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Amplifiers classes: 
Amplifiers classes ppt file
Amplifier classes simulation of class D amplifier included
Amplifier classes Amplifiers are classified according to their circuit configurations and methods of operation into different classes such as A, B, C, and F. These classes range from entirely linear with low efficiency to entirely non-linear with high efficiency, pdf file
Amplifier classes of operation Amplifiers are used to increase the level of a signal and, depending on the increase required, stages are often cascaded to increase the gain. The last stage of the cascade may be required to drive same form of load, for example a loudspeaker, a servo mechanism or a coaxial cable for RF applications, pdf file
Amplifier design ppt file
Amplifier output stage Class A, class B, class C, pdf file
Class E RF power amplifiers
Class-I amplifier pdf file
Class T digital audio amplifiers class T digital audio amplifiers application notes
Class T digital audio amplifiers pdf file
MOSFET "switched mode" amplifiers Class D,E,F, MOSFET "switched mode" amplifiers, pdf file
MOSFET "switched mode" amplifiers 2 Class D,E,F, MOSFET "switched mode" amplifiers, pdf file
Power switched mode amplifiers: introduction
Amplifiers classes: A and AB 
Audio amplifier audio amplifier, Class AB amplifier, doc file
Class-A Amplifier Design notes for the JLH Class-A amplifier
Class A amplifiers ppt file
Class A amplifiers
Class A amplifiers class A amplifiers, class A power amplifiers
Class A amplifiers explained Class A amplifiers explained
Class A amplifier site
Class A - AB amplifiers ppt file
Class AB amplifiers rubber diodes, class AB amplifiers, the basic ‘rubber zener’ arrangement, Quiescent Current
Push-Pull Transistor Amplifier Class A Amplifier Class A, AB transistor amplifier design class A transistor amplifier design, pdf file
Amplifiers classes: B 
Amplificateur classe B en Français
Class B amplifier Push-pull amplifier biased using two diodes
Class B Amplifier and Driver Class B Amplifier and Driver, pdf file
Class B Amplifier Efficiency Push-pull Class B ampli¯ers are used in linear high-powered stages because of their greater efficiency, pdf file
Class B BJT amplifiers pdf file
Class B Switch-Mode Assisted Linear Amplifier pdf file
Push-Pull Amplifier Transformers
Push-pull type class-B amplifier
Amplifiers classes: C 
Class C amplifier pdf file
Class C amplifier class C amplifiers, RF power amplifier
Power amplifier class-C
Amplifiers classes: D 
Amplification classe D en Français
Class D amplifiers
Class D amplifier pdf file
Class D amplifiers a class-d amplifier uses Pulse Wide Modulation PWM (sometimes referred to as pulse duration modulation)
Class D amplifiers pdf file
Class D Audio Amplifier Basics What is a Class D Audio Amplifier? – Theory of Operation, Topology Comparison – Linear vs. Class D, Analogy to a Synchronous Buck Converter, Power Losses in the MOSFETs, Half Bridge vs. Full Bridge, Major Cause of Imperfection, THD and Dead Time, Audio Performance Measurement, Shoot Through and Dead Time, Power Supply Pumping, EMI Consideration: Qrr in Body Diode, pdf file
Class D Audio Amplifier Performance Relationship to MOSFET Parameters Key MOSFET Electrical Parameters in Class D Audio Amplifiers, International Rectifier Digital Audio MOSFET, This application note discusses key parameters to be considered in the selection of MOSFETs for class D amplifier and their relationship with amplifier performance such as efficiency, EMI, and THD. In addition, benefits and advantages of IR Digital Audio MOSFETs in class D audio amplifier are presented, pdf file
Class D amplifiers are the best choice for portable equipment
Class D Amp Principles Class D Amp Principles, pdf file
Class-D audio amplifier TDA8929T Controller class-D audio amplifier, Class D amplifiers design by using PWM, pdf file
Class D Audio Amplifier Design Class D Audio Amplifier Design, Class D Amplifier Introduction, Gate Driver, MOSFET Package, Design Example, Theory of Class D operation, topology comparison, How to drive the gate, key parameters in gate drive stage, How to choose, tradeoff relationships, loss calculation, pdf file
Class D audio power amplifier class D audio power amplifier design, pdf file
Class D audio amplifiers save battery life examines the operation and benefits of a Class D (switch-mode) audio amplifier. Switch-mode amplifiers such as the mono MAX4295 and stereo MAX4297 offer high quality audio with improved efficiency when compared to traditional linear audio amplifiers (Class A, Class B, and Class AB). This application note covers efficiency calculations and output filter design for Class D amplifiers, Educypedia
Class D audio amplifier output filter optimization class D audio amplifier output filter optimization
Class D Audio Design Tips pdf file
Class-D Audio Power Amplifier
Class D SwitchFilter Class D SwitchFilter design, pdf file
Delta Sigma Audio Power Amplifier (class D amplifier), pdf file
Design and analysis of a basic class D amplifier The operating principle is based on switching transistors that are either fully turned on or fully turned off for a very short period of time. Both transistors are never turned on at the same time and hence very little heat is generated. This type of amplifier is highly efficient (around 95 percent). In the ideal case, it would be 100 percent efficient, whereas class AB amplifiers can only achieve 78.5 percent. On the other hand, the switching operation adds distortion to the output, ...
Designing Practical High Performance Class D Audio Amplifier The latest Digital Audio MOSFET, DirectFET® MOSFET, Designing Dead-time and Overload, Protection with Digital Audio Gate, Driver IC, pdf file
Klasse D versterker in een klasse D versterker wordt vermogen gegenereerd door het moduleren van de duty-cycle verhouding van een rechthoek-signaal van een schakelende converter, in Dutch
Power Digital-to-Analog Conversion Using Sigma-Delta and Pulse Width Modulations
Spread-Spectrum-Modulation Mode Minimizes Electromagnetic Interference in Class D Amplifiers
Switching amplifiers (Class D) Switching amplifiers (Class D) are significantly more efficient than their linear amplifier counterparts (Class A, Class AB, Class G). Switching amplifiers, luse semiconductor devices as switches, pdf file
Switching audio amplifiers save battery life
Switching audio amplifiers using TMOS power MOSFET's pdf file
Switch mode multilevel (Class D) power amplifier pdf file
TDA8929T Controller class-D audio amplifier The TDA8929T is the controller of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system, pdf file
Some amplifier integrated circuits  related topic: Amplifier circuits
EB-TA2024 2x15W class T digital audio amplifier evaluation board pdf file
MAX4295, MAX4297 mono/stereo, 2W, switch-mode (Class-D) audio power amplifiers
TAS5110 - 50W amplifier, 4 Ohm class D amplifier
TDA2052 pdf file

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