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Semiconductor Processing: overview  related topics: Digital: technology, PCB design, Soldering
Basic IC Fabrication and Design Introduction to IC Processing, MOSFET Review, Surface Preparation, Oxidation of silicon, Photolithography, Oxidation, Diffusion, Layout, Etching, Photolith, Wafer Cleaning
Chip making process silicon wafers, wafer processing, photolithography, Semiconductor Processing, chipmaking, integrated circuit manufacturing
Design Fabrication and test of CMOS circuits CMOS manufacturing methods; advanced processing for integrated circuits. Analysis of yield, statistical process control and design of experiments as applied to process design, integration and characterization
Electronic materials a tip
Fabrication of MOSFETs photolithography, polysilicon layer
Flexible Circuit Technology Flexible Circuit Technology Overview, Flex Circuit Drives, Benefits & Applications, Flexible Circuit Materials, Implementing Flexible Circuit Technology, Practical Design Guidelines for Flex, Flex Circuit Manufacturing Processes, Flexible Circuit Assembly, Inspection and test of Circuits, Documentation Needs for Flex Circuits, Flex Circuits Specifications, zip file
How chips are made chip technology
How chips are made Silicon Wafer Manufacturing, Thermal Oxidation, Patterning, Etching, doping
How semiconductors are made wafer production, wafer fabrication, thermal oxidation or deposition, masking, etching, doping, dielectric deposition and metallization, passivation, electrical test, assembly
IC Group Design Resources and Cadence
IC manufacturing Basic Integrated Circuit Manufacturing, pdf file
IC Processes Producing Semiconductor-Grade Silicon, Silicon Crystal Growth and Wafer Production, Si Oxide and Doping, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Silicon Epitaxy, Oxide CVD, CVD for Poly-Silicon, Silicon Nitride and Miscellaneous Materials, Physical Processes for Layer Deposition, Sputter Deposition and Contact Hole Filling, Ion Implantation, Etching Techniques, Chemical Etching, Lithography, Electrochemistry of Silicon
Introduction to microelectronics manufacturing the evolution of today's microelectronic integrated circuit (IC) chip technology, explains how IC's are made
Introduction to Semiconductor Technology to gain insight into the processing steps used for the fabrication of advanced electron devices
Microelectronic design Silicon microelectronic fabrication process and packaging
Microengineering Aerospace Systems
Microfabrication an introduction to the principles of microfabrication for  sensors, MEMS, and microsystems with applications in medicine and biology, cover silicon oxidation, photolithography, thermal oxidation, thin film deposition, wet etching, dry etching, CMOS, electrochemical deposition (plating) and packaging
Microfabrication pdf file
Nanofabrication pdf file
Photolithography Silicon wafer orientation, Various steps of the photolithography process, Schematic of a simple lithographic exposure system, Lithographic exposure system, pdf file
Photolithography process photolithography is an optical means for transferring patterns onto a substrate. It is essentially the same process that is used in lithographic printing, pdf file
Semiconductor manufacturing technology pdf file
Semiconductor manufacturing production of silicon wafers from very pure silicon ingots, fabrication of integrated circuits onto these wafers, assembly of every integrated circuit on the wafer into a finished product, testing and back-end processing of the finished products
Semiconductor manufacturing Semiconductor device fabrication is the process used to create chips, the integrated circuits that are present in everyday electrical and electronic devices
Semiconductor manufacturing materials
Semiconductor manufacturing process ppt file
Semiconductor manufacturing process semiconductors, sometimes referred to as computer chips or integrated circuits (ICs), contain numerous electrical pathways which connect thousands or even millions of transistors and other electronic components. These transistors store information on the semiconductors, either by holding an electrical charge or by holding little or no charge
Semiconductor manufacturing process description oxidation, where an inert layer of silicon dioxide is formed on the wafer by exposing the wafer to a heated oxygen environment, Photoresist application, Etching, where reactive gases or liquids are used to remove the silicon dioxide layer from the wafer surface where it is not protected by cured photoresist. Doping (diffusion, ion implant), where the wafer is exposed to impurities which penetrate into the exposed silicon patterns to selectively modify the electrical conductivity of the silicon. Layering (epitaxial growth, metallization films, chemical vapor deposition), where a doped wafer is covered with a uniform layer of silicon (to form a base for additional circuit layers) or metal (to form a conductive connection between the circuit layers and the external IC package)
Semiconductor manufacturing tour photolithography process, deposition, oxidation, oxidation & exposure, epitaxy, mask making process, making the wafer, chip making process
Silicon Technology Basic Concepts of Integrating Bipolar Transistors, Basic Concepts of Connecting Transistors, Integrated MOS Transistors, Integrated CMOS Technology, Process Integration, Chips on Wafers, Packaging and Testing, Cleanrooms, Particles and Contamination, Development and Production of a New Chip Generation
VLSI technology: from the wafer to the transistor
Semiconductor Processing: topics  related topics: Soldering, Digital: technology, PCB design
Chemical vapor deposition CVD, an introduction to the underlying principles of chemical vapor deposition of films, with examples of films, reactors, and applications
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Chemical Vapor Deposition is chemical reactions which transform gaseous molecules , called precursor, into a solid material , in the form of thin film or powder, on the surface of a substrate
Clean rooms
Crystal growth
CVD, oxidation, and diffusion thin-film deposition CVD, oxidation, and diffusion thin-film deposition, pdf file
Diffusion diffusion: a concentration gradient will cause a force to redistribute particles until there is no concentration gradient, diffusion is very useful for p and n type doping in Si, pdf file
Etching pdf file
Etching processes wet etching where the material is dissolved when immersed in a chemical solution, dry etching where the material is sputtered or dissolved using reactive ions or a vapor phase etchant
Fabrication of a Fast Turn-Off Transistor by Wafer Bonding
Ion implantation process ion implanters are essential to modern integrated-circuit (IC) manufacturing. Doping or otherwise modifying silicon and other semiconductor wafers relies on the technology, which involves generating an ion beam and steering it into the substrate so that the ions come to rest beneath the surface
nMOSFET Fabrication 100-nm nMOSFET Fabrication Using Field Enhanced Oxidation of Amorphous Silicon for Gate Patterning, Gate Lithography and Pattern Transfer
PNP Transistor Fabrication PNP Transistor Fabrication, pdf file
Physical processes for layer deposition
Physical Vapor Deposition pdf file
Photolithography photolithography, pdf file
Photolith process 1, Photolith process 2 photolith process
Silicon Crystal Growth and Wafer Production Silicon Crystal Growth and Wafer Production
Silicon dioxide what is SiO 2, what is SiO 2 used for, advantages and disadvantages of SiO 2, how is it grown, pdf file
Silicon oxidation Silicon oxidation, the processes of oxidation
Silicon wafer Sand to silicon wafer, Ingot to wafer, Flats, ..., pdf file
Silicon wet etch Wet etch: Use liquid etchants, Chemical process, Dry etch: Use gas-phase etchants, Chemical process and/or physical process
Thermal oxidation pdf file
Thermal oxidation of Si pdf file
Thin film deposition pdf file
Thin film deposition thin film deposition, chemical vapor deposition is chemical reactions which transform gaseous molecules, called precursor, into a solid material in the form of thin film or powder, on the surface of a substrate
Wafers Everything Wafers, Silicon Fabrication, Substrates, Semiconductor Properties, Crystal Orientation, Types of substrates
Wet and dry etching wet and dry etching, pdf file
Wet etching wet etching, pdf file
Wet etching wet etching, isotropic etching, anisotropic etching, pdf file

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