements, ...
Optoélectronique en Français
Opto electronics Infrared Products, Optocouplers, Opto Power Solutions, Opto Design Solutions, SO-8 Optocouplers
Opto electronics Why optical fiber can transmit light so far away? Structure of optical fiber, What is the total reflection? How far can the fiber transmit light? What are physical reasons of light attenuation? Long wavelength attenuation, Short wavelength attenuation, Optimum wavelenth, Optoelectric integrated circuit
Opto electronics circuits collection avalanche photodiode (APD), laser diode driver, linear thermoelectric cooler (TEC) driver circuit, pdf file
Optics: miscellaneous topics  related topic: Phototransistor technology
7-Segment LED Displays 7-Segment LED Displays, pdf file
7-Segment LED Displays 7-Segment LED Displays, pdf file
7 Segment LEDs Seven segment displays come in two varieties - common anode (CA) and common cathode (CC), ...
7-Seven-segment display
7-Seven-segment display Common Anode (CA), Common Cathode (CC), in Dutch
Afficheur 7 segments en Français
Applications of optocouplers Optocoupler Input Drive Circuits, Low Current Input Circuit Ideas, Applications of Non Zero Crossing Triac Drivers, Zero Voltage Crossing Optically Isolated Triac Drivers, Phototransistor Circuits, Optically Isolated Phase Controlling Circuit
Display and photovoltaics display, photovoltaic, materials, light-emitting polymer displays, light-emitting polymers, organic photonic materials, fluorescent materials, charge transport agents, inorganic LED materials
Emission line spectra of some elements and light sources emission line spectra of some elements and light sources
How infrared motion detector components work PIR325, the pyroelectric sensor is made of a crystalline material that generates a surface electric charge when exposed to heat in the form of infrared radiation
How optical isolation works - illustration
How to control HD44780-based character-LCD
Light measurement handbook electromagnetic wave theory, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light, power of light, light sources, measurement, detectors, filters, radiometer, flux, irradiance and illuminance, radiance and luminance, intensity, Pdf file
Microdisplays microdisplays are displays that are so small that magnifying optics are needed to use them. Usually they consist or a CMOS chip which contains an 2-dimensional array of transistors (one per pixel, just like in a TFT display), with on top of every transistor a pixel electrode that also acts as a mirror
Nano Technology in Display Bistable LCDs, Fast LCDs, High Performance OLEDs, Novel Low-cost Color LCD
Optical receiver circuits optical receiver circuits
Optical communications animated, a tip
Opto-coupler pdf-file
Optocouplers Optocouplers application notes, How Optical Isolation Works (with Switching Power Supply)
Optocouplers Optocouplers & Optoisolators Applications Photo diode output, Photo transistor output, Photo Darlington output, Photo SCR output, Slotted optocoupler, An optocoupler, also called opto-isolator, is an electronic component that transfers an electrical signal or voltage from one part of a circuit to another, or from one circuit to another, while electrically isolating the two circuits from each other, ...
Optocouplers: When and how to use them pdf-file
Opto-isolator In electronics, an opto-isolator (or optical isolator, optocoupler) is a device that uses a short optical transmission path to transfer a signal between elements of a circuit, typically a transmitter and a receiver, while keeping them electrically isolated, ...
Photonic detectors photonic detectors, photo transistor, photo diodes, solar cells, LED
Seven Segment Display Design Guide Seven Segment Display Design Guide, pdf-file

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