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Miscellaneous topics about electronics 
Analoge vertragingslijnen (in Dutch)
Breadboard What is a breadboard? pdf file
Dielectrics Polarization and Dielectric Constant
Electrophotography process The principles behind the electrophotographic process
Fixed attenuators Fixed attenuators can be designed to have either equal or unequal impedances and to provide any amount of attenuation, Unbalanced Tee Attenuator, Balanced Tee Attenuator, Unbalanced Pi Attenuator, Balanced Pi (p) Attenuator, pdf file
Fuzzy logic a complete repository for Fuzzy Logic and NeuroFuzzy applications. It contains free simulation software, case studies, and product information
Harmonics Guide pdf file
Latch-up effect latchup effect, pdf file
Latch-up effect latchup effect, Understanding and Eliminating Latch-Up in CMOS Applications, pdf file
Latch-up effect latchup effect, Understanding Latch-Up in Advanced CMOS Logic, Latch-up is a failure mechanism of CMOS integrated circuits characterized by excessive current drain coupled with functional failure, parametric failure and/or device destruction, pdf file
Latch-up effect, ESD, and other phenomena Parasitic Transistors in a CMOS Circuit, Parasitic Thyristor in a CMOS Circuit, Guard Rings in a CMOS Circuit, ESD-Protection Circuits Using Diodes, Parasitic Transistors in Bipolar Circuits, Parasitic Thyristors, pdf file
Magnetic Carriers The basic principles for recording signals on a magnetic medium, how Magnetic Carriers work
Magnetic tape: Tape Drive Technology Comparison Tape Drive Technology Comparison, pdf file
Magnetic Tape Drive Technologies Guiding the tape through the tape path and across the read/write head is one of the key technologies in any tape drive, ...
Magnetic Tape Heads how Magnetic Tape Heads work, recording process, oxide shedding and excessive buildup, dropouts, loss of high frequency response, midrange bump, distortion, noise, unstable signal and tape path, tracking error, edge track instability on multi-track heads, insufficient erasure
Magnetic tape recorder How a Magnetic tape recorder works, A tape recorder, tape deck, cassette deck or tape machine records and plays back sound using magnetic tape for storage. It records a fluctuating signal by moving a strip of magnetic tape across a tape head, ...
Shunt versus series feedback shunt versus series feedback, pdf file
Square waves, pulse rise times, and frequencies pdf file
Speed of electricity how fast electrons flow in a wire, How Fast do Electrons Travel, How fast does electricity flow? How fast does electricity flow?, Speed Of Electricity How Fast is electricity?
Speed Of Electricity Ohms Law and Classical Physics, The Speed of Electricity, calculate the speed of electricity, How fast does electricity move?
Speed Of Electricity How fast does electricity travel? Electric Charge and Electric Current
Theremin the theremin is a musical instrument that uses electronic circuits to produce audible tones, which is controlled by the player hands motions near the instrument, without touching the instrument
Theremin Development & Construction of a Theremin, A theremin is an electronic musical instrument. Unlike most instruments the
musician doesn’t need to be in contact with the instrument to play it, the pitch that is heard depends on where the musicians hand is compared to an aerial, ..., pdf file
Theremin pdf file
Thin film process "Thin film" is both a process of manufacturing and also a description of heater elements on a thermal printhead

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