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Technology of digital components: overview  related subject: Chip packaging technology, Semiconductors - fabrication
Circuits logiques en Français, pdf file
Classification of Digital Circuits ppt file
Comparison of MM74HC to 74LS, 74S and 74ALS Logic pdf file
Digital device characteristics RTL – Resistor-Transistor Logic, DTL – Diode-Transistor Logic, TTL – Transistor-Transistor Logic, ECL – Emitter-Coupled Logic, MOS – Metal-oxide semiconductor, CMOS – Complementary MOS
Digitale componenten technologie, in Dutch
Digital logic familities Level-Shifted Diode Logic Two-Input NAND Gate, Resistor-Transistor Logic, Diode-Transistor Logic (DTL) Two-Input NAND Gate, Diode-Transistor Logic Three-Input NAND Gate, Basic Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) Inverter, Basic Multi-emitter TTL Three-Input NAND Gate, TTL Switching or Transistion Times, Low-Power Schottky TTL (74LS Series),
Digital Logic Gates the operation of BJT and MOSFET based digital logic gates, pdf file
Digital IC briefs
Digital Measurements: Logic Families, Digital Level and Drive States Single-Ended and Differential Digital Signals, Logic Families, Digital Drive States, Voltage Measurements with a Digital Device, Shorts / Opens / Stuck-at Fault Tests, TTL, LVTTL, CMOS, ECL and PECL
IC logic Families Logic families characteristics: TTL and MOS, ppt file
Logic families Digital Logic Voltage and Current Parameters, Fan-out, Noise Margin, Propagation Delay, TTL Logic Family, Supply current spikes and ground bounce, TTL Logic Family Evolution, ECL, CMOS Logic Families and Evolution, Logic Family Overview, pdf file
Logic Families And Terminology Demonstrate an understanding of logic families and their terms used in their specifi cations, pdf file
Logic families LS, Fast, ECL, HC / HCT, 4000 CMOS, FCT, AC / ACT, 3 Volts, ABT
Logic gates basic logic gates and their operation, TTL (transistor-transistor logic), CMOS, noise margin, totem pole output, CMOS logic levels
Technologie digitale en Français
Technology of digital circuits Technology of digital circuits
Technology of digital circuits diode logic gates use diodes to perform AND and OR logic functions, resistor-transistor logic gates use transistors to combine multiple input signals, which also amplify and invert the resulting combined signal, TTL, Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL), CMOS
Technologie Van Digitale Componenten TTL, CMOS, BICMOS, Propagation delay, Maximale schakelfrequentie, DC niveaus, Fan out, Fan in, Noise margin, Datasheets, Totem-pole (TP), Open-collector (OC), Tri-state (ST), Buffers, in Dutch
Understanding and Interpreting Standard-Logic Data Sheets Understanding and Interpreting Standard-Logic Data Sheets, Absolute Maximum Ratings, Recommended Operating Conditions, Electrical Characteristics, Live-Insertion Specifications, Timing Requirements, Switching Characteristics, Noise Characteristics, Operating Characteristics, Parameter Measurement Information, Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Voltage Range Applied to Any Output in the High-Impedance or Power-Off State, Voltage Range Applied to Any Output in the High State, Input Clamp Current, Output Clamp Current, Continuous Output Current, Continuous Current Through VCC or GND Terminals, Package Thermal Impedance, Junction-to-Ambient, Storage Temperature Range, ..., pdf file
Digital technology topics 
BiCMOS features BiCMOS and 3 volt technologies, pdf file
Bypass capacitor in high-speed environments discusses the bypass capacitor, its placement in circuits, and why the location of the capacitor is so important. Illustrations show the Vcc line behavior with varying distances, frequencies, and resistive loads, ringing effect, pdf file
CTL CTL, Complementary Transistor Logic
Fuzzy net on line fuzzy system design
Fuzzy technology fuzzy logic and neurofuzzy applications, free simulation software, case studies, product information
High speed logic fundamentals ppt file
High speed logic properties ppt file
IC packaging information IC packaging information, pdf file
IC power dissipation IC power dissipation, pdf file
Input and output characteristics of digital integrated circuits at 5-V supply voltage pdf file
Input-Output Relationships for Logic Gates Input-Output Relationships for Logic Gates
Interfacing 3V and 5V applications pdf file
Latch-up effect, ESD, and other phenomena pdf file
Logic family voltage translation logic translation between IC families, 74xx, 10EP, BiCMOS, TTL, ECL, CMOS, PECL, IC, Glue logic design, voltage levels
Logic Gates from Resistors, Diodes, and Transistors Logic Gates from Resistors, Diodes, and Transistors
LPTTL Low Power Transistor-Transistor Logic
LSTTL  low-power Schottky transistor-transistor logic
LVDS & CML LVDS & CML, LVDS / Bus LVDS technology, Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS), LVDS technology allows products to address high data rates ranging from 100’s of Mbps to greater than 2 Gbps
National semiconductor nomenclature guide digital components nomenclature, pdf file
Noise margin
Physical time dependent behaviour of digital circuits pdf file
Power, speed and packages pdf file
Power, speed and packages pdf file
Properties of digital circuits inverting and noninverting gates, pdf file
Tri-state gates tri-state gates
Tri-state inverters tri-state inverters, pdf file
Tri-state vs. open-collector gates tri-state vs. open-collector gates
Understanding and interpreting standard-logic data sheets pdf file
Wired-OR Outputs and Open-Collector Circuits Input/Output Current and Fan-Out, TTL Gate Sinking the Input Current from Two Gate Inputs, TTL Gate Sourcing Current to Two Gate Inputs, Open Collector Outputs, Using a Pull-up Resistor with an Open-Collector Output, Tristate Outputs, Floating Signals (or Multiply-Driven Signals), Circuit Using Tristate Drivers, Wired-OR Connections, Educypedia

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