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Java applets and animations 
3D circuit animations electronic circuit animations, power circuit animations, rectifiers, switching circuits
Applets java en Français, a tip
A-level resources capacitors, chemical reactions, electrolysis, Hooke's law, interference of light waves, magnetic fields due to electric currents, nuclear binding energy, nuclear Reactor refraction, resistors in series and parallel, seismic waves, the Young modulus
Circuit design lab voltage divider, current divider, series resistors, parallel resistors, equivalent resistance, amplifier using VCVS, inverting amplifier, noninverting amplifier, RL circuit transient response, RC circuit transient response, RL circuit AC Response, RC circuit, AC response, coupled coils, ideal transformer, respons first order circuits
E-Learning Material Time and Frequency Domains, Non-sinusoids from sinusoids, Filtering Signals (bandwidth, phase shifts), Amplitude Modulation, Phase and Frequency Modulation, Coulomb's Law/Coulomb Force, Gauss's Law, Magnetic Field and Wires, Kirchhoff's Laws, Phasors, Thévenin and Norton Equivalent Circuits, Voltage and Current Variation with Time (DC)
Electric circuit study applets interactive homework problems, Ohm's and Kirchhoff's Laws, Equivalent Circuits, Mesh and Node Equations, Circuit Theorems, Op Amp Circuits, First Order Circuits, AC Circuits, AC Power, Magnetically Coupled Circuits, Frequency Response, Laplace Transforms
Electricité en Français
Electronique en Français
Electricity java applets Charge, An electroscope, Conductors and Insulators, Charging an Electroscope, Coulomb's Law, The Magnitude of the Force Between Charges, Coulomb's Law in 1-D, Coulomb's Law in 2-D, ...
Experiments in electrochemistry conductors, batteries, the lemon battery, Daniell's cell, the concentration cell, Volta's pile, measurement potentials of reduction, galvanic deposition ( labo )
Falstad Electronics Demonstrations, Inverting Amplifier, Noninverting Amplifier, Follower, Differential Amplifier, Summing Amplifier, Log Amplifier, Class-D Amplifier, Half-Wave Rectifier (inverting), Full-Wave Rectifier, Peak Detector, Integrator, Differentiator (inverting), Schmitt Trigger, Oscillators, Relaxation Oscillator, Triangle Wave Generator, Sawtooth Wave Generator, Sine Wave Generator, Voltage-Controlled Oscillator, Phase-Shift Oscillator, Negative Impedance Converter, Gyrator, Capacitance Multiplier, Howland Current Source, Current-to-Voltage Converter, Voltage Regulator, ...
Figures animées pour la physique en Français
Interactive experiments impedance matching, FM model, AM model, slide rule, spectral animations, S-parameters, spectrum analysis: AM and FM, measuring parasitic capacitance and inductance using TDR, obtaining reliable measurements of high speed circuits with a state analyzer, a simple RC low-pass filter, coupled oscillators, the properties of resistors and how to make measurements with a digital multimeter, Ohm's Law
Interactive illustrations what is the relationship between phasors and sine waves? What does the response of a first order circuit look like, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, voltage and current reference directions, also download of the applets possible
Interactive java tutorials electricity and magnetism, interactive Java tutorials to help students understand topics in electricity and magnetism
Interactive physics and math with java a two resistor circuit, a four resistor circuit, Kirchhoff's rules, charged particles in a magnetic field, anharmonic local modes
Interactive Science Simulations a tip
Java 1.1 Physlets
Java applets on physics you can download here 39 applets mechanics, motion with constant acceleration, hydrostatic pressure in liquids, oscillations and waves, resonance, reflection and refraction of waves, electrodynamics, generator, refraction of light, thermodynamics, theory of relativity, physics of atoms, nuclear physics
Laboratoire virtuel 2 en Français
Mc squared system loudspeaker, audio - java simulations, javascript calculators
Physique et simulations numériques circuits électriques, cristallographie, électronique, optique ondulatoire, optique géométrique, en Français, a tip
Physics Java applets by C.K.Ng
Photonics Education Tools devoted to the development of a comprehensive set of education tools for photonics
Semiconductor applet services educational applets in solid-state materials, semiconductors, devices, and simple circuits, energy state in the band gap, diffusion, drift and recombination, energy band diagram, PN junction diode, PNP or NPN bipolar junction transistor, Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) FET, enhancement MOS, principles of MOS capacitor, Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)
Virtual laboratory binary logic elements, control of a two segment robotic arm, sound propagation, thermal conduction
Webphysics sound waves, sound harmonics, measuring sound levels, Doppler effect, standing waves on a string, interference of two sinusoidal waveforms, superposition of electric fields, electric resistance and Ohm's law, Wheatstone bridge, magnetic forces on moving charged particles, generators and motors, electromagnetic waves, RC circuit, RLC circuit, electromagnetic spectrum, reflection and refraction, thin lenses, two lenses with a virtual and a real image, interference of light, dispersion, rainbow, time dilation, spectroscopy, photo electric effect, color by addition and subtraction, PN junction
Bode plot
CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW Readhead CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW Readhead
EMC/EMI java applets EMC/EMI java applets
Energy levels in semiconductors Energy levels in semiconductors, swf file
Motion of Particles in Solids
Photomultiplier tube
Reconstruction of a sequence of impulses
Recording on a VCR tape, QuickTime explaining how the recording is build up on the VCR tape
Thermoelectrics demonstrations a typical thermoelectric module is utilized to convert heat into electricity (Seebeck effect)

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