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General audio topics  related topic:
Analogue electronics with a special emphasis on audio-related topics
Audio design amplifiers, distortion, subjectivism, listening tests, genealogy
Audio FAQ analog tape recording, digital recording and interconnection, digital editing and mastering, sound reinforcement, sound restoration, recording technique, speakers, acoustics, sound
Audio formats Comparison Between Audio Formats
Audio articles Rane comprehensive information on everything from 'how loud is it?' to solving grounding problems, Rane professional audio reference comprehensive reference on all things about audio, a tip
Audio terms
Audio tutorial pdf file
Basics of Audio Electronics pdf file
HeadWize audio technical papers contains articles, essay, projects and technical papers on headphone-related issues, headphone amplifier, virtualizer, acoustic simulation, acoustics, acoustic theory, DAC, ADC, psychoacoustics, earbuds, electrostatic headphones, wireless headphones, digital signal processing, dsp, mp3, crossfeed, 3D sound
Informatie over de zin en onzin in high-end hifi techniek in Dutch
TNT-audio - online HiFi review hifi tests, cables, hifi reviews, hifi, audio hi-fi, listening tests, stereo equipment, cd players, amplifiers, turntables, hifi tweaks, loudspeakers, music, a tip
Miscellaneous topics 
Audio Gain Control Using Digital Potentiometers Digital potentiometers (pots) offer advantages in volume control applications over bulky mechanical pots, especially in handheld portable devices such as MP3 players, PDAs, cell phones, or stereo AM/FM radios. This document describes the types of digital pots available in audio volume control such as logarithmic taper pots (log pots)
Audio power amplifier fundamentals distortion, maximum power transfer theory and efficiency, bridging, damping factor, clipping, noise, power ratings
Audio transformers explains transformers in relation to wired microphones and audio usage
Audio tweaks
Avoiding noise: balancing, grounding and shielding noise can basically be defined as anything in the audio that we don't want, internal and external sources, common impedance coupling, electrical field coupling, magnetic field coupling, shielding, balanced transmission lines
Balanced audio a basic understanding of audio cables and connectors, Educypedia
Balanced audio input circuit for maximum CMR pdf file
Balanced line theory amplifiers, grounding, balanced line, electronic vs transformer balancing, balancing basics, electrical noise, line outputs, line Inputs, input / output combination, balanced line theory
Balanced wiring noise, hum, grounding, ground loops
Benchmark media systems application notes: audio installation guide, measuring microphone, digital analog conversion, mono, stereo, measurement jitter how and where to measure jitter, and how to eliminate it?
Cassette tape transport, Cassette tape head
ESP audio and design articles audio projects, schematics, preamp power supply (+/-15V), Hi Fi phono (RIAA) preamp, 50W IC power amplifier, class-A power amplifier, AKSA 55W power amplifier, 300W subwoofer power amplifier, headphone amp, 20W/Ch stereo IC power amp, bi-amp, audio, amplifiers, sound, hi-fi, crossover, xover, speakers, power supply, surround sound decoder, a tip
Filtres de Rauch en Franšais, pdf file
Grounding and shielding audio devices pdf file
Grounding, shielding for sound and video noise in audio and video systems, EMI, shielding, balancing and twisting, separation and routing, isolation, grounding and bonding, shielding materials, grounded power systems, pdf format
Interconnection of balanced and unbalanced equipment pdf format
Jitter dedicated to jitter-related problems concerning audio reproduction and recording
Jitter effects on analog to digital and digital to analog conversion pdf format
Measuring the directivity of a loudspeaker with and without a baffle
Recording FAQ
Resolution, bits, SNR and linearity pdf format
Sound synthesis
Sound synthesis methods pdf format
Surround sound FAQ surround sound, AC-3, dolby digital, encoder, codec, bass management, DVD, DVD audio, DVD video, DTS, DSD, direct stream digital, data compression, MLP, dolby SR-D, dolby prologic, dolby surround, center channel, subwoofer, low frequency enhancement, circle surround, Logic 7, LPCM, PCM
Timing errors and jitter (pdf format) a discussion of the various types of jitter, their causes and effects on converter performance
Transferring LP's to CDR some advice, transferring LPs to CDR, with particular emphasis on the restoration of WAV files on hard disk
Understanding Peak-Reading Meters sound decibel meter
Vocal elimination techniques you can reduce the level of a vocal (or other lead instrument) in a stereo recording by taking advantage of how vocals are generally recorded: in mono and placed centered in the mix

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